1981 Pontiac Trans Am. 53,135 miles. Motivated seller. Low reserve

1980 Pontiac Trans Am

Technical specifications of Pontiac Trans Am 1980

Price: -
Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States
Make: Pontiac
Model: Trans Am
Year: 1980
Mileage: 53,185
VIN: 1G2AW87HOBL123297
Color: Gray
Number of cylinders: 8
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

Private sale.

This car is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

(3 hours directly north of Montana)

PLEASE do not ask where the car is located.... It is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

(Unfortunately, eBay has no provision for people with multiple residences/homes).

Will sell anywhere in the USA or Worldwide


(Domestic build & Antique status)

Title can be transferred anywhere.

CAN BE SHIPPED AND TITLED ANYWHERE, in any state, in any city.


My wife has become pretty great at arranging delivery. She has established excellent shipping contacts, and will be happy to help you. With the exception of the bank transfer for payment, you'll hardly have to lift a finger. Plus, whatever your shipping quote is, she can maybe get a better deal.

1981 Pontiac



Private sale of a very low mileage 1981 Pontiac TRANS AM

Very nice condition,

incredibly low mileage.

Only 53,135 miles

Vehicle history:

This car belonged to an old German fellow that used to work construction with my dad and uncles back in the '60's and '70's. It was used sparingly, and summers only; purely as pleasure, and through the 80's. Since then, it mostly sat unused. The car has always been kept indoors and has no fading or UV ray damage to any of it's interior. He was very picky with his car but, in the last few years his mind had began to slip. He had apparently become obsessed with some of his things, and his prize Trans Am was no exception. He didn't drive for a great many years, and proudly showed us his bus pass, but loved polishing his old car. Since owning the car, we've dug probably 1/8th to 3/16th of an inch thickness of wax buildup from every exterior nook and crevice. You may still see some wax in the front bumper inserts, etc. One thing I can tell you for sure.... This car was LOVINGLY kept !!!

I put the Cragar S/S wheels and Cooper Cobra tires on the car but, it comes with it's factory Rally II wheels and factory original tires. Yes, I said that correct... "AND FACTORY ORIGINAL TIRES". It wore them from brand new and they still have a little tread left. The Cooper Cobra tires have maybe 2000 miles. This is a true, genuine, original, untampered-with and unmolested, low low mileage car.

So I guess, that brings us here...

We are letting the car go with a very lowreserve.

Please understand, that's a big decision. Only thing I ask is that you, as the buyer, please be considerate of our request for a simple and easy transaction.


It's not the first, second, or third time we've had to deal with insincere people on eBay but, the straw has finally broke the camel's back. Recently, we've gotten stiffed several times over. It's aggravating! We've even had our feedback reputation blackmailed. As such, this car is being sold as-is, how-is. I no longer care to deal with this type of thing, or listening to any know-it-all's boasting their Pontiac prowess. We're downsizing, mostly done with cars; only planning on keeping a couple. Not being a slave to dozens any longer. If you are an empty-pocketed Pontiac blowhard and know-it-all wanting to comment on the non-factory wheels, keep your comments to yourself. We do not have documentation for the mileage or provenance and I do not want to hear anybody telling me that ruins the value since there is no proof. As mentioned, the car comes with it's factory wheels AND factory tires!!!! It also has the cheap dealership issuefloor mats that never lasted, and they are in near new condition!!!

There's no underside pictures. Please don't ask for any. There's 24 other pictures. Judge for yourself. It's a nice car. Either bid, or don't. End of story. Have a few dollars and want a cheap collector car? Buy it. Do I sound sour? Yes, maybe. Okay, well.... probably. My question is, where have all the wonderful and sincere people gone? I made an excellent reputation by dealing with wonderful people. We've even made some wonderful friends and had buyers stay at our home. Some came by airplane, we picked them up at the airport, and had dinner at our home. We've had lots of fun. Then, lately something's changed. Lately, my reputation gets blasted because some jerk finds a "y" mistakenly written as a "4" in an irrelevant old document. How about the car? How about how nice it is? How about how much my wife did to help you and how wonderfully it runs/drives/looks? I don't understand how anyone can be like this.

So now.... I'm selling this car as being a 1/10 in condition, with that being the worst rating possible. I'll also call it a project, or parts car. You will not be able to say the "car isn't as promised" in feedback because the paint got dusty, or theFREEEXTRA PARTS I GAVE,without even mentioning, weren't packaged in the special brand of styrofoam packing popcorn you prefer. Obviously, a 0/10 car doesn't even exist. A car in worse condition than 1/10 does not exist. Kindly disregard anything written about this car's condition above or below this paragraph. Despiteit's near $30,000 valuation, please assume that this car is in the worst possible condition imaginable and the broken down engine is about to fall out. Assume everything I state is incorrect. Kindly understand, I no longer wish to deal with being stiffed or lied to. Nobody now has an excuse to be insincere. This is amongst the last 3 cars that we are parting with and I just want a clean transaction. PLEASE read the instructions regarding procedure and payment!

Please know that I will still help anyone who actually buys this car in any way possible. My wife will help the new owner make any and all arrangements. I look forward to the potential maybe having my faith in people somewhat restored after hopefully dealing with somebody nice. Cry us a river for being tired of getting stiffed, or not... Please only bid if you are sincere. If you would like to speak over the phone, please write to me and we'll make arrangements. I love to talk cars and would look forward to it. Plus, it will show to us that you are somebody with genuineintentions. Our regular email is bravohomes@rocketmail.com.

Our intention was to keep this beauty as a collector piece. BUT... As far as this auction goes, assume that everything on the car is broken and in a complete state of disrepair. Last thing I need is some wanker saying that we burned them on our feedback because they are so unhappy the AM radio doesn't get theirfavouriteChristian country/rock station, or ... God knows what next.

OR.... Want to just buy this car? Send us an offer.


I'd say that, in our experience, most (maybe 75%) American destinations fall between the 15-hundred to 2-thousand dollar range. To play safe, please budget for at least that amount. We are running an unreserved auction so, the savings should help offset any shipping/delivery costs. Please also note that, as mentioned, my wife has become pretty adept at making all the arrangements so you get your car as quickly as can be.

Titling and/or registrationEverything is perfectly transferrable and will be signed over and taken care of for you immediately following the sale. It is free to travel without restriction and titling is universal. The only extra cost is a $120-150 customs brokerage fee. My wife has everything ready to go for the car, and will only need your information filled in, once the sale is completed, to finalize the ownership.

I'm happy to answer any inquiries, so feel free to write. I welcome and encourage anyone's questions. We welcome 3rd party inspections, and encourage them. As well, we invite anyone wishing to see in person and will happily accommodate. If you'd like to speak over the phone, please let me know and we'll arrange a call. Good communication is pivotal to a happy transaction. If you prefer to email me directly, write tobravohomes@rocketmail.com

Procedure is very important to us...

and we have a perfect little system that has proven very simple and effective in making everyone happy.

It goes as follows:

  • Immediately following the sale, I will ask for your buyer's information.
  • My wife will fill in all the paperwork and title transfer.
  • Completed paperwork will be scanned and sent to you.
  • Once received, you validate the information as being correct, and confirm.
  • Then, my wife sends the banking transfer information. You'll have 48 hours to go to your bank and make a transfer.(We understand oftentimes it takes more than 48 hours for transfer to go through, and that's alright).
  • After payment is received, she gets to work arranging transportation/delivery.

Simple as that.

Now, just so that everyone is aware, we are not willing to deviate from our little system.

We deviated twice, and been defrauded twice. If, for any reason, this does not work for you, we'll assume that something isn't "right" anyway.

Check our feedback.


Each and every one is for a 30-60 year old car or truck.

Good luck fellow enthusiasts and happy bidding!

On Oct-23-17 at 14:50:04 PDT, seller added the following information:

Thank you to everyone that has kindly pointed out that the odometer reads 82,380.
. . . .That figure is kilometres.
Converted, it equates to precisely 53,135 miles.
. . . . . incidentally, the exact mileage I stated.

On Oct-23-17 at 14:51:12 PDT, seller added the following information:

And, once more..... NO ZERO-FEEDBACK BUYERS PLEASE !!!!

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