Spectacular Silver Porsche 914-6 OUTLAW Hybrid Custom Nut & Bolt Restoration

1973 Porsche 914

Technical specifications of Porsche 914 1973

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Lasalle, Quebec, Canada
Make: Porsche
Model: 914
Type: Coupe
Year: 1973
Mileage: 1500 ki
VIN: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Color: Silver
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

Up for Auction is a spectacular silver 1973 Porsche 914-6 Hybrid OUTLAW full custom restoration conversion.

This car is truly a remarkable piece of Porsche engineering machinery, t is practically a brand new car in a 42 year old body, ar better than an original 914-6 in every way. If you're looking for a 914-6 Porsche that has been reengineered with all the latest state of the art components and some of the best Porsche outlaws behind the build, ou've found something very unique and most definitely one of a kind.

The owner and solo builder is Jim Carruthers out of Montreal Canada.

His vision and priority for this restoration project bends towards clean line, eeping its trueAuthentique period correct look that made Porsche so recognizable and popular in their earlier years. He is arguably guilty of discreetly adding many newer OEM improved Porsche parts while also incorporating all the right high performance parts with subtle custom choices and custom fabrication work. Just have a look at the detailed inventory build list below along with the photo video gallery and you will agree he has most definitely put together an amazing head turner.

In describing the total step by step process that goes into such a custom restoration build is truly a daunting task. A massive amount of focused energy was consumed, ountless physical workmanship hours, arts searching, arts ordering. As you continue reading you soon shall realize that hundreds and hundreds of hours were passionately devoted to all aspects of the project, ncluding the technical research side of things.

He spared no expense in his effort, ime and money to achieve his vision. Turning over every stone available to him, nly seeking guidance and sourcing from many of the best masters in the industry.

Mike Galloway (mikes914s.com)

Henry Carraro (justporscheparts)

Eric Shea (pmbperformance.com)

Henry Schmidt (supertecperformance.com)

George Hussey," Doc 914" & Buffalo Drew (autoatlanta.com)

Chris Foley (tangerineracing.com)

Tarett Engineering (tarett.com)

Rich Johnson (a914guy@aol.com)

Chuck Moreland (elephantracing.com)

Tony Euganeo (daskeyman@comcast.net

Mark (914 Rubber.com)

Bruce Stone (bdstone914@aol.com)

Harvey (Weidman's wheels)

Bruce Smith (bruce@cfi-auto.com)

Kenny (pelicanpart.com)

Fergies LOUVERS (rodineATshaw.ca)


Started its life as a very well preserved 1973 914 2.0 S model, onsidered by most 914 aficionados to be the best year they were produced.

The Car has never Had ANY RUST ISSUES, im is the third owner, he second and third owner were from Manitoba Canada, he car has never been neglected, ts chasse had 48000 original miles when Jim purchased the car. The newly rebuilt 2.4 T motor highly modified to a 2.5 911 S motor only has 1600 Kilometers.

The underside was degreased, teamed cleaned and scrubbed by hand; it took approximately one 40 hour work week to complete, he original undercoating was in perfect shape and you will see evidence of its condition by the photos below. It was decided to give the bottom underside including wheel wells several coats of Eastwoods epoxy paint just to give it another protective barrier even though it did not need it.

The rear interior trunk compartment has been professionally sprayed to the original Porsche silver metallic. Every part in the rear trunk is new, ncluding freshly painted hood hinges and Stainless Steel custom trunk hinge rollers. All pieces to mount Targa top and all new rubber as well. The Engine Bay was soda blasted then etching primer was added, hen sprayed original colour code Porsche metallic silver and then finally clear coat was added. Also a new thicker custom fitted sound pad was installed using 3M adhesive including through bolted with oversized washers to prevent de-lamination in front of Alternator fan. The only thing that hasn't been touched as of yet, s the exterior paint, t would be considered a repaint by an amateur in ones honest opinion.

Everything else is powder coated, ustom fabricated, new old stock, ebuilt, e-plated to new standards, igh performance brand new parts and OEM parts from different years and different Porsche models.

the motor



The motor 3 911 2.4 T modified to 2.5 S 200 horse power with 40's Webber carburetion configuration.

• 2.4 magnesium case (line bore, ase savers, il bypass mod)

• 86 mm aa pistons & biral cylinders (9.0:1 comp)

• Nikasil coating

• New pro-seal piston rings

• 2.4 crank (cross drilled, agged and polished) 70.4 mm stroke

• Supertec head studs

• New main bearings

• New rod bearings

• Intermediate shaft bearings

• Aluminum 4 bar oil pump and pump modification

• New timing chains and ramps

• Turbo tensioners w/ chain savers

• Supertec tensioner arms

• Reconditioned rods w/ new bolts and nuts

• Recondition rockers and shafts

• Complete engine balance

• Complete valve job w maganese / bronze guides

• New exhaust and intake valves

• Surface heads

• Rebuilt alternator

• New fan belt,

• Powder coated & surface 930 valve covers

• Powder coated NOS OEM 9146 sheet metal

• Gold zinc coating on hardware

• Carburetor rejet and overhaul

• Replace heads 2.2 t

• Dougherty billet cams (dc 40)

• Head porting

• Machine turbo valve covers (lower)

• Supertec head stud kit

• Custom fabricated nozzle early steel factory air breather filter housing

The motor is dressed by brand new original OEM NOS 914-6 engine tin that's been powder coated stock black with new mounting hardware and new engine tin rubber all around engine bay to keep lower motor heat from entering upper level engine compartment.

Motor & Transmission Mounts

The motor was mounted with a custom 914-6 motor mount kit from Rich Johnso, t was welded to fire wall and then also through bolted to fire wall, ll new mounting hardware and new OEM engine and transmission mount bushings including new mounting hardware too.

Engine Cooling System

• Original OEM 914-6 reconditioned oil tank, rofessionally internally cleaned, ressure tested, ainted and also correct holes were drilled through rear quarter fender for a nice snug fit

• Rare NOS 914-6 oil fill nozzle and cap with two new period correct vapour soft oiled rubber lines exiting to motor

• All new oversized oil lines including custom fabricated hard lines

• All new oil line hardware including aluminum AN fittings

• Custom fabricated 911 oil cooler by Rich Johnson

• Custom fabricated Aluminium secondary oil cooler by Henry Schmid, itted to a aluminium sandwich plate and four new AN fittings and lines that lead to secondary oil cooler

The secondary oil cooler is fitted with four new 4 inch wide by 2 inch thick 12 volt cooling fans made by SPAL CUSTM FANS that draw 700 cfm's combined at 3amps a piece

Fuel System

Starting up front the fuel tank was removed including the fuel expansion tank and also the charcoal canister. Then while tanks and canister were out the body under fuel tank steamed cleaned and then lightly sanded and prepped for a re-spray of original color to clean things up under tank area. Back to the tanks and charcoal canister, t was treated inside with POR 15, he process removes all old gas sediments and all condensation rust, inal result produced a brand new epoxy lined tank, t was then fitted with a new gas bronze sock filter and the exterior of both tanks and canister were painted with three coats of chasse black satin from Eastwoods.

After that the two stainless tube extensions under the main fuel tank were cleaned overnight and new crush washers were fitted for a no leak application.

Nex, igh compression hoses were fitted with ZEBRA stainless washers.

After that comes a NOS rubber gasket that mounts through the front body of car where two new custom stainless steel race application gas tube lines from Tangerine Racing were fitted, hey run through center channel inside car and exit in lower engine bay through fire wall. These lines are custom and made for race application and designed for safety, hey are good for life and old rubber fuel lines will never rot and flood the inside of car.

From there more new bushings that mount at fire wall then high compression lines were fitted including a stainless down size lin, fter that comes new fuel filter and then a new low pressure electric fuel pump made by Pierburg. Next two new rubber bushings and two new stainless rods that bring fuel through the motor tin, fter that comes a new fuel regulator by PMO plus more fuel hose and zebra clamps that lead to the reconditioned Webber Carburetors. The throttle system leading back to the Webber Carbs is completely new starting direct from a new gas foot pedal to a new 914-6 custom throttle cable and then a complete new custom 914-6 throttle linkage from Rich Johnson. The throttle linkage bracket was mounted to transmission by drill and tap process. All new hardware and all linkage is yellow zinc dipped.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system starts with new exhaust gaskets at the motor and 914-6 connecting hardware (Allen head bolts that mount through the heat exchangers). As mentioned above there are OEM rebuilt 914-6 header heat exchanger exhausts There is a new Dansk 914-6 OEM two in one out stock muffler joined by a NOS powder coated 914-6 muffler bracket and hardware followed by a new Dansk chrome OEM muffler Tip.

Heating system

The heating system started by examining the forward air defrost blower, t was found to be in great shape. After that the heater defrost control unit was removed and cleaned with electric contact cleaner several times. Next the red hand lever cap for the heat flap control was replaced with a shiny new OEM NOS one followed by a new OEM heat flap pull cable and hardware. After that two OEM NOS heat flapper boxes were installed with all new period correct OEM high heat hoses. Attached to two new heat flap boxes are two rebuilt OEM 914-6 heat exchangers painted with a ceramic coating.

Transmission & Shift Linkage

Starting with the shifter linkage, t was dismantled entirely, he shifter unit was thoroughly cleaned and re-lubricated. Then a new Delron fire wall bushing was installed followed by a new rubber boot cover. Then comes a new custom fabricated shift rod designed by Rich Johnson, ts needed to be able to clear the 914-6 heat exchangers. Then it connects directly to shifter arm at transmission, here is one more very important brand new Delron bushing, ollowed by a new OEM protective cover, he shifts are precise tight and on the mark as good as day one. The transmission was in great working order since it only had 48000 original miles, t was removed degreased several times, leaned by hand and several types of brushes were used to remove old dirt and grease. It was then decided upon to paint the transmission using Eastwoods high heat Alumi paint. It turned out sweet and now gives it that original bare aluminum look without the oxidization. The smaller stub axles and seals were removed and larger 911 ones were installed including new seals that mated up to new made in Germany CV Joints. After that new Sway Away Heavy duty 930 size rear axles. There are several seals and bushings that makes up the 901 short shift transmission, ll were replaced with OEM stock ones by Mike and Jim at Mikes 914's. It should be noted that the motor and transmission were joined with a new KEP clutch and new clutch plate and new throw out bearing including a new clutch arm bushing at mikes 914's shop. Also new Swepco transmission oil and a new fill oil plug including a new magnetic drain plug also a new copper ground strap to complete the drive train assembly. Also a new OEM clutch cable was installed with all new hardware and a freshly painted clutch cover plate.

Electrical System

• New 925 closed gel Odyssey battery with new GT aluminum mount bracket kit.

• New custom battery ground wire and starter wire with # 8 Allen hex head bolt install to battery.

• MSD 6al ignition box

• NKG Custom plug wires, ow frequency disturbance, new Bosch plugs, ap and rotor

• NOS 2 license plate lights /new gaskets with new bulbs

• New Bosch starter

• Brand new OEM Hella rear euro light lenses and bulbs.

• Custom motor wire harness made by Supertec performance

• New H4 Hella front head lights lenses and new H4 bulbs

• New turn signal splitter wire light bucket kit.

• Hella split euro amber/white lenses, askets and New Euro Italy side running light lenses and bulb and gaskets.

• All new OEM fuses

• All OEM new regulators

• New OEM fuse box cover

• New OEM engine lid light lens and bulb

• 1968 911 NOS very rare mint condition Porsche script SAPHIRE AM/FM Radio.

• New Infinity speakers

• MSD high vibration coil

• Complete Rebuilt and recurve to 135 degree Bosch ignition distributor, new cap and rotor, oints and condenser by (Bruce Smith CFI)

• All wiring was joined by crimps then shrink wrapped or soldered then shrink wrapped

• The original circuit board was cleaned and MIKE Galloway at MIKES 914'S did a great job with the rewiring configuration.

Braking System

Let's start from the Top, he brake reservoir was dismantled, leaned and put back in place with a new custom stainless strap and stainless hardware designed by Engman parts, nfortunately he is not with us anymore, e made after market aluminium and stainless parts for Porsche guys. Back to the reservoir, ollowed by two new period correct soft rubber material braided brake fluid lines that lead to new NOS OEM clear hard plastic lines and the correct rubber bushings and washer seals for a no leak fit that are led into a brand new bigger 19 mm ATE master cylinder. Same used for 911 cars. The entire triple foot peddle assembly was completely rebuilt and powder coated and zinc plaited including all new rubber bushings, eals peddle pads etc, ebuilt by Bruce stone. The interior wood foot board was replaced with a solid pure aluminium GT foot board by REDLINE CUSTOMS. The car is custom fitted with solid stainless steel brake hard lines front to back, lso stainless braided soft lines front and back, urchased from Eric Shea at PMB performance. The front brakes are rebuilt anodized aluminium ATE dual circuit early S race calipers, ound on many Porsche racing cars models of the 1960's. Designed for their ability to stop a racing thoroughbred and still recognized as the best application for the early cars and sought after to this day. The rear Brakes are brand new 914-6 aluminium cast calipers purchased from PMB performance. All bushings for the stainless brake hard lines are new, ll mounting hardware for both front and back calipers are new including banjo fittings. New brake rotors front to back complete the brake system including new mount hardware. The original hand brake lines were in perfect condition, hey were just adjusted and cleaned and lubed. The brake shields were re-plated with yellow zinc and look brand new.

Steering & Front Suspension System

The steering system is truly a joy when it comes to performance handling, ts comprised of mating the original 914 steering shaft with a rebuilt 1986 911 Carrera steering rack, new 914 shaft steering donut bushing was installed with a cleaned up plastic cowling cover. Then mounted to a 1986 soda blasted solid aluminium cross bar down below, ll new hardware was used. Interestingly surprising how 1986 Carrera 911 front suspension parts can interchange and bolt up perfectly to the 1973 914 body, o body fabrication needed. A 1986 powder coated cover plate was used to protect the delicate body opening where the master cylinder and steering rack is housed. Then from their new lemforder turbo tie rods were connected, ollowed by new OEM 1986 ball joints, itted to 1986 powder coated Boge Struts, ith brand new Bilstien air gas shock inserts and end caps. The correct Bilstein insert compression for this particular cars suspension set up was chosen and endorsed direct from the Bilstein race department head office . The top mount shock bushings and hardware were cadmium plated for a pristine appearance. The original A-Arms were dismantled, oda blasted, leaned, owder coated then the torsion bars were checked cleaned re-greased and inserted back followed by a new o-ring sponge seal with a re-plated cadmium spleen end cap adjuster and bolt. The A-Arms were mounted with highest quality Elephant Racing new bushings, ront and back including new Elephant bushing brackets and also new performance beveled washers and new hardware. The original front sway bar was replaced by a state of the art 19mm hollow Tarett Engineering one, ith an adjustable connecting arm followed by adjustable drop links. Tarett Engineering is the premier set up for performance Porsche track and auto cross cars. 1986 911 Carrera hubs were soda blaste, hen new OEM bearings were installed followed by a re-plated cadmium bearing cover cap and also new rotors .

Rear Suspension System

For the rear suspension the original swing arms were sent to Chris Foley at Tangerine Racing were they were disassembled, hen cut open and then weld reinforcement plates were added inside for strength and to give stiffness to be able to handle the new 200 HP motor. The swing arms also arrived back powder coated with new bearings, new stainless axles, new bearing stainless plate covers, new axles seated in delron bushings, lso new hardware and new powder coated orange custom mount brackets designed by Tangerine Racing that give ability for better adjustment settings.

At the other end of swing arm new Bilstein rear shocks with new 100 lbs stock Weltmeister coil springs.

The original rear sway bar was dismantled, hen sand blasted, hen painted with Eastwoods chasse blac, new horse shoe bushings new horse shoe mounting brackets and new ball end Delron joint bushings.

The car has just had its second alignment by Andrew and the guys at WEETUNE in Lachine Quebec.

Wheels & Tires

The tires are brand new with 1500 kilometers on them, hey are Avon CR6ZZ 185 70 R 15, not sold in Canada) recommended by Harvey Weidman, rofessional track and pro street application, ounted and balanced professionally.

The wheels are Fuchs highly sought after deep dish 5.5 X 15 inch, eriod correct for this car with the correct offset. The valve hole was custom bored to fit new style valve stems and now can fit tubeless or tubes. There are five wheels, hey were shipped to Weidman's wheels in California, hey were X-rayed for flaws, leaned, olished, e-anodized to original factory spec and then finally painted. The centers were stripped of their anodized finish then re-anodized to match wheels, inally they were personally hand painted by his wife. The valves are race spec for safety. The whole process took 8 months including waiting time, arvey is a very busy man and recognized as the right man for the job. One more thing, brand new set of OEM aluminium painted lug nuts for the cherry on the cake!


The interior is immaculate and smells like a new car, verything inside was removed, he floor was steam cleaned and then treated with Eastwoods epoxy paint, reat for preventing condensation rust, o even though there was no rust it was applied for future protection just like the underbody of the car, he front trunk, heel wells and engine bay. The original floor sound padding is still there and in perfect shape. New black vinyl floor trim was installed replacing the old stuff to give it that fresh appearance to match the new carpet.

The carpeting was replaced and a new kit was special ordered from Lakewell car interior carpet specialist out of Belgium Europe. These guys were made famous for the Porsche 356 cars and other fine European sport cars. No cheap looking ferlon felt crap, he carpet is 100% charcoal wool. When entering the car you will notice that there are brand new custom polished Aluminium entry door sills with brand new rubber to make a nice seal. The hand brake and hand brake cable cover was removed disassembled cleaned and repainted its original black colour then reinstalled using new yellow zinc hardware. Everything work, ll dash light, eat belt lights included.

The Interior is dressed with all original black German viny, o tear, othing worn ou, he dash is perfect, o sun beaten fading, uper clean simply because it was hidden from the elements and well looked after. The seats are near perfect, here is one seam coming loose about an inch long high on top of driver's seat by head rest, arely visible, imple fi, ust haven't had the time. The door handles are all working as they shoul, hey have been taken apart cleaned and lubricated. The window handles were replaced with custom chrome GT style ones. The seat adjuster pulls were replaced with custom polished aluminium ones made by Tangerine Racing. The dome light cover is replaced with a brand new OEM one including new bulb. All rubber trim was treated with silicon grease to help preserve rubber and to remove rubber squeak.

There are a set of new black rubber mats to protect the wool carpeting, hey look great and are hex embossed. The front windshield glass was replaced and a special order one with a nice full slight tint was professionally installed.

The original 914 rear view mirror was replaced with a true NOS very rare 914-6 race mirror from AASE Porsche USA. It looks grea, t's very narrow, esigned for less obstruction when viewing forward.

Car keys

The keys are super cool, he originals were sent to daskeyman and he made two new original style Porsche 917 GT racing keys, heir the coolest keys ever solid, eavy and fit like the car just rolled off the factory floor. That is a Canadian quarter same size as USA.

VDO Gages

There are five VDO gages in all, hey were all sent to North Hollywood speedometer to be rebuil, ested and refinished.

All the ring bezels were replaced with early 356 Porsche ones and then chromed, ery custom look one of a kind, hey really pop. Also you will notice the early type chrome dot in all centers of the gages.

Temp and pressure gage

Was purchased from mikes 914's, t was from a 1968 Porsche 911 S model car, t was chosen because it gives accurate analog temp & oil pressure readings. A new oil pressure sending unit was installed on the motor to match the Gage.

The gage was rebuilt, ested, ace repainted and new glass was added.

Tachometer gage

This gage was purchased from AASE Porsche and was Brand new in the box NOS stock, t was tested fitted for MDS electronics and face repainted with a 7500 rev line.

Speedometer gage

The Speedo gage is original to the car, t was serviced new glass added, ace painted to kilometers and a small red line indicator was painted at 100 kilometers to remind one of the speed limit and then set back to zero.

Clock gage

The old clock internal components were removed and then fitted with new quarts technology, o more dead clock problems, new glass was also installed and fresh face paint.

Gas gage

The gas gage is a custom gage made by North Hollywood, t has a red warning light as wel, ts brand new.

Volt meter gage

The volt meter gage was cleaned tested and new glass added including new face paint.


Starting forward a NOS rare black rubber bumper piece that mounts on top of front bumper was purchased from MIKE'S 914'S, ts real not after market, robably the only one in the country, ost a fortune, here famous for shrinking after years of sun and rain.

Next the front bumper was re- chromed by Altech custom plating in Montreal.

To top off the front bumper a new fiber glass LE type front valence spoiler was purchased from 914 limited and then had to be painted along with two new custom hand fabricated aluminium mounting brackets., f course new hardware Allen key head bolts.

New wind shield squirts with new lines under hood that lead back to reservoir bottle.

New wiper blades.

New window side glass rubber trim.

New vinyl Porsche script.

Original antenna dismantled cleaned and re-lubed, till has original lock key.

The side valence skirts are original, hen were removed, and blasted then treated with Eastwoods then painted with three coats of black satin.

A very rare original 914-6 rear valence was purchased after searching for two years, t came with custom fabricated louvers designed to aid in the removal of hot air trapped in the engine bay area.

The rear engine lid was removed, he spring loaded rods were cut out to make room for the secondary oiler cooler to be positioned in their place supported by two stainless steel straps that attach by four small threaded studs that were welded to lid. The lid was shipped to British Columbia to Fergies Louvers were he pressed in custom louvers to allow air to flow more efficiently for the new secondary oil cooler set up.

The mesh grill was removed, anded, epainted, hen new OEM Porsche script letters were installed then fitted back with new rubber seals and new speed nuts finally fitted with two new custom stainless steel gas air shocks through bolted to both fire wall and lid it self.

Front hood and rear hood latches were removed and sent to Altech for new yellow zinc plating.

There are Original NOS polished aluminium body trim parts that are very rare that are awaiting installation.

The original mounting brackets for the tire jack behind the side valences trim both sides were completely cut out and more robust insert plate was welded to the car in exact same position as the weaker original design ones, t served to purpose, t will never fail as the earlier originals often do and also it acts as a body stiffener to give it longitudinal strength.

Final words

The car is for sale, o date the cost to bring it to the current level is $55.000.00 US, ot including any man hours, hipping costs and duties. To put things into perspective that's the value of a warn out ready for full restoration 1971,1972, 973 911 same for an original 914-6. This car eats stock 911's and stock 914-6's for breakfast safely and efficiently, rack or street. Looking for a new owner who appreciates the car and who knows the difference in a true complete custom Hybrid OUTLAW 914-6 restoration conversion build. Now Excepting offers, erious offers will get a response, heers

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