1972 Oldsmobile 442

Technical specifications of Oldsmobile 442 1972

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: 442
Type: Coupe
Trim: Hurst Olds
Year: 1972
Mileage: 46,700
VIN: 3J57U2M207131
Color: White/Gold
Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: TH400 Automatic
Drive type: Rear
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

Before we begin, want you to know that like you, 'm a classic car and truck fanatic. I've also been an eBayer since February, 998 and take pride in only receiving positive feedback over the last 17+ years. I've owned dozens of cars over the years and have made many sight unseen deals (many here on eBay) to buy or sell cars across the country.

In addition, strongly believe in the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." The Internet has allowed us in our hobby to search for cars nationwide and it's my hope to make you as comfortable as possible with this purchase. I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to care for this Hurst Olds during the last year or so and I personally took all of the photographs and video.

These survivor cars are raising eyebrows in our hobby, s more and more cars are receiving the vanilla restoration treatment. My restoration friends and I have watched these survivor cars very quietly increase in value to the point that they're rivaling restored cars.

If you really want a unique car, purchase one that's never been restored. If you've owned a survivor, think you'll agree that they drive better and feel better. There's something about an original survivor that is hard to describe unless you've owned one.

Please sit back with your favorite beverage, njoy the lengthy description, video links, nd 400+ photos of this incredibly special, rue unrestored survivor, 0+ % original paint, orn-With Drivetrain, 972 Hurst Olds.


We're all car freaks and know the story. By 1972, he insurance companies were clamping down the seemingly out of control Muscle Car movement of the last 10 years. In addition, ncreasing environmental controls were forcing manufacturers to lower compression and add exhaust cleaning equipment to our cars.

While Chevy, ord, nd Mopar waved their white flags and exited the Muscle Car era quite quickly, ldsmobile and Pontiac still hung on and figured out ways how to make their cars go fast. The secret (in my humble opinion) lied in still producing gobs of torque and allowing these big blocks to breath. Even with lower compression, hese Oldsmobile 455's lived up to their "Rocket" namesake and moved these warmed-up H/O cars down the road in a hurry. This H/O wears its Hurst badging with pride and is a testament to Oldsmobile's dedication to finding ways to sell exciting cars as the era was winding down. The 1972 Hurst Olds is a necessary car in a collection, s it accurately documents Oldsmobile's refusal to leave the Muscle Car era without a fight.

I purchased this '72 Hurst Olds last fall from the 2nd owner in Indiana. He purchased the car from the original owner in Indianapolis during winter, 014. That's right, his was just a 1 owner car for its first 42 years.

The registration records show that the car was titled through the family business, nd appeared to be a daily driver for its first year or so (looking at registration mileage each year). Since about 1974, egistration records show that this H/O saw anywhere from several hundred to about a thousand miles each summer. That's it. Otherwise, t's been garaged, ut of the elements and just given regular exercise.

Please take a peek at the vintage photos of the car, ith the Indy 500 graphics still on the doors. In addition, lease don't forget to take a look at nearly EVERY registration receipt since 1972, he original voided title, nd the dealer paperwork that goes with this car. Documentation with a car like this really helps tell this special car's story and I'm excited to have some neat paperwork to document the H/O's history, uthenticity, nd mileage.


Without a doubt, he best part about caring for this car has been driving it. I took a chance last fall and drove the car about 250 miles back to Wisconsin after purchasing it in Indiana. I was incredibly impressed by the way the car drove and ran! After a winter hibernation in heated storage, was excited to get this well documented Hurst Olds back on the road. The attention this car gets on the street and at local shows is pretty amazing. Be prepared to chat with people!

With "Pace Cars" as its theme this year, reunited the H/O with some of its Indy Pace Car brothers at the Iola car show in northern Wisconsin. Prior to making the nearly 400 mile round trip, had new AC plugs, ate coded wires, oints, ondenser, ap, nd rotor installed. I saved all of the replaced parts and was shocked to see green striped AC plugs and the ORIGINAL wires still on the car! Even the cap, otor, nd points were all AC Delco components. During the round trip, averaged about 13.6 mpg while travelling at 68-72 mph, testament to the health of the driveline and overall health of this terrific piece of history.

If you're excited about these survivor Muscle Cars, se the previous story about driving to Iola to fuel your fire. Survivors just seem to run and drive better. I can honestly say that something is lost when cars are restored. The doors never close the same, he steering is never the same, nd they certainly don't own the road like an original car does.


What makes this car so special is its unique list of options. Of course, t's a Hurst Olds. But, id you know that 1972 saw the lowest production of Hurst Olds cars? Just 279 hardtop H/O cars were made, hich is why you see so few of these today. Even including the convertibles and sunroof cars, ust 629 Hurst Olds cars were made in '72.

In addition to a warmed-up 455 rocket V8, he H/O package included the F41 suspension package, AI (Ram Air) fiberglass hood, ucket seats and console with famed Hurst Dual Gate shifte, ally Pack gauges (tach is inaccurate, lock stopped, ut all others operate properly), M's indestructible 400 TH transmission, artial vinyl top, nd incredibly cool looking reflective stripe package.

In addition, his car has some other unique options to set it apart from the others. The factory cruise control still operates, he AM pushbutton radio works like it should and holds stations, he factory Air Conditioning blows ice cold!, nd the lighting package offers additional interior lighting.

Finally, his car appears to have the nearly impossible to find Hurst installed alarm system. The alarm currently does not work, ut I have the key. I think this would be a neat project to work on, s it would be really cool to have the alarm operate properly again!

Paperwork and Numbers

This Hurst Olds is well documented and adds considerably to its pedigree. Included with the sale are some vintage photos of the car back in the 70s.

In addition, broadcast sheet was found in the car and it backs up the car's heritage as a true H/O and documents its other options.

The original voided title is included, s well as the Protect-o-Plate, nd other dealer paperwork. Incredibly, he original owner managed to save nearly every registration receipt from 1972-2014. These receipts help document the car's original mileage and shows how well cared-for this car is.

In addition, 've provided photos of the engine pad, ransmission tag, nd rear end code to document the "Big Three Driveline Items" as born with this car. I was unable to find a VIN derivative on the transmission case, ut it's the correct OD tranny and its production date is correct for this car's April completion date. I have no doubt it's the born-with transmission. The rear is the correct SR coded 3.23 axle ratio and again is dated consistently with this car's production date.

I didn't go crazy documenting the starter, lternator, ater pump, tc. I suspect by looking at it, hat the water pump has been replaced. The alternator has a factory stamp on it and I'm guessing that it's original to the car. I did decode the Quadrajet, owever, nd it checks out as correct for this car and within its build date.

Now, ere's an interesting story: while decoding the intake manifold, learned that the non-W30 Hurst Olds cars should have an iron intake manifold. After decoding the aluminum intake that is installed on the car, t checks out as a December-later 1970 W30 intake! Now, e could speculate for days why the intake was swapped, s other go-fast goodies weren't swapped out on the car. It looks like it's been there forever, ut it's a stretch to think that there was a leftover 1970 W30 intake left in April 1972. So, hile not correct for the car, 've seen these intakes sell for $1,000+, o it's the best incorrect intake to have on the car! If you need me to get a number off another part, will do the best I can to help.


Set the choke, urn the key, nd this car fires. That's it. As mentioned in the attached videos, his car isn't even too cold-blooded. It runs quite well even while warming up.

As mentioned, he car was treated to some tune-up items before a recent road trip. The car brakes properly, he suspension is tight, he BF Goodrich tires look nearly new, he car stays cool, nd drives incredibly straight down the road. The engine and transmission both leak a bit, s most of my old cars do. This car seems to drip less the more often it's driven, o maybe a few more miles will continue to help those gaskets swell.

I haven't hesitated to take this car on longer drives, ut please remember that it's still a 43 year old car. Please don't start driving it like your 2013 Tahoe.

As far as what I think the car might need: as noted, he exhaust is ORIGINAL! The mufflers have started to leak a bit, ut I would continue to drive the car as is until it's absolutely necessary to replace the exhaust. It's incredibly impressive to see those GM stamped mufflers and factory chrome trumpet tips out the back!

Lastly, ometimes when passing, he car will hesitate a bit in the upper rpm range. It doesn't completely puke, ut it sometimes sputters a bit. This is intermittent and as you saw, he car ran excellent under hard acceleration in the videos. But here and there, nder acceleration, t'll hesitate. Maybe consider sending the carb to Sparky some upcoming winter? Maybe it's the accelerator pump? Otherwise, ust drive it, s it hasn't bothered me. But, o make a long distance transaction as comfortable as possible, want to mention everything I'm aware of.


After having several restoration artists look the car over, e all believe that about 90% of the paint is original. There's a section on the driver's side rear quarter that appears to have been sprayed. This section is lacquer checking and extends from the middle of the wheel well to about the H/O decal. The passenger front fender also shows some blending on about half the panel and is also showing some lacquer checking.

The photos also show the small spots of rust on the bottoms of the front fenders. I chose to leave both of the fenders as is, s I preferred to keep this car as untouched as possible. If a future owner would like to throw small patches in, t'd be pretty easy to do so.

Please note the very minor bubbling under the vinyl top that is shown in the photos.

Also, lease note that the glass in this car is gorgeous, ut the windshield took a stone at some point and has a chip...again, hown in the photos.

Please note that although the trim is nice and the chrome shows well, his car has scratches and some dings. I tried to point out as much as I could in the photos, ut it's an unrestored car, o some wear needs to be expected with these survivor cars.

Finally, otice that this H/O has all 4 T3 headlights in it. If you're not impressed, ou haven't tried to find the incredibly rare, 972 only, 3 headlights. Unfortunately, ne bulb burned out on the way home from Iola, o keep that in mind when purchasing. I'll start looking for a replacement...


The unrestored interior is as original as the exterior. The dash is gorgeous, s is the console!!! The driver's side seat shows just a little wear in the stitching, ut otherwise the interior shows in nearly new condition. If the vehicle was ever smoked in, t's been many, any years, s there's no hint of cigarette smell in it. Just the classic GM interior smell. I'll let the photos talk on this one, ut note the dynamite headliner, teering wheel, arpet, nd door panels. Wow, ow, ow!!

Engine Compartment & Undercarriage

I really dig these unrestored old cars and trucks, o I resisted every temptation to start painting parts under the hood of this car. Other than some cleaning of the inner fenders and under the hood, left the engine compartment as is.

I did, owever, uccumb to my inner pressure, nd touched up the frame rails on both sides. Scold me all you want, ut this is the one thing on the car I felt I had to do. Both frame rails were full of chipping undercoating and looked super tacky. I carefully masked the pinch welds and needle scaled the frame rails between the tires. I wiped them down with prep-sol and sprayed them with Permatex rust killer. After drying overnight, wo top coats of correct sheen black made the frame rails look nice again, ike the rest of the car.

Note the plethora of tags, arks, nd paint dabs on the undercarriage. I had SEVERAL people at the Oldsmobile Nationals photographing the various markings on the car to reference for their own car.

This is pretty interesting: note that there are areas of the floor boards where the undercoating has worn off or chipped. The exposed area shows gorgeous factory black paint and also shows how the factory overspray ended up on the floor boards. If time permits, he next owner may want to consider removing more of the undercoating to expose the untouched, reserved floors.

Bottom Line

If you've been on the prowl for a survivor Muscle Car to add to your collection, think this is a dynamite choice. This '72 H/O is as honest as they get. It's well documented, as a born-with driveline, as been well-preserved, nd drives fantastically well. Please call Jeff with any questions. Thanks for reading! 414-940-8848

Sale Terms and Conditions

Please let the 400+ photos and 7 videos of this incredibly gorgeous Hurst Olds make you comfortable with a purchase. However, on't hesitate to call me with a specific question. Please remember that your bid is a COMMITMENT TO BUY this car. Because opinions of vintage cars and trucks can vary, lease have the truck inspected or inspect the truck in person PRIOR to purchasing. Any inspection fees are the responsibility of the bidder. I cannot stress enough that I am asking bidders to follow through on their commitment if you bid.

A $500 non-refundable deposit and communication from the high bidder is due within 3 days of the listing's end. The deposit can be paid via Paypal or cash, nd I will eat any Paypal fees. The balance is due in full within 7 days of the listing's end, aid via cashier's check (must be verified), ire transfer, r cash in person.

Because of its age and mileage, his vehicle is sold strictly as-is-as shown, ith no warranties expressed or implied. If you haven't owned a classic car, lease remember that this isn't a 2012 Honda Civic. Older cars, ven those with low miles, equire an increased level of maintenance and attention.

When you place a bid on a vehicle, ou are entering into a legal and binding contract to purchase the vehicle. This arrangement is outlined in the eBay User Agreement. We also reserve the right to cancel bids at our discretion.

We will not be liable for any cancellation of this auction for any reason. We reserve the right to cancel bids from bidders with negative feedback or a bid retraction history and members with zero (0) feedback need to contact us for approval to bid. As with all bids, idders need to be 18 years or older.

As stated above, hipping charges are buyer's responsibility. We will assist a buyer with shipping the car anywhere in the United States or Canada from zip code 53154, ut will not be responsible in any way for claims arising from shipping damage. We assume no responsibility for damages incurred after the vehicle leaves our possession. We are not affiliated with any shipping carrier. Any claims or other communication regarding shipment of vehicles will be between you and the shipper, ot with the seller.

The terms of sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin without regard to any conflict of laws or provisions thereof that might indicate the applicability of laws of any other jurisdiction. The venue for all legal proceedings shall be in Milwaukee County, isconsin.


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