1991 Land Rover Defender 90 200 TDI LHD

1991 Land Rover Defender

Technical specifications of Land Rover Defender 1991

Price: -
Item location: Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States
Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Type: SUV
Year: 1991
Mileage: 96,720
VIN: 00000000000000000
Color: Green
Engine size: 200 TDI
Number of cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Options: 4-Wheel Drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

Before I start describing the vehicle, I would like to explain my imperfect feedback. I was a car dealer a little while ago and the negative feedback received was due to a dispute over a dealer processing fee that I was charging. The processing fee was clearly disclosed in the listing but the buyer chose to not read it or pretend he didn't see it and then proceeded to argue over the fee after the auction. The fee was part of my revenue on some very low value cars I was selling so I could not waive it as it was a fee I could legally charge and clearly disclosed. I cancelled the sale, he never paid for the car but left me negative feedback and ebay always sides with buyers on feedback issues, no matter the circumstances. No fees on this auction obviously as it's a private sale.
Manufacturer code: Land Rover
Model: Defender (for early models: Ninety, or One Ten)
Wheel base: 92.9 inch, but designated 90
Body type: 2-door: Pickup, hood cab, truck cab, or soft/hard top
Engine type: 2.5 litre Tdi diesel, model 11L (200Tdi) or model 16L (300Tdi)
Steering and transmission: Left-hand drive (LHD), 5-speed manual (LT85, LT77, LT77S, R380 or other)
Model year: 1991
Assembly location: Solihull, UK
Serial number
This is a LHD genuine Defender 200 tdi (11L engine from factory, not Discovery transplant that a typical conversion from an older engined Defender would have). Lots of money spent ($5400), needs only a couple of minor items done that I can arrange to be fixed for $1000 by a Rover mechanic. It runs and drives well, so the fixes needed are just electrical and some steering play. Freshly serviced.
Youtube video of engine running:https://youtu.be/bF11vd4lKEA

This 1991 Land Rover Defender 90 LHD, original 200TDI engine was imported from Italy about 4 months ago. It has the customs clearance, EPA and DOT paperwork and is titled and registered in Virginia in my name. VIN is SALLDVAF8HA703381. The vehicle is titled in Virginia and stored in Martinsburg, WV (about 75 miles from Washington DC). I can ship it anywhere in the country with no issues. I have spent a bit of money on it since I imported it, on repairs and accessories. I have driven it at highway speeds and have put a few hundred miles on it so I know how it drives. It has no rust now, all rust it had was cut out and replaced with new metal. It had rust in the rear crossmember, driver's side outrigger and rear door bottom, two small holes in the footwells. Rear crossmember was replaced with the 3mm heavy duty crossmember from Paddock Spares in the UK, outrigger and door bottom were also replaced with new pieces. Floor holes were cut out and new metal patches were welded in. The welder used seam sealer on all the welding so that will be visble in the pictures. It was done properly, I have an invoice for the work done. The welding and removal of one fender (wing skin) dent were done at a cost of $1600 (labor).
Mechanically, the timing belt has been replaced with a new Dayco timing belt kit, water pump was also replaced along with an oil seal, oil and filter change, fuel filter, crank case oil breather, fan belt and power steering belt change, all fluids checked and topped off as needed. The exhaust from the front down pipe back is all new (intermediate pipe and muffler) as the previous one had some rust issues. The mechanical work was done by Pim at DC Rovers, a specialized Land Rover shop that recently relocated from Tysons Corner, VA to just outside Martinsburg, WV. Frame is all solid, no rust on this Defender now as it was all dealt with properly. Engine bay is a bit dirty in pictures, I didn't detail it but could be easily cleaned up.
Brand new BFG 235/85/16 inch tires with new 30mm spacers and lug nuts installed. Boost wheels were used when I bought them but they have been resprayed. New accessories installed include snorkel, heavy duty steering guard, LED light kit and more (see parts list below), front seats retrimmed, rear door panel upgrade to the molded MUD UK panel as well and it has a new hood release cable. All In I have spent about $5300 on it since I imported it in parts, tires and repairs.
The Defender is not restored and is therefore not perfect, it does have a few small dings, nicks and scratches. The paint is original except for a few touch ups on roof sides, part of right wing (fender) and the lower portions of driver's and rear doors which have been touched up. I could have had it resprayed but decided not to as the original paint was still generally in decent condition. I prefer to maintain original paint if at all possible.
It still has a couple of things that need to be done, which are:Fuel gauge does not work (it worked twice since I've had it so it's probably the sender unit that is on it's way out).Horn does not work (I can hear the relay click when pressing the horn switch so it probably needs new horns, quite inexpensive at 25 dollars for both high and low note aftermarket horns at Rovers North)Odometer not spinning (speedometer works fine). So this would be the cogs/gears in the odometer. Best thing to do is replace it with a new unit, 128 pounds from Paddocks. Great time to convert it to the mile speedometer unit (same price at Paddocks) which is better for US driving, an upgrade many people would want to do anyway.
There is some play in the steering above 60km/hr. This could be adjusted I have read. If that doesn't fix it a rebuilt steering box is about 350 to buy (from FCP Euro or Rock Auto has a rebuilding service), available to buy from US suppliers as it's the same box as a Discovery 1 or NAS defender, RRC. The mechanic who did the timing belt can replace it for about 325 in labor. That is the worst case if it cannot be fixed by adjusting.
Total cost for steering (worst case) plus horn, odometer and fuel sender would be about 1000 dollars. I can assist with ordering parts and can utilize the services of the mechanic (DC Rovers) for the steering repair as well if needed as the shop is just 15 miles from where the vehicle is stored. So if buyer wants these things fixed I can arrange it for $1000 total.
The spare tire(s) are now undersized since the new tires were installed. At least one of them should be changed to the same size as the 4 new tires or the same diameter so the ride height will be uniform if the spare tire is installed. This is why the spare wheel cover is not fitting snugly in the pictures, it's meant for a slightly larger tire as well. Given the tires are brand new, the spare should not be needed for a long time but at least one of them should be changed to the right size, a used spare tire would do.

Please read through the following list of parts installed from paddock spares (aside from this I have invoices from the mechanic and body shop totaling $2400 dollar, 4 tires were $750):
I have described the vehicle honestly and accurately after putting a few hundred miles on it. It is a used vehicle and is sold AS IS, no warranties. I can ship the car anywhere or work with buyer's shipper. Shipping at cost. Thank you for looking at this listing and feel free to ask any questions.
Heavy Duty Rear X Member 90 to WA159806LR511HDExcl. Tax:£155.00
Incl. Tax:£155.00Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£155.00
Incl. Tax:£155.00Door mounted mirror - Defender typeMTC5217Excl. Tax:£9.41
Incl. Tax:£9.41Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£9.41
Incl. Tax:£9.41
MUD Black Defender Rear Door Trim pre 2002PM120Excl. Tax:£86.63
Incl. Tax:£86.63Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£86.63
Incl. Tax:£86.63Wind Deflectors - Set of 2 - DefenderDA6078Excl. Tax:£24.85
Incl. Tax:£24.85Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£24.85
Incl. Tax:£24.85Fuel cap - AA259678 to WA159806 - vented - locking - 2lugSTC4072Excl. Tax:£7.68
Incl. Tax:£7.68Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£7.68
Incl. Tax:£7.68Rear Door Spare Wheel CarrierDA2215Excl. Tax:£26.77
Incl. Tax:£26.77Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£26.77
Incl. Tax:£26.77
Front headlight panel finisher - TD5 - RHDHH100780PUCExcl. Tax:£6.24
Incl. Tax:£6.24Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£6.24
Incl. Tax:£6.24Front headlight panel finisher - TD5 - LHDHH100790PUCExcl. Tax:£9.60
Incl. Tax:£9.60Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£9.60
Incl. Tax:£9.60Wing Tops - BlackDA4049BExcl. Tax:£42.71
Incl. Tax:£42.71Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£42.71
Incl. Tax:£42.71Paddock Snorkel For 200TDI/TDPM714Excl. Tax:£59.85
Incl. Tax:£59.85Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£59.85
Incl. Tax:£59.85Heavy Duty 3 piece Steel Steering Guard for Defender RHD and LHD. Features integral towing eyes.PM724Excl. Tax:£72.34
Incl. Tax:£72.34Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£72.34
Incl. Tax:£72.34Defender 90 Sill Protectors (pair)- blackPM653BExcl. Tax:£36.75
Incl. Tax:£36.75Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£36.75
Incl. Tax:£36.75
Oil Filter - BritpartERR3340BExcl. Tax:£1.45
Incl. Tax:£1.45Ordered:2
Excl. Tax:£2.90
Incl. Tax:£2.90Fuel FilterAEU2147LExcl. Tax:£3.45
Incl. Tax:£3.45Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£3.45
Incl. Tax:£3.45Fuel Filter - DieselRTC6079Excl. Tax:£0.99
Incl. Tax:£0.99Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£0.99
Incl. Tax:£0.99Door Bottom RepairDA4086Excl. Tax:£11.79
Incl. Tax:£11.79Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£11.79
Incl. Tax:£11.79RH Rear Mudflap inc bracket - 90 from XA159807CAT500410PMAExcl. Tax:£12.06
Incl. Tax:£12.06Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£12.06
Incl. Tax:£12.06LH Rear Mudflap 90 - from WA159807 except TD5CAT500450PMAExcl. Tax:£15.47
Incl. Tax:£15.47Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£15.47
Incl. Tax:£15.47Bumper end cap - rubberDPT100070Excl. Tax:£11.50
Incl. Tax:£11.50Ordered:2
Excl. Tax:£23.00
Incl. Tax:£23.00Fastener for end cap (need to order 4 per end cap)DZM100080Excl. Tax:£0.18
Incl. Tax:£0.18Ordered:8
Excl. Tax:£1.44
Incl. Tax:£1.44
30mm Aluiminium Wheel Spacers - set of 4PM753Excl. Tax:£119.00
Incl. Tax:£119.00Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£119.00
Incl. Tax:£119.00Led Light KitDA1192Excl. Tax:£97.17
Incl. Tax:£97.17Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£97.17
Incl. Tax:£97.17Wheel nut for alloy wheelANR2763MMMExcl. Tax:£2.10
Incl. Tax:£2.10Ordered:25
Excl. Tax:£52.50
Incl. Tax:£52.50Cap RoadwheelANR2391MNHExcl. Tax:£7.31
Incl. Tax:£7.31Ordered:2
Excl. Tax:£14.62
Incl. Tax:£14.62Moulded Spare Wheel Cover - 750R16 235/85R16 265/75R16 - Paddock LogoPM283Excl. Tax:£14.70
Incl. Tax:£14.70Ordered:1
Excl. Tax:£14.70
Incl. Tax:£14.70

On Sep-24-17 at 19:57:20 PDT, seller added the following information:

Please read this note:Any 0 feedback bidders need to contact me before or shortly after placing their bid or I may cancel the bid. This is just to protect myself from any fake or non serious bidders. I have already received one such bidder and have reached out to the bidder to confirm intentions. Thank you.

On Sep-25-17 at 11:12:24 PDT, seller added the following information:

As noted above I had to cancel bids from a bidder with 0 feedback after I couldn't get a response from them to a message I sent. Other bidders may notice the high bid dropping due to this. Nothing funny going on, I just have to establish contact with 0 feedback bidders to allow them to bid.

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