1967 Licensed Shelby Continuation Super Snake CSE SS058

1967 Ford Mustang

Technical specifications of Ford Mustang 1967

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: United States, United States
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Type: Fastback
Trim: Shelby G.T. 500 E
Year: 1967
Mileage: 292
VIN: CSE67431F51SS058
Color: Red w/Ivory Stripes
Transmission: Tremec 3550 5 Speed Manuel
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Ebony
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Car description

For Sale is rare 1967 Licensed Shelby Continuation Super Snake CSE SS058; one of 43 Super Snakes completed by Unique Performance. This vehicle is completely untouched as it left the factory in June of 2005 and with 292 miles now showing on the odometer. The vehicle is currently at Revved Automotive Concepts, he experts in servicing these Licensed Shelby vehicles built by Unique Performance, nd is slated for the standard upgrade package to address the production issues known to exist with these vehicles. This vehicle is being offered for sale prior to the upgrade package for $175,000 giving a new owner the opportunity to select any additional upgrades during the service process. This Super Snake is most likely the highest quality untouched Super Snake we have encountered with regards to body, aint, nd mechanical build quality.

This vehicle will be undergoing an extensive upgrade package to address the production issues known to exist with these vehicles including a rebuild of the 468 ci all aluminum supercharged FE engine with the correct compression ratio and upgraded cylinder heads to produce the advertised 725 hp level. The upgrades will be in process while the vehicle is being marketed for sale, llowing a new owner to buy in during the process and take over the expense of the upgrades and select any number of additional options to improve drivability, erformance, nd overall driving enjoyment. Please visit our "UP Upgrades" page for information regarding these upgrades. Below will be a listing of the upgrades slated to be performed on SS058. For service done to a comparable vehicle please visithttp://www.revvedautoconcepts.com/SS020.html Once the upgrades are completed the vehicle will be listed for sale at $250,000 Please contact Sean at Revved Automotive Concepts for further information. 817.403.8565

Here is a listing of the upgrades being performed to CSE SS058

·Rebuild of the Shelby All Aluminum 468ci FE engine serial number CSX534. The early production engines were built with 10.5:1 and 11:1 compression pistons and are not correct for supercharged use. The early Shelby aluminum cylinder heads are not designed for supercharged use and warp and crack from the pressure causing head gasket failure and chronic overheating issues. Additionally the early production rocker system suffered from metallurgy issues and is prone to failure. The engine will be rebuilt by famed Shelby Dealer and FE engine builder Gessford Machine in Hastings, E. The cylinder heads will be replaced with a set of CNC ported Edelbrock heads with T&D rocker system. Gaskets will be upgraded to Cometic Mutli-layer-steel head gaskets and engineered paper intake gaskets.

·A cold air intake system will be fabricated to relocate the air filter into the driver side fender.

·The engine is currently equipped with a Barry Grant Demon carburetor which is not made for supercharged use. It will be replaced with a billet Holley Pro-Systems carburetor built for Supercharged use. Currently the fuel pressure regulator is located in the rear of the vehicle causing fluctuations in the fuel pressure as it travels to the front of the vehicle. A properly filtered supply and return line will be plumbed from the fuel tank to the engine bay where the regulator will be relocated. Per the manufacturers requirements we add a duty cycle controller to the Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump to slow it down during normal driving conditions and extend pump life.

·Unique Performance built SS058 with a MSD Digital 7 Ignition system that was a top of the line drag race ignition system but unfortunately it only retards timing by RPM. This is a dangerous setup that can cause engine failure due to detonation under changing load conditions during normal driving. It will be replaced with a MSD 6BTM ignition system that retards timing based on engine load and boost pressure to prevent detonation.

·This early production engine was built with a Vbelt system showing signs of misalignment. The supercharger belt tensioner is a manual design that will be replaced with a spring loaded tensioner. Currently the supercharger is only pullied to produce approx 3lbs of boost with the restrictive exhaust. The supercharger will be repullied to produce approximately 5-6lbs of boost with the high flow exhaust to produce the advertised 725hp at the crankshaft. The supercharger bypass valve on the carburetor enclosure will be upgraded to handle the additional volume.

·The radiator will be replaced with a custom built BeCool cooling module of our design with an integrated cooling fan. The radiator support will be metal worked to address the material cut away for the original radiator installation. All unneeded holes in the radiator support will be closed up to force more air through the radiator.

·Engine oil and steering cooler system. The original design oil cooler is woefully inadequate for a high performance engine. The steering system has no cooler and suffers from noise and chatter due to fluid overheating. We install a dual circuit cooler with an integral cooling fan to address both issues.

·The exhaust system is currently a Unique Performance fabricated 2.5" system welded to the chassis. The exhaust system is too small to handle the volume of the supercharged FE and contributes to overheating and tuning issues. We remove this system and hand fabricate a 3" system that is full flanged and removable for service. After fabrication the system is ceramic coated silver.

·The vehicle is currently equipped with a Tremec 3550 5 speed transmission. This is the early version of the famed Tremec TKO 500 and 600 that is a standard in Pro-touring muscle cars built in the last decade. This transmission will suffice with our stock rebuild package under normal driving conditions but will need to be upgraded should the new owner elect for our 1000hp package discussed later. We will be upgrading the clutch hydraulic system to our OE quality slave. Many of these vehicles were built with racing clutch disks that have a very short life when street driven. The decision to upgrade the clutch disk will be made once removed for inspection.

·The transmission mount and floor cross member will be modified to correct the engine/transmission driveline angle. From the factory these engines angle downward around 6*-8* which leads to excessive strain on the driveshaft U-joints contributing to failure and driveline vibrations. The driveshaft will also be replaced with a higher quality unit to eliminate a chronic vibration issue.

·The front suspension geometry will be corrected as per another production issue causing contact between suspension components during suspension travel. Steering linkage issues noted on the upgrade page will be addressed as well. Suspension will have a proper alignment once complete. The vehicle is currently equipped with a Unique Performance designed strut tower brace that is non-functional. This will be replaced with our updated design that ties into the firewall and can be properly tensioned.

·Upgraded correct length shocks will be installed in the rear suspension. Gussets will be added to the torque arm to address another production issue. Rear Suspension geometry issues will be addressed as required by measurements taken during disassembly. Pinion angle will be corrected with torque arm modifications to correct excessive upward angle. Rear suspension and thrust angle will be set after repairs.

·Rear axle ratio will be changed from 3.25 to 3.50:1 for better high way engine operating range. The current 3.25:1 ratio puts the engine below a comfortable range when cruising at highways speeds requiring a downshift for light to moderate acceleration. The 3.50:1 ratio allows for a more enjoyable driving experience.

·The parking brake system will be upgraded to have two functional rear parking brake cables operable by the factory parking brake handle inside.

·The Ignition switch will be replaced to correct a common issue with reproduction switches causing the cylinder to over rotate and eventually fail.

·The carburetion and ignition system will be tuned on road and dyno. We utilize a dual wide band oxygen sensor system to accurately read the engine tune.

·Once completed the vehicle will be delivered with a service folder showing full documentation of the rebuilt, nvoices, hotographs, pec sheet, nd wiring information.

Should the new owner choose to upgrade the vehicle beyond factory specs we offer these upgrades:

·Power Brake system- These vehicles are built with a 4 wheel disk brake system without assist. As an upgrade we install an electric over hydraulic power brake system with a polished billet master cylinder to improve braking performance and driving enjoyment

·Stereo System- The Unique Performance vehicles only come with a basic head unit and two 6x9" speakers in the rear package tray. We can provide any level of upgraded stereo system per client requests but our most common is an amplified 4 speaker system with subwoofer and blue tooth capable head unit.

·Custom Interior- We have the ability to provide any level of custom interior upgrade.

·Serpentine Belt system- This vehicle was built with the early production V-belt system. The later Super Snakes were built with a billet Concept One full serpentine belt system that is more stable, ore reliable and a great visual improvement.

·TKO 600 Transmission- As forementioned in the work plan, his vehicle is equipped with an early version of the TKO series transmissions. Since that time Tremec has greatly improved the performance capabilities of the TKO series. If this vehicle is going to see heavy use or racing of any kind it is recommend to upgrade the transmission.

·1000hp- Our V7, ntercooled, FI upgrade takes an already impressive stock Super Snake and turns it into the venomous serpent it was intended to be. We start by upgrading the undersized Vortech V2 supercharger to a V7 mounted on a custom machined bracket. An intercooler system is then fabricated to fit within the stock GT500E bodywork. Fuel control is handled by a FAST sequential XFI system utilizing a fuel injection throttle body hidden within the carburetor enclosure to maintain the vintage supercharged look. In addition to the dual disk clutch there are several other areas we upgrade to handle the additional horsepower. This vehicle would also require an upgrade to the later serpentine belt system, nbsp;and an upgrade to a later TKO 600 transmission. For an example of our 1000hp upgrade please click here http://www.revvedautoconcepts.com/SS021.html

·Wider rear tires- Oddly enough this vehicle was delivered with the standard 9.5" rear tires but the body had already been tubbed to accommodate the wider 11" tire upgrade. Should the new owner choose we can either source a new set of wheels or have these rear wheels stretched to take advantage of this.

For more information on this vehicle please contact:

Sean Sawyer

Revved Automotive Concepts





Chris Burch



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