1974 Austin/Morris Mini Pickup

1974 Mini Classic Mini

Technical specifications of Mini Classic Mini 1974

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Saint Simons Island, Georgia, United States
Make: Mini
Model: Classic Mini
Year: 1974
Mileage: 53000
VIN: 9126387954
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

You are bidding on a 1974 Mini pickup 1000. I imported this pickup from New Zealand in 1999, then completed a meticulous, rotisserie restoration of it in 2009 (see pictures of it upon completion in 2009 at:http://www.boxweed.addr.com/1975_mini_truck.htm ). I wanted to have the little truck look just like it did when it left the factory, including keeping the original factory color of sunset gold, the stickers and decals in the engine compartment, etc. The only things that are changed from how the car left the factory are the following:
1) I changed the steering to left hand drive.2) I changed the final drive ratio from 3.44 to 3.13) I used an 1100cc head with the bigger valves to handle the higher final drive ratio.
I have put 53,000 miles on the truck since 2009 when the restoration was completed, and have had no problems with the engine except a blown head gasket about 9 years ago.No one has ever driven this car but me since its restoration, and I have never driven it over 45 MPH. It has been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned. It always starts right up without using the choke and, like a modern car, you can take right off in it when cold without any sputtering or missing. This is actually the reason I've kept it so long.
The truck has always only used regular pump gas at 87 octane with the usual 10% ethanol added and runs very good on this. It does not have any special valves or other preparation for modern gas and has not needed them. Most A-series engines like this one usually require a valve job at around 30,000 miles, even with leaded gas. This engine has 53,000 miles on it since its complete rebuild during the restoration and still runs as well as it did when I completed the restoration. Of course, I've not driven the truck like a maniac either. It has never overheated in spite of our very hot, humid weather here in South Georgia.
The only reason I'm selling this truck now is because I just completed a rotisserie restoration of a '71 Mini delivery van and it's every bit the truck that this pickup is, so it's time for the pickup to be replaced, much to the dismay of everyone in town who enjoys watching it go down the road. I've had people approach me in parking lots and say that seeing this little truck makes them very happy, even when they're having a bad day.
The only minor fault I've noticed with the truck is that the inner pot joints seem just a little sloppy. I'm used to this and barely notice it, but it might bother someone else.
I've been getting around 35 MPG, and with the 3.1 final drive, at 50 MPH in 4th gear, the engine would be turning at only 2,900 RPMs.
The truck is currently registered and insured, and I drive it several times a week, as I will continue to do until it's sold.
NOTE: The bumps in the pickup bed on the pictures are beads of water, not peeling paint, in case you were wondering. I had just washed the truck before I took the pictures.

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