1988 Toyota FJ62. 62000 original miles!

1988 Toyota Land Cruiser

Technical specifications of Toyota Land Cruiser 1988

Price: US $70,500.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
Year: 1988
Mileage: 62000
VIN: JT3FJ62G7j0095487
Fuel: Gasoline
Vehicle Title: Clean
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Car description

1988 TOYOTA FJ62
First; some background as to why so much time and effort went into the car offered for sale, and why somebody would take an amazingly low mileage vehicle and treat it to this comprehensive refresh. I have an FJ40 that my son has always liked and he wanted a similar vehicle. The later model Land Cruiser FJ60 and FJ62’s are more popular among the younger generation and are an up and coming collectible. In fact, the FJ62’s are experiencing a considerable rise in interest and value. I promised my son any vehicle he wanted upon graduation from medical school and he selected an FJ62. It is a good choice as the FJ40’s are softening in value and not as refined while the 62’s are much more practical and usable.
I started searching for a good candidate and found this one in Oklahoma. I drove it back to Phoenix and over the course of those two days fell in love with it. I wanted my son to have the best one possible; a completely trouble free car for years to come so he could enjoy it and not be distracted once he started his medical practice. I provide this background because many thought it crazy to take the extraordinary efforts and resources to ensure this vehicle was a trouble free source of joy. And yes, I can be compulsive when it comes to making things the best they can be. I have had a car on the lawn at Pebble Beach and crossing the stage was memorable but doing this car for my son was far more rewarding.
This vehicle had 61,000 actual miles when acquired and from this point I began to improve it so it may never experience a system failure of any type, while enhancing its value. I loved the experience and took great pride in accomplishing my goal. My son has now finished his residency and would like to purchase a house and I told him we could sell the FJ62 and use the proceeds for the down payment. He is his own man and I am proud of all his life decisions including this one to sell the Land Cruiser and purchase a house.
The original windshield is near perfect attesting to the miles as well as the Clean Carfax
Here is what has been done;
After the mechanical refurbishment, all done in the last 2 years (more on that later) the vehicle was dissembled in preparation for a sand and buff of the paint. It was repainted just prior to my purchase and repainted in its original color of Royal BLUE. The door jambs and motor compartment intentionally retain the original paint as it is pristine and shows the original condition. There are no tape lines and the new paint cannot be told from the door jambs and motor compartment. The wheels are original to the car and this further attests to the cars original mile condition. Photos will confirm these points.
New bumpers, bumper ends, front grill, wiper arms, head light surrounds, etc. were installed after the base coat/clear coat was color sanded and treated to a wool pad and foam pad buff out. This worked out well as the paint had cured it now shows as it will for the foreseeable future.
All glass including the windshield are original to the car, and in the condition of a 2 year old car. The glass was not taken out but the rubber seals were pulled back and this insured the quality repaint as well as the integrity of the original installment of glass, rubber and trim. All the trim including all rubber is very nice. If the rubber trim could have been improved I could have easily done that, all rubber is soft, pliable, cosmetically great and no wind noises are present.
The entire interior, the seats, carpet, headliner, door panels and all trim are original and as a 2 year old car might look and as they should be on a low mileage car. The gauges, levers, knobs, needles, etc. are all in as new condition. They are amazing. All window switches were cleaned, contact points inspected and the window motors inspected, greased, etc. the interior lights are bright. The gauge faces are perfect with no hazing or surface scratches of any kind. When panels were removed for inspection the true value of this car was appreciated. Look at the photo of the tool and jack panel removal. This is what you hope to find.
All features functions as they did when new. The turn signals self-cancel as they would have done new and everything engages as it did when new. The shifter engages accurately. The dash is perfect, the vents are tight/firm and require effort to move. Nothing is loose. The shifters are like they where when the car was driven home new upon delivery. I had all new rubber put on the floor shifter as I did not ever want to take anything apart going forward. Again, when things are out why not. The power radio antenna is a Toyota part and installed by Toyota. These are known to quit working - not this one. That part cost $226.00. I have not as yet sourced the proper radio. That direction was to come from my son. The current unit functions well but would not be my choice going forward.
Smog equipment is in place. The starter is new and the alternator is rebuilt. Why not, as these are relatively inexpensive and now they should not fail going forward. The water pump was replaced and the timing chain cover gasket. The valves were inspected, the injectors removed and cleaned, all done at the Toyota dealership. The power steering pump is the original and the Toyota tech said this is unusual but consistent with the mileage and he said to leave it alone. This might be the only thing I left alone but it was flushed and new fluid at a cost of $129.00.
Here are other examples of no spared expense in this FJ62. After checking the compression and finding it was 155-160 across all cylinders, I asked the TOYOTA dealership to go through the complete mechanics. YES, all that work was done using TOYOTA factory parts and Toyota technicians. I have all receipts. These total $17, 368.28, with a 20% Land Cruiser club discount applied.
All seals and gaskets were replaced and I mean ALL, hoses and clamps in the motor compartment were replaced. I believe over $600 in clamps alone are on the Toyota invoices. A new Toyota radiator, complete brakes, master, discs, rotors, both front hubs and 4 new shocks, I had Toyota replace all the body mounts as one was not as crisp as the others and the other things were being done so time spent in the shop was not an issue. I had a year before I was to present my son the car so time was no concern. The tires have 400 miles. Ideally I can put on another couple hundred miles before handing this off to a new owner. It may have just over 63,000 miles in the next few weeks.
In all I have around $75.000 invested in acquisition cost and my verifiable receipts, not my labor. I would do it again for my son. Being engaged in a project is satisfying too.
Everyone that has seen the vehicle concours with the mileage and it is supported by Carfax. You could argue that doesn’t so much matter with all that has been done, but I think it does. You should always start with the best car available and buy the best you can afford. I wanted to start with a very low mileage example. Most have 100,000 to 200.000 miles. The vehicle was undercoated and is rust free.
I had the transmission removed for the rear main seal replacement - as they either currently leak or will leak so that and all gaskets and seals were replaced as mentioned earlier.. Again, all done at the dealership. The differentials were also inspected and resealed. I also sent the transmission out to have it gone through - why not, it was out and this was to be a trouble free car lasting forever. The transmission shop said it was that pristine internally. The Toyota dealership does not rebuild these transmissions but suggested the shop to inspect and refresh. It will never need to be removed again and this entire vehicle will last longer than any future owner :)
So all suspension, gaskets, seals brakes, 2 and 4 wheel drive components are new. All belts and hoses and front end and suspension parts are new from Toyota. The transmission is new again.
If this doesn’t sell, I will sell my FJ40 and keep this for the rest of my life. Other than the radio if you choose to upgrade and you can go in different directions with audio equipment these days, there is no money that could be spent. I have enjoyed this hobby of cars since childhood and met some great people. I vintage rally across the country and I hope somebody really enjoys this unique and wonderful vehicle.
Photos taken with my cell phone with no effort to be slick or over sell. Most people would not have done what I did, thus the long explanation.
There is not a single leak or drip and not likely to be any for quite some time. Seals and gaskets are superior today to what was available back in the day.
Reasonable offers will be considered, inspections welcome
Tie rod ends4 wheel alignmentAll brake components replaced, rotors, calipers, master cylinder, etc.All hardware in motor compartment replaced with Toyota parts, clamps, hoses, gaskets,Fuel injectors removed and cleaned and new gasketsNew fuel filtersTransfer cases removed and resealedReplaced all body mountsNew radiatorAll hoses and belts replacedNew front axle bearings and sealsNew front Aisin sealsNew drive beltsTiming cover gasketPower steering flushOil pan gasketsValve cover gasketsValve adjustmentCylinder head gasketSide cover gasketAll fluids replacedNew water pumpNew heater control valveNew power antennaI am having the rear mud flaps restored and they will be put on the vehicle this weekThis list covers most of the main items

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