Professional build, 454, auto, leather, A/C, power windows, ready to rock!

1932 Ford Other

Technical specifications of Ford Other 1932

Price: US $44,900.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Macedonia, Ohio, United States
Make: Ford
Model: Other
Year: 1932
Mileage: 8,115
VIN: 3FD28652
Color: Black
Engine size: 454 cubic inch V8
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Interior color: Gray Leather
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

The first hot rods were the essence of simplicity in the pursuit of performance. Less bodywork, less weight, more motor. The formula was simple. They weren't concerned with shows and beauty contests (although their cars were certainly beautiful in their own purposeful way), and the single-minded look of those early rods still defines the cars we build today. Take this 1932 Ford 3-window coupe, for instance. Not showy, no wild body modifications, no exotic graphics, just a simple Ford coupe pared down to its bare essence then stuffed full of as much V8 as they could fit under the hood. This is a car our ancestors in the 1950s would instantly recognize and respect, because it focuses on what matters most: going fast.

That isn't to say this car isn't beautifully built, because it's extremely nice. The body is by Pete & Jake, and when you see it in person, you'll still want to rap your knuckles on its flanks to be sure it's not steel. The illusion is very convincing. Fiberglass bodies are often a smarter choice even though the snobs will tell you that steel is the only choice for "real" rods. That's nonsense, because few steel cars can match the build quality of this coupe, with great gaps, doors that close with a solid "ker-CHUNK," and glossy surfaces that reflect nicely. The all-new body also includes a 3-inch top chop for a truly hot rod look, as well as hidden hinges, shaved door handles, and slightly modified rear wheel arches that allow the fat tires to tuck a little closer to the body. Of course, covering it in high-gloss DuPont Tuxedo Black paint only helps, and here the guys doing the work were really at the top of their game, because it shines up brilliantly yet doesn't yell too loudly. It looks purposeful, as if it's not looking to start a fight but is perfectly willing to end one. The louvered hood opens in the usual fashion, which offers great service access, and a traditional '32 grille shell up front means it's recognizable from a mile away. Other details include a chrome front spreader bar, peep mirrors on both sides, and 1950 Pontiac taillights for a traditional touch (there's also an LED light in the center for greater visibility). This car totally nails the look.

Rodders of the '50s would probably look at the gray leather interior of this coupe with envious eyes because it's far more comfortable than anything available to them back in the day. Late-model buckets provide support and a good deal more legroom than you'd expect, and with 3-point belts, they're a lot safer, too. Matching door panels have vertical pleats for a traditional look and the garnish moldings were sprayed the same color so as to stay in the background. Fitted and bound carpets look upscale and with a tilt steering column and leather-wrapped wheel, it's hardly a chore to spend a few hours at the helm of this Ford. The dash is full of simple white-on-black VDO gauges, all of which are operational, and the list of features is extensive: cold A/C, power windows and locks, and a Kenwood AM/FM/CD stereo in a trick overhead console. Power window switches are on the floor between the seats, but those overhead are for electric deadbolts for the suicide-style doors—a very smart modification! Everything works and thanks to extensive sound-deadening materials, this car remains quiet and comfortable on long hauls, so feel free to crank up the A/C and the stereo and hit the road! And you can tell that was the idea, because the trunk is outfitted with a space-saver spare and fire extinguisher, as well as neat upholstery that mirrors the interior.

OK, we know, hot rods are all about the performance and this nasty coupe doesn't disappoint. That's a 454 cubic inch Chevy big block V8 under the little hood, and how they got it crammed in there is some kind of miracle. It's not over-built, so it starts easily, idles well, and never gets hot or cranky, but with big block torque on tap and a curb weight of about 2700 pounds, performance is certainly attention-grabbing. The usual hardware helps it build power, 425 horsepower to be exact, and with a few dress-up items like the finned valve covers, you'll be proud to show it off. You can see a lot of effort went into functionality and keeping things neat, and the remarkable job of packaging is even more impressive when you realize there's rack-and-pinion steering, A/C, and power brakes packed in there too. Block-hugging headers have a bolt-on cut-out so you can run wide-open at the track, and yes, that's a 3-inch exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers, so this thing sounds like the god of thunder himself is angry at you.

The chassis was built by Street Rods by Michael using '32 frame rails by American Stamping, which retain the unique 1932-only sweep right at the base of the cowl. It's been heavily reinforced, of course, with tubular cross members and some X-bracing around the transmission, so it's a rock-solid foundation (which means no squeaks and rattles inside). The front suspension is a familiar 4-link with a Superbell dropped axle and a transverse spring, while the 8-inch Ford rear end hangs on ladder bars with coil-over shocks. A built TH350 3-speed automatic snaps through the gears with authority, and it's really the right choice because all you have to do is stomp and steer and do what you can to keep those big rear tires from going up in smoke. 3.73 gears are a good choice with the tall rear tires, making this a reasonable highway cruiser and ride quality isn't bad for a car built for speed. It also has 4-wheel disc brakes, which are a big plus for something this fast and a part of the equation many rodders neglect, even today. Black powdercoated steelies with simple V8 hubcaps and trim rings are a great old school choice and they live inside a set of big-n-little BFGs measuring 195/60/15 up front and 285/70/15 out back. This sucker definitely has The Look!

One of the most functional, well-built, and downright fun-to-drive rods we've ever featured, this '32 Ford gets everything right: big power, disc brakes, and lots of comfort and convenience features. You couldn't come close to duplicating this one for the asking price and it's available right now—no waiting! If you've dreamed of a traditional '32 coupe with big firepower, your dreams have come true. Call today!

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