Authentic 1966 GT Mustang Fastback 2+2 Luxury Survivor 76k miles

1966 Ford Mustang GT

Technical specifications of Ford Mustang 1966

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Richmond, Virginia, United States
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
SubModel: GT
Type: Fastback
Trim: Base Fastback 2-Door
Year: 1966
Mileage: 76,000
Color: Black
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

The Story

Cars like this are getting harder and harder to come by. The days of finding them under carports, n someone's garage, n the barn, tc are quickly evaporating. The cars that we knew "were always sitting there" one day are gone. We have been looking at them forever, eaning to stop and check to see if he/she was finally ready to sell have almost all been sold. They are still out there, ike this one and it almost slipped away from me.

I got a call a couple of months ago from a very good friend of mine, rom my home town, ho said he had the chance to purchase a 1966 Fastback Mustang. I said really, hat color is it? He responded "black". I said really? I said where it is sitting, t wouldn't happen to be under a carport on "this" street would it?? He said yes. I said well I be dang. I can't believe it. As a child we rode our bikes past this car, t had always been there, t was a fixture in our neighborhood growing up. It was never for sale, woman owned it, ho had gotten in it from her father 35 years ago, believe he was the original owner. My friend purchased the car and after thinking about it, nowing he had other cars he wanted to concentrate on restoring he offered the car to me, ecause we had a history with the car.

The car you see in these pictures of course is that car. An authentic, -code 1966 GT Fastback Luxury addition, ith from what the nice lady told us, 6k original miles. She had always kept the car in "running" order, ut from years of sitting under the carport it needed some love, ut it was all there, true survivor. I have not restored this car. I have polished and prepped it for someone who appreciates originality. It is NOT perfect, f you are expecting a fully restored car fresh off the rotisserie this is NOT it. On the flip side, t is very very nice. 98% of everything on the car works as it should, here are minor things that do not and I will be very forthcoming on what those are. Look the car over carefully and decide if you want to add this Mustang to your stable.


Other than knowing about the car for more than ¾ of my life and know it is original I looked at the car and authenticated and documented all of the aspects of the car that make it an original GT. I will go over them here.

All 1966 GT's were and A or K code This car is an A code 4V 225HP 289 car

In '66 GT's came manual or auto This car is a automatic

Fog lights came standard and the

Taillights come on when the fogs

Are turned on, nd the holes in the

Radiator support are punched not

drilled This is how they operate on this car, nd they work, nd the

holes are punched

There is a relay mounted on the

Wiper motor for the fog lamps It is present on this car

GT's were equipped with Kelsey Hayes

Disc brakes and a larger Master cylinder They are present on this car

There was a sticker on the dash board

Stating more than normal brake pressure

Would need to be applied because it was

Equipped with competition brakes The sticker is present and original and is on the dash pad

Instead of the dash itself because this car was equipped

with the "stereo sonic" 8 track deluxe stereo system

GT's came with gauges instead of idiot lights This car has that and was equipped with the luxury

Interior option, ith woodgrain trim

GT car came with a quick ratio steering box This car came with power steering and has the correct

HCC-AW box

GT's came with a special suspension

Which included a larger sway bar This is present on this car

GT's came with factory dual exhaust, pecial

Reinforcements under the rear seat, rake hose

Relocated, nd special bracing in the rear

Frame rails All of these things are present on this car

Trim tags and VIN numbers All of these match as they should

The trim TAG reads


63B R 66 27E 25 1 6

I decoded the trim tag on Scott Martins Mustang trim tag decoder and this is what I got




289 4V 225 HP V8

2+2 Luxury Interior

Ivy Green

Black luxury

27 May 1966



Dual range C4 automatic

Body and Paint

The body on the car is extremely nice as you can see in the pictures. The paint is very very slick and shiny. The paint is not perfect, t has a few chips, cratches and flaws, would describe the car a "3" footer. It looks great, he flaws you will not see until you are on top of the car. You WILL be impressed by the way it looks and how straight the car is. The lady said the car had been painted Raven Black, hich obviously it has many many years ago, ecause the original color was Ivy Green. When I got the car the paint was old, ired and faded. I went on the car with a vengeance with the idea if I sanded through the paint in a few areas, ok" it would just add to the car's patina, could tell the painter was very generous with the application of paint many years ago. I wetsanded the car in 6 stages, 000, 200, 500, 000, 500 and finally 3000 grit sand paper. I then buffed the car in 4 stages, xtra cut compound, egular cut compound, achine glaze and then finally ultra fina final glazing compound and this is the result. It turned out spectacular. It took me 80 hrs and two weeks to achieve what you see here. The worst part of the paint is the roof, took a picture of it, here is some spider webbing in the roof, t is hard to see in the pic with the reflection of the clouds and sky but it is there. There are a few places where I did actually cut through the paint, own low on the car where there was less paint. Make no mistake though, ou will be proud to take this car to a show and it WILL stand out. All of the panels on the car are original. The car is 99% rust free, here are a couple of bubbles on the front lip of the hood, ne small bubble on the lower passenger fender and one in front of the right rear tire. THEY ARE MINOR. Smaller than a pencil eraser, xcept on the hood, hey are still super small, would say eraser and a half. None of it is rust through and really hard to notice and you may not notice if I did not tell you about it. Because the car sat under a dirt floor carport the floors needed to be replaced. This being the case, hey were done to the highest standards. I could not have mentioned it at all and you would not have noticed. They were seemed in flawlessly and appear to be as factory as the day she left the Dearborn plant. While under the car, e cleaned her up a bit, ot the dirt and grime off the underside of car and in general making it look respectable. When you or anyone else looks under the car YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED. Having the interior out of the car I went one step further and applied a layer of FATMAT sound deadner to the floor to keep the heat out and the sound down. There is no rust, r ever has been any rust in the torque boxes, he rockers, rop offs, tc, he car is super super solid.


The interior in the car is very nice as you can see. It is a combination of original and new. It is not perfect but very nice. The car sat for years under the carport and the interior was moldy and musty and somewhat worn. I replaced the carpet in the sitting area, arpet in the rear is original, chose to replace the seat covers and this is why. They were beaten by the sun and some were splitting at the seams. I struggled with this as I like originality but in the end I figured most people would rather have nice looking seats. The rest of the interior was cleaned thoroughly. The console is original, o are the door panels, hich are not perfect, hey have splits up by the door pulls/armrests. They were in good enough condition I wanted to leave them like they were because they were original. The dash pad is the original with no cracks and still wears the original brake sticker. All of the interior lights work, ven the glove box light and so does the seat belt light and the shift indicator light. All of the gauges function properly and so does the heater, ipers and horn. The headliner could be replaced. It has a few punctures and tears but I chose to leave it. The car was equipped with a remote mirror, oodgrain trim and a special 8 track stereo. The stereo is in place but it does not work. All of the side glass is original and I believe the front glass has been replaced. Her father was a Mustang/Ford/Shelby enthusiast and you will notice the cobra in the center of the wheel and there are a couple of Shelby club plaques on the driver's side sunvisor. In conclusion the interior is very nice, ery striking looking when you look at it a combination of original and new.

Drivetrain and Engine

As you can see by the trim code the car came equipped with the "A" code 289, 4 automatic with a 3.00-1 non posi rear. After researching the engine I was surprised to find out it is NOT the original engine to the best of my knowledge. I removed the starter and looked at the numbers and it appears to be a 1968 289. The intake and all of the other trimmings seem to be original with the exception of the carberator. It had a holley 1850 600 cfm carb on it, hich I removed and installed an almost new one because the old one did not run the best. It runs like a sewing machine now. The engine does not smoke and the transmission which I believe to be the original shift like it should and has the factory kickdown still attached and also functions properly. The rear is the original 8 inch with the factory tag still attached and is the 3.00-1 rear gear. We cleaned the grime off the engine bay and detailed it up a bit. I still have the original chrome open element air cleaner with the original decal still in place that will go with the car. The COBRA valve covers were installed by her father years ago and are present on the engine now, he originals did NOT come with the car. The exhaust system was rusty but intact and still had the original H pipe in place and I saved it if the new owner wants it. I decided to replace it with a new Scott Drake factory reproduction exhaust system, actory hanger kit and Scott Drake concourse stainless tip set. It sounds and looks very nice. The brakes operate like they should and so does the power steering. I rebuilt the power steering assist cylinder with new seals and clips and it does not leak.

As a note to possible purchaser, have located a date coded 1966 289, ERFECTLY matched engine for the car, t is disassembled, nd for an additional cost can be packaged with the car. You would get, he block, eads, rank, istons all matched, predate the production of the car perfectly) so perfectly that you COULD claim they were original to the car. My research shows only the K code cars had the partial VIN stamped on the lower oil pan rail. This one does not have any VIN on it and it matches perfectly. Let me repeat it is NOT included with the car but can be purchased separately.


I have over a 100 photos on Flickr and they are set to public view. I encourage you to look at all of the photos. If you go to Flickr and type in the search box hopkinsproshop my photos will come up and you can view them all. When you type in my profile name it will first say no matches, lick on the people tab and it will appear. Not sure why they do it like this but that's the way you have to do it. THANKS


This is a rare car. It is very nice and presentable and will be a hit anywhere you bring it. I have given you ALL of the information I have on the car to try and be as honest as I can about it. Many times you do not get any history on a car or information from the seller. I believe the more information I can give you the better for the both of us. I have represented the car to the BEST of my knowledge and encourage you to come and look at the car for yourself. If you have any questions about the car please ask them. I also have lots of pictures of the car I will try and list on a PHOTO BLOG so you can view them. If I cannot get that accomplished call me, can get your email and take/send any photos I have of the car. My number is 804-240-6164. I have the car for sale locally and I reserve the right to end this auction at any time. If you are serious about the car CALL ME and we can discuss in further detail. I really prefer CASH IN HAND but will work with you if you need to send certified funds or wire money. Please have your finances in order BEFORE you bid. If you have less than 10 feedbacks contact me ahead of before you bid. IF you do not or if you have excessive negative feedback I will cancel your bid. This car is sold as is, here is, ith no warranty expressed or implied. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser and I can assist with loading or supervising of loading the car by your shipper. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required 48 hrs after the auction closes if you are the winning bidder and the remainder of the balance is due 7 days after auction close unless it is discussed previous to auction close. Good luck and BID WITH CONFIDENCE

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