1947 Triumph 1800 roadster, Project car

1947 Triumph 1800 roadster

Technical specifications of Triumph 1800 roadster 1947

Price: -
Item location: Federal Way, Washington, United States
Make: Triumph
Model: 1800 roadster
Type: Rumble seat roadster
Year: 1947
Mileage: 1,234,567
VIN: TRD-2227
Engine size: Not included
Drive type: rear wheel drive
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

The 1800 and 2000 roadster were produced soon after WW-II and there was an abundance of aircraft aluminum available and the body metal is aluminum. The front fenders (Called wings in Britain) are steel and quite solid.
I have been contacted by a gentleman in Pennsylvania with a correct running engine and proper transmission to sell for about $3,000 plus shipping if you want to do an authentic restoration. I have no interest in this but am just passing the information on in case anyone would like an authentic restoration. These engines and transmissions are rare and this one may need some work but is currently running!! Contact me through eBay if you are interested and I will give him your contact information.
Great restoration project, most of the work already done. Look at pictures of a friends finished Roadster (Attached) Do not bid if you want to avoid being the center of attention at car shows and everywhere else you drive.
Car is listed at $15,000 or best offer, I have no idea what buyers will be willing to bid. Look carefully at the pictures of my friends red Roadster and peruse the internet to see how great these cars look when completed. I have spent thousands on parts and chrome plating, and am only selling because I will be moving to smaller home and losing my 4 car garage with lift (Roadster has occupied the lift for a few years).
These cars are outstanding in appearance and the last production automobile with a rumble seat. There is a Roadster club in Britain and also a club in USA. Great for finding parts and ideas for restoration.
Buyer will have to provide engine, transmission, and driveshaft. Very unlikely to find original parts and later triumph engines are normally substituted. I will give buyer a fair price on the Tr-4 engine I had rebuilt by excellent local re-builder.
Rebuilt engine and transmission with Toyota adapter are valued at $5,000. I will include them for $3000 if full price is paid for the car.
There are approximately 50 of them in the USA in various stages of restoration and in use. Do not bid if you want to be ignored at car shows!!
Original transmissions are rare also, I was planning on using Toyota 5 speed, as these cars are geared quite low for 1940's roads in Britain. I have purchased an "Eaglegate" conversion kit to install a easily found Toyota 5 speed. I did this conversion in my Stag and it worked well. 4th gear is direct drive and 5th gear is essentially overdrive. The adapter kit is available also. Very fair price.
I purchased 1 of these from out of state and it was missing a lot of things and I then purchased 3 more locally. I gleaned the best parts form all of them and kept the best one and sold the rest as a lot. A local guy purchased them and later sold them to a restorer in Florida. There is a club for them in England and another small club in the USA. As I recall about 5000 total were produced. The 1800 cc version originally had 4 speed column shift and the later 2000 cc version had 3 speed column shift. Stock they are quite sluggish but with modern Tr-4 A engines they perform quite well.
Time got in the way and I never got around to restoring this one but a good friend restored his and has permitted me to use a few pictures of his in my listing so potential buyers can see what the finish product looks like.
I spent a lot of time and money accumulating parts and materials and hate to give up but I am downsizing and selling a couple of my favorite cars. ( my 1940 LaSalle 4 door convertible is on eBay also).
I purchased a TR-4A engine and had it rebuilt by reputable local British car shop and will sell it separately to buyer or on eBay. Some buyers may want to install different drive trains??
I purchased a Toyota transmission adapter kit so I could have 5 speed transmission. Original car was sluggish and had low top end speed. Toyota 5 speeds are 1-1 ratio in 4th gear and essentially 5th gear is an overdrive. The Toyota 5 speeds can be purchased at salvage yards for under $100 as I recall. I will sell the kit and transmission separately in case buyer is not interested.
The pictures do not do the car or parts justice. Restored headlights cost me $1200, instruments $800 and so forth. I have purchased all of the difficult to find items including the little door in the grill where a hand crank can be entered.
First 7 pictures are existing roadster body which is partially restored and waiting for full restoration.8th picture is lights, 9th is obvious and 10 and 11 are pictures of my friends car. He gave me permission to use his as an example of what mine can be. He has won every car show he has entered. These are so beautiful blend of past and present.
I have both the smaller hubcaps and full sized hubcaps and buyer can select either set
Buyer to pick up or arrange for shipping.
Buyer will need to purchase engine and transmission!!! Most common engine used it TR4A with Triumph transmission and sometimes with an overdrive. I can offer a good price for a rebuilt TR4A with adapter to add Toyota 5 speed but did not include it in the sale so buyer has options.
Google Triumph roadsters and look at the many different conditions and colors, also look through the website for the club. The club is a lot of help and I purchased many parts from the club and eBay Britain.
At this point is is a pretty straight forward restoration. I even have the slightly curved glass for the windows in the dickey seat. (Rumble seat)
I am having trouble adding pictures and will get some help. This auction includes thousands of dollars worth of parts I have purchased for the restoration, including the headlamps, wiring harness, rear window for convertible top, and so many more. If I can get the pictures in you will have more to look at for consideration. These cars are outstanding, and when I was at a car show with my friends roadster and my hot rod Lil Red Express truck people ignored my beautiful truck to crowd around his roadster. Google them and look at the possibilities, and also last production vehicle with a rumble seat.

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