1940 Chevrolet Panel Truck - Many NOS parts including fenders. - Project Truck

1940 Chevrolet Other Pickups

Technical specifications of Chevrolet Other Pickups 1940

Price: -
Item location: Winston, New Mexico, United States
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Other Pickups
Year: 1940
Mileage: 100,000
Engine size: 216
Number of cylinders: 6
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

VEHICLE - GENERAL INFO:Up for sale is a1940 Chevrolet Panel Delivery Truck. Have spent effort over the last 30 years gathering parts for this old vehicle. Was able to obtain all 4 fenders as new old stock (NOS). Also has an NOS grille and NOS door glass for both front doors. Other NOS items include a door lock mechanism for the rear door and a contact switch to carry electricity to the tail lamp on the rear door. Front bumper is used but in super condition - almost NOS.
Truck is pretty complete. It does not run, although I drove this a short distance when I originally obtained it years ago. The 3 - speed transmission was bad, so I removed it. I intended to put a 4 speed in it, but never completed that project. The 4 speed is in the back of the panel. Mileage probably exceeds 100,000 - really unknown.
Since I decided to let this truck go, I am not doing anything on the running gear and mechanicals. I assume that someone will probably want to put a different drive train in this, so no sense in putting too much into the engine, tranny, etc. I have a lot of parts if you want to go that way - just ask me questions on it.
The truck came from Northern New Mexico and I bought it about 30 years ago in Albuquerque. It had a rough life as a delivery vehicle for a small grocery store in the mountains nears Tusas. Has its share of bumps and bruises. It had bad fenders and bad running boards. I removed the fenders and running boards about 25 years ago. I also removed the door panels which are in good condition, allowing me to wash out the doors a few times over the years to help prevent rust out on the bottom of the doors. Taking the fenders off also reduced rust where they mount to the body. Despite the dings, dents and scrapes, it has very solid sheet metal.
I spent about 4 hours with a pressure washer cleaning the truck. Have more photos - just ask me what you want to see and I will email them.
GENERAL CONDITION: This section is just the highlights of more important flaws -- detailed description provided in list below. Has dent is rocker panel below drivers door. Has a dent in each rear door. Rust-out in front of rear fender on drivers side where mud held moisture - area is about 6" by 5" (see last photo). Rough sheet metal on main body located left and right of the two rear doors near the bottom Sheet metal below the rear doors is in poor condition - this was added from another truck aand it is loosely attached. Right runningboard has some side scrape, but is generally a very solid board.
The deck inside has numerous flaws including some large holes that were covered over with pieces of thin sheet metal. Broken spot in wood just in front of the two rear doors. Seats need new upholstery. Drive train is probably in poor condition.
There are a number of scratches and small dents here and there on the sides and roof. Rough spots in cowl near the lower corners of the windshield. Needs new motor mount to lift up the grille and dog house.
I had to replace the running board brackets so they are bolted on recently. All the fenders and running boards were put on in the last month with new bolts and screws. It will take some more work to carefully bolt everything as tight as it should be. Some bolts need to be added. Grille and hood ornament are loose and will be removed for shipping.
Truck is located in Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031. Close to Interstate 40 (20 miles) and Interstate 25 (3 miles) near Albuquerque. Will fit on Uhaul's largest car hauler & I can help load onto that hauler with a large come-a-long. These rent locally for about $55 per day - more if a one way trip. The tires are not very good, but they are holding air. Will work with shipper. I can hold the truck here for approximately 10 days or 2 weeks... possibly more just talk to me.
I have some other NOS parts and other parts if someone may want to try a restoration. I am also looking for a set of hubcaps and two NOS front door lock mechanisms in my boxes, but have not found them yet.
Successful bidder to submit $500 by Paypal within two days of close of auction which is credited to the purchase - remainder due upon pickup. Do not pay total price for truck through Paypal!! Accept cash on delivery. Other payment method upon agreement by me.
If you have questions, call me at 575-740-1364 days or eves. Thanks. Dan
MORE ON CONDITION - DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS......GRILLE - NOS but has weak chrome with haziness and some discoloring. Small ding on peak of 6th bar from the top. Rechrome would do wonders for it. Held in place for photo with wire - will remove for the road trip.
  • GRILLE EMBLEM - Solid. Has tiny crack above the "V" in Chevrolet where it meets the hood ornament. Also tiny cracks at bottom peak near grille. Some surface rust - solid and not pitted.
  • HOOD ORNAMENT - Excellent original condition. Very minor pitting. All mounting holes are intact. Very little wear - probably and early take-off. Small ding where it meets the grille emblem.
  • HOOD - Came off of a Fire Engine - hence the name Bertha. Believe Fire Engine was inside most of its life. Right half is very solid, but does have several shallow dings on rounded edge about 5" to 8" to the right of "Bertha". Left half is very good and solid.
  • HOOD SPEARS - Stainless steel hood spears are in super nice condition. I think they were polished before I got them. Have tabs on back and two screw like posts which do have some rust. Should still mount good. I did not mount the spears and I will remove them for the road.
  • HEAD LAMPS - Very solid with no rust out. Correct 1940 head lamps - 1st year of sealed beams. Ding on top of left bucket (~3/4"). Several other tiny dings here and there. Good head lamp supports.
  • FRONT BUMPER - Early original take-off. Excellent chrome and guards. NOTE: I have another bumper that has the factory grille guard if you would prefer that set up - it is not as good on the chrome. (photo available)
  • DOG HOUSE around the grille - Rough spots 3" to 4" below headlamp supports on both sides. Not real bad. Solid do house - generally good.
  • RIGHT FRONT FENDER - NOS condition. Some light surface rust. No pitting. Very solid and straight.
  • LEFT FRONT FENDER - NOS, but not perfect. Very light rust where paint is rubbed off. Small crack on edge at the 10 o'clock mark as you look at the tire from the side. Rough spot just below the back of the head lamp where dog house, hood and fender come together - not bad. Several small dings and rough spots. Still a very solid and fixable fender.
  • COWL - Rough spots below the bottom corners of the windshield frame. Small dents where there were some holes that were MIG welded up before I got the truck. Not rusted out - just drilled holes or ?
  • WINDSHIELD FRAME - Looks very solid and straight. Very decent stainless windshield divider bar. No visible rust out.
  • DRIVER'S SIDE DOOR - Generally very solid and very good. Does have a small dent next to upper hinge and holes that were repaired with a MIG welder. Few dings at lower left. Good rear view mirror bracket. Latch holds door tight. Not rusted out. Comes with NOS door glass for both sides. Door mechanisms are old and should probably be replaced. Has inside handles.
  • DRIVER'S SIDE RUNNING BOARD - Solid and very decent. No pitting on ribs. Really pretty straight. Has remnants of old welds at connection with front fender -easy to grind off.
  • DRIVERS SIDE ROCKER PANEL - Was bent years ago when unloading from a trailer.
  • DRIVER'S SIDE BODY - Slight shallow dent - about 6" to 8" long - at upper right of the "advertising panel" - very fixable. Generally very good. Has one area of rust out in front of rear fender caused by mud underneath holding moisture. This is the worst rust out on the truck. There is rust where the rear fender comes together with the body - the bolts holding the old fenders were broke off in order to remove the rear fenders. It will take some time to carefully drill out the old broken 1/4" bolts - I did two or three on each fender, but more need to be drilled out. The very back of the body has a rough area near the tip of the rear bumper.
  • DRIVER'S SIDE REAR FENDER - NOS condition - does need a little straightening at the very front of the fender. Generally a very nice fender.
  • PASSENGER SIDE RUNNING BOARD - Very solid with good ribs. Has surface rust, but no pitting. Outer edge was "grazed" and will need some work.
  • PASSENGER SIDE BODY - Small spot (1") of rust out in front of rear fender (mud caused this...) The "advertising panel" has surface rust and a shallow dent about 4" long in the middle near the top. Generally very solid. Also has a scratch about 10" above the gas filler location - scratch is about 2 feet long but not deep. Has holes toward the rear by the lower hinge. Also rough area (5" - 6") at rear just in front of the upper hinge. Rough area at very back near the bottom.
  • PASSENGER REAR FENDER - NOS. Does have some surface rust and roughness near the front outer area. Some surface rust above tire. Both these surface rust areas were due to bad storage of the fender. (I have another NOS fender if you would prefer the other one.) Rear fender is generally very solid and workable.
  • PASSENGER SIDE REAR DOOR - Does not close tight. This may be partly due to a lot of old weather stripping that has hardened and now does not compress. Has dent at bottom right side. Door is solid, but does have the dent and the door will need work. Also has several holes, dings and scratches and there is a bad spot in the sheet metal on the inside where the lock mechanism is located. (Note that there is a NOS lock for this rear door).
  • DRIVER'S SIDE REAR DOOR - Has 5 to 6 holes, including a bullet hole or two? Has dented spot between taillamp and hinges. Generally a bit rough, but solid and workable. Fits pretty good and the latch works. Comes with a NOS contact switch that takes voltage to the rear taillamp.
  • TAIL LAMP - Taillamp is in decent condition. Comes with an NOS Guide glass lens.
  • PANEL BELOW REAR DOORS - This is the worst piece on the truck - it is very rough. Was worked to straighten it, but it is still rough. Came off another truck and is not tack welded into place - it is loose.
  • REAR BUMPER - I believe this is a correct rear bumper for the panel trucks. Generally very solid and straight. Has NOS outer bumper brackets (the brackets on the inner part by the frame are original.
  • WOOD DECK - Fairly solid original pine. Does have some cracks and one broken spot just in front of the back doors - measures about 2" by 5". Some rust on the rails especially at the back. Other holes were covered with pieces of old cans. Has some old rubber mat on top the boards.
  • INNER SHEET METAL - Has numerous dings and small dents in inside wheel wells from years of use. Most of the sheet metal looks solid and fairly straight. There is a piece of welded steel bar on the right rear (can be removed). No headliner left.
  • TOP OF TRUCK - Has surface rust - most of the paint is gone. Has some shallow scrapes near the side rounded areas. Has several drilled holes in top. Generally fairly straight - see photo.
  • DASH - Solid. Stainless trim is good. Gauge cluster is there. I put in a reproduction glove box lock. There is a small hole in glove box door. Windshield crank is missing.
  • SEATS - appear to be complete, but need to be redone.
  • FLOOR BOARDS - They are rough by may be usable.
  • MISCELLANEOUS - Transmission is in back of the panel truck (4 speed). I may have a u-joint. Engine (216 ci) did start years ago, but has been sitting for a long time. Gas tank is out of truck and did have a leak.

OTHER: Pickup only in Los Lunas NM 87031. Please ask any questions - I usually will respond in the evenings. Many more photos of truck on request. Please let me know how I can resolve any problems and I will do everything I can to help. I try to carefully describe items - if I overlook something, I apologize. There are really too many items on a truck like this to address everything. I try to give as many photos as reasonably necessary.
Thank you.
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