1977 Plymouth Fury Factory TAXI CAB - 7 ORIGINAL MILES Survivor, Barn Find Mopar

1977 Plymouth Fury TAXI 7 ORIGINAL MILES

Technical specifications of Plymouth Fury 1977

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Make: Plymouth
Model: Fury
Type: Minivan
Year: 1977
Mileage: 7
VIN: RL41C7A143697
Color: Orange
Engine size: 225
Number of cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

1977 Plymouth Fury Special Order Factory TAXI CAB with 7 original miles. Yes 7 miles. A 40 Year Old MOPAR with 7 miles on it. It was purchased new by a Cab Company in New York and never put into service. Still retains the original Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle. It was never titled. Originalwindowsticker is still on the vehicle. I found 3 build sheets for it. One above the gas tank, one in the drivers door, and one under thefront seat.The engine is a 225 Slant 6. The gas tank had to be replaced because the original had too much rust inside of it.The Cab runs, moves, and stops but I will not put it on the road because Idon't want to add any miles to it.
The interior is perfect but the exterior does have some issues. The Cab companydidn't really take that great of care of it. It was used as a storage shelf and a parts car.
I have been able to locate most everything that it was missing with NOS parts. It was really just minor items - lenses, grill, mirror,.... There are only a couple of items it still needs - jack assembly and RH wiper linkage. There may be other thingsbut those I know for sure.
The Cab Companybuilding where this was stored must have had a bad roof because there is a rust hole at the rear window on the drivers side (see pictures). Then the water ran down into the lowerquarter and rusted out thebottom of that panel. Bottom ofthe car has typical surface rust as you would expect from something that has been sitting for 40 years.
The Taxi light on the roof is just a magnet mount, it is not wired in. You will notice there is black tape on the roof.That is from the factory, the roof light wiring harness is under that tape.
So here is mydilemma, do you repaint a 40 year old car with 7 miles or do you leave it just like it is? All of the issues to the body would be simple to address but wouldthat make it more valuable or take away of the originality of it?
I just refinished the wheels, installed new tires, and installed NOS caps.
Please look over the pictures and let me know if you have any questions or would like additional pictures.

On Jul-26-17 at 17:13:09 PDT, seller added the following information:

Wow where to begin, well first off I linked this auction to BarnFinds.com because I figured that would be a good place for such a vehicle. What I got was a bunch of comments that I thought needed to be addressed. Couple of people were stating thattheir BS Meters were pegged out. So hopefully I can clarify a few things to help calibrate their meters.For starters I should have told you where in New York it was originally from. Saying NY does not always mean NY City. There were a couple of you that nailed it - Originally sold to City Taxi in Binghamton, NY. And yes even a couple of you went further and got the odd character Eddie Howard that was the owner. To answer the question about the door decals, yes I installed those and no I was not aware when they stopped using the 5digit phone numbers. When I searched for pictures of the original logo for City Cab Binghamton that is all I could find. Actually search it yourself and you will find a picture of what looks like the actual Fury door with that same decal. Is it period correct - I have no clue, does it pay homage to theoriginal cab company - I feel that it does. in the end its just a decal. John S. you nailed it, that is the same story I got also. Eddie was an odd duck, he did not trust any of hisdrivers with a new car so he left it in the garage. And yes there were others that he did the same thing with, I know its strange but its true. Yes it is a real Plymouth special order taxi. Window sticker shows taxi package, build sheet shows taxi package. The body color rims were aspecial order line item. Oh I should address that also. When I got it 4 of the 5 rims were wrong. That was something they took off it. The original rims were 15x6.5. Iquickly found that is animpossible task to locate. I wanted it to be 100% original but I could not locate themanywhere. What I ended up getting was period correct, Mopar stamped 15x7 rims. So there you go people with your highly sensitive BS meters, I did something wrong I am 1/2" off.Oh the color, sorry to say but not all cabs were yellow, that was another comment. Maybe yes for NYC but not in the big town of Binghamton. On to the title. It stillretains its Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle. Sold to City Cab on 7/13/77. Selling dealer was Binghamton Public Service Garage Corp. Someone was doubting the title but then it having a Michigan plate, oh and a Repossession Plate at that? Well its just a plate, just because there is a platescewed on the back does not mean anything. That was just a cool plate that I thought was interesting. Its not registered to the vehicle, it is not a repo vehicle, just a plate nothing more.The paint is up next. Some of you have spotted the over spray on the wheel trim of the LR quarter. Yes you are correct that has been sprayed over with a spray can, not todeceive anyone but more to protect that area. There are a couple spots on the drivers front and rear door that have also beentouched up in the same manner. Once again, not trying to hide anything just attempting to preserve those areas. Which takes me back to my originalcontemplation, repaint orretain the original finish? The rest of the body I willguarantee to you is the original paint. Oh and no that is not red primer you see in the pictures, someonequestioned that. I think what you are seeing is a small dot of a reddish color that I applied when trying to get the perfect paint match for the wheels. My first attempt was a bit on the reddish side. Secondattempt nailed it, the wheels are a perfect match.Oh the roof light, pleasedon't dwell on that roof light. Its just a magnet light. I know its not period correct, its not the right style, its not the right color - its just setting there with a magnet.Yes its a big car, yes it has a slant 6, no it does not have A/C. Ican't explain it, thats the way Eddie ordered it and thats theway Plymouth built it. I am sorry if it sounds like a sketchy story to you why it has no miles, why they would buy it and never use it but its true. No it does not have 100,007 miles it has 7 miles. Oh and no it does not have 7k miles of wear to it. Someone with Superman vision blew up the pictures of the interior and determined it has 7,000 miles of wear on the pedals and floor mat. Well I can assure you that is does not. Maybe I need to address my detailing skills,didn't know what I was up against I guess, will try better in the future. I did have to replace the alternator belt and a lower radiator hose clamp, oh and as stated prior the tank and fuel line was replaced other than thateverything else is original. Probably should mention the oil and filter have been replaced before I get that comment next.Lastly Kris, you are right about a couple things I got it from a fellow Checkercollected in Ohio. He got it from Eddie Ibelieve in the mid 90's. The body is not perfect as Istated prior, It was a storage shelf for many years. Its not perfect and I am not claiming that it is. I buffed on that thing for days trying to get it to look better and it does but the only way to do it correctly is to repaint it which is what brought me here. Do I sell it or dive into it an invest more into it that it will ever be worth? Oh Kris wrong you are about something, I am not a flipper and I am not playing up the "Taxi Angle" honestly I am not sure what that means? If you want to see who I am and what I do then venture over to the YouTube and search "Pacewagon". Take a look at a couple of my Checker Cab restorations I only do perfection. Which once again is why I am here on the old Ebay. Ican't decide what to do, if I keep it I am going balls out on a restoration and it will be perfect. But I keep thinking there is a Mopar collector out there that might justappreciate this vehicle more than I do in its current unrestored configuration.Thank you for looking and reading through my long winded blabbering.

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