Single owner/family. Early Production Date.

1969 Triumph TR-6 original

Technical specifications of Triumph TR-6 1969

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Redwood City, California, United States
Make: Triumph
Model: TR-6
Type: Convertible
Trim: original
Year: 1969
Mileage: 175,000
Color: Blue
Engine size: Original
Number of cylinders: 6
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

About the car:

For sale: One early 1969 Triumph TR6. My father is the original owner of the car. As a child, I would hear the sound of this car as my father arrived home after work. He would wait with the car out front, and I would run outside to sit on the rear deck before he would pull into the driveway. I remember not being able to see out the windshield, and he would put his hand on my chest to keep me from sliding forward when he hit the brakes. I remember helping my dad to fit and remove the car cover when it wasn't in the garage, or when we were out and about in town. So, I would prefer not to sell the car, but I've been living in Europe for nearly 5 years now, and I just don't see a good opportunity on the horizon for me to fix it up like it deserves. Never mind that I have two other vehicles of my own that are also collecting dust.

Anyway, the vehicle's commission # is CC 25599L.The first model year for the TR-6, the commission #'s ran from 25001 to 3xxxx, for a total of about 8,000 cars.The first three were hand built off-line and only one of those was sold, the others were used as test beds. Therefore, this isthe 596th car off of the production line.It was manufactured approximately at the end of October or early November 1968. My father bought it and registered the car in 1968.

Additional items to be sold with the car are as follows:

  • The original California "Black" license plates, which is rare have with a car this old, and worth some money.
  • Hard top - which spent a few years on the car.
  • Roll bar - which was never installed on the car.

In general, there are some noteworthy 1-year only features on the '69's which make them unique and endearing, which this vehicle retains.

  • The ignition key location on the center console is only for 1969.
  • The seats are the original 1-year only fold-down headrest style seats.
  • The fuel cap has a non-mechanical magnetic closure. They are very hard to find and are often replaced with later versions.
  • The steel wheels onthe 1969were unique to the entire series. Those pointy posts held on Rubury Owen Style hubcaps (often referred to in the literature as ROstyle or Rostyle). These hubcaps are rare and were found only on the TR250 and 1969 TR6. They were often changed out because the hubcaps rattled or they would fly off in a high-speed turn.Triumphgave up and deleted them for 1970. This vehicle is still on its original wheels, however, I believe I'm missing one hubcap.
  • The steering wheel and hub were a unique design for 1969. I still have the original steering wheel and hub, although it's been stripped of its black paint.
  • Early 69s also had stainless steel fender beading that was painted over. You can just make out the beading on the rear deck of the car.
  • The windscreen frame was painted body color on the 1969s, black on all the new cars.
  • The engine was a little different in 1969 with a different crankshaft, pilot bushing, and flywheel.
  • This original motor still has 2 of the bumblebee hoses, top radiator, and fuel line, and also has an original yellow stripe vacuum hose.
  • The front bumpers sits higher only on the 1969's
  • Some 1969's had factory engine chroming. This car did not.

Specific Details about the car:

  • The odometer says it has ~68k miles. However, the Odometer has been flipped once. The odometer stopped working shortly before being put on blocks. Actual mileage should be about 175k. The last time it was registered and driven was 1991.
  • I have pretty much all the receipts for work done on the car, (except for some maintenance which was done by my father or brother). It was generally always driven nicely. A testament to that, it was still running on the original engine when it was put on blocks. My brother says it had a bit of knock on start-up, but it ran just fine.
  • As you can see in the pictures, it is remarkably rust free. This vehicle has lived the vast majority of its life in San Jose, California. Outside of San Jose, it spent a few years in LA, (my older brother drove it there), and it has recently spent a few years in Redwood City. It's never been driven on salted roads. It was always been a second car. It was mostly garaged and then covered when outside.
  • Shortly before it was put on blocks it had a transmission rebuild. You can see how clean it is in the pictures.
  • Shortly before it was put on blocks it had a new soft top put on it. There is now a small rip (1-2 inches) in the soft top due to me (recently) not seating it properly before closing it.
  • The engine has never been fully rebuilt, but the top or bottom end was rebuilt at some point in time. Records should be available, but I don't have them with me.
  • The differential was rebuilt. You can see it's still clean in the pictures.
  • The clutch has been replaced more than once.
  • We're pretty sure the engine and tranny were drained before-hand, but not sure if the gas tank was drained.
  • It has been in a mild fender bender at the front left. You can see the signs of bodywork in the engine bay. This is not a rusted out fender, the damaged portion has been trimmed back. Front bumper may still be original despite the bodywork.
  • Although the varnish on the dash is gone, the wood is still in good shape. The wood is not swollen/stained or water damaged.

As you can see, the car is almost completely bone stock.

Exceptions are as follows:

  • It is currently fitted with an Amco style steering wheel. As pictured, the original is available with thehub, but the original has been stripped of its black paint.
  • The shifter nob has been replaced. The original is in the box.
  • The stereo is replaced. I don't recall if I have the original.
  • The vehicle has been resprayed once. It is basically the same color (#56 Royal Blue, which was only offered until 1971) but the new coat of paint has some metallic to it.
  • I believe I only have 3 of the 4 original hubcaps.
  • The rear bumper is from a 1975 or 1976, however, I have the original chrome license plate fairing in the box, which is pictured.
  • The Driver's side front turn signal lens is one from a 73/74 car.
  • Seatbelts are likely replacements (probably a good thing).

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