1948 Ford Anglia Custom Hot rod

1948 Ford Other

Technical specifications of Ford Other 1948

Price: -
Item location: Utica, Michigan, United States
Make: Ford
Model: Other
Type: U/K
Trim: Base
Year: 1948
Mileage: 10
Color: Primer
Power options: Cruise Control
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Turbo 400
Drive type: U/K
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

Well what I have for you is a 1948 Ford Anglia that is a one of kind custom. These cars are pretty rare and were built in England. And there weren’t too many that were imported to America. And to find one in this kind of condition is just rare. This thing has no rust. the body has already been gone through just needs paint. The frame is custom and is all finished just needs paint or powder coat. This car still needs some work but when done will be one badass hotrod. Everything that I own for this car is going with it. I want to get rid of all it in one go. And let me tell ya these parts are all top of the line and cost a bunch of money. What you pay for this car isn’t even close. to what is invested to gather all of these parts. And if I add the labor cost of getting this car to where it is. well I just won’t go there. My loss is yours or someone else’s gain. · The frame is a custom build chassis and was replicated from the fat-mat fabrications frame. It was built on a frame jig to be sure it was true and level. The rear end is setup for a 9” ford that has been cut down and has a badass set of axles that I have. And the suspension is a held together with an adjustable 4-link setup. And is held on with a set of coil over springs to keep the wheels planted. There is also already a drive-shaft loop built into the chassis. That brings us to the front end of the car. Now this time instead of replicating fat-man fabrications. The front end was bought from them. It’s a Mustang II kit that consists of tubular a-arms. springs. shocks. rotors. spindles. rack and pinion front end. This kit is all brand new and just mocked up to be sure it all was true. And the top hats where the springs rest in are already welded onto the frame. So all you really have to do is paint this stuff and bolt it all back together. · Now the car as of now is setup for a 4. 3l v6 Chevy motor that I was going to twin turbo. I do have a 4. 3l motor that only has 10. 00 miles on it. So it’s ready to be dropped in and your ready to go. Or you can stuff any motor you want to into this thing. Now the car has been fabricated to accept a turbo 400 transmission. I do own one and it will be going with the car. All the internals have been taken out to make it easier to mock up. Now I also have a set of Sanderson headers that are in the box brand new. I have a couple of brand new starters and a couple of brand new distributors. I have a new oil pan. three or four valve-covers. a marine intake. and a 800cfm holly carburetor that is brand new it’s just been mocked up. I have all the motor mounts and everything else you need to get this motor in dropped in the car. · Now the body on this car is in amazing shape. it has been worked with and it’s pretty damn straight. The car is a one off and has a lot of custom work done that isn’t production. The rear trunk normally has two lower hinges and a top knob that are all seen outside the car. Well this has all been done so it has hidden hinges that are internal. I had the plans to put a door popper on it and keep it flush. Now the license plate normally just sits on the body. Well this has been recessed in and just makes it look a lot cleaner. Now for the doors I have a Hagen hidden hinge kit. this is no ebay junky stuff here. These are some bad-ass hinges that are going to make everyone wish they had. This makes the doors nice and flush and like the trunk you use a door popper instead of a door handle. This thing was built to be all flushed out. and once done is gonna be one killer hotrod. The firewall has been worked with a lot and its all flushed out and needs nothing but paint. The The recessed square in the middle will tuck the distributor real nice to keep it clean. Now the rear fenders I have are a custom set of fiberglass fenders to help fit those big tires. They are about 4 inches wider than the normal set. And really if you ask me the factory one are too small to begin with. And with these wide fenders it really is gonna look killer with the 18” wide tires. These were bought brand new and have only been mocked up on the car. And I have a nice set of front fenders that are steel and are original to the car. Then I have a spare front metal fender that will go with the car also. Now the car was originally a rag top car. It has been converted to a solid roof car and let me tell ya. It was done the same way that it would have been done at the factory. It has the four wood strips that have all been custom made to fit to the top of this car. This wasn’t no shitty job that just slapped a bunch of bondo onto. This was welded on and all ground down to be flush. What you see is all metal and no bondo queen shit to fill the gaps. It looks awesome and its function to keep the roof from being weak and warping when driving at high speeds. Once all the wood was done it was seam sealed then all painted to keep the wood sealed and it looks great. You wouldn’t even know that the roof was welded on and ground flush. It’s all done and like everything else just needs to get painted. · Now the floor boards have been all taken out and been replaced with a custom set that were made just for this car. This was no kit. while it was on the frame jig this was all done. The rear was tubbed out like a mofo and will fit 18” wide tires. The transmission/drive-shaft tunnel looks beautiful and will fit the turbo 400 with room to spare. The car has electric steering column which has cruise and tilt adjustment. This whole floor board setup just looks awesome and it all ready to go. After it was all mocked up. it was all pulled back out. And at that point was powder coated black and looks great. I have a set of seats that will fit in this car great. They are cloth right now and you could run them as is. I was going to get it all wrapped in leather but that’s up to the buyer. And I also have brand new glass for the car never out of the box. It has actually never even been unwrapped from the bubble wrap. I have the interior window trim pieces that are all brand new and still in the box. And I have the felt that goes around the windows also. And I have two full sets of doors. the set on the car were being prepped for the hidden hinges. And the other set still have the factory hinges if you wanted to go with the factory setup. · I also have two sets of grill for the front end. And I also have the original trim pieces that go around the grill. And I have the trim pieces that go around the hood louvers. And these things are so fuckin rare to find and these things alone can go for $1. 00. And I have two sets of hoods for the car. I for some reason have two sets of a lot of this stuff why I don’t know. But my loss is your gain. Quick rundown of the parts -Custom build frame built on a frame jig. -Fat-man Fabrication Complete Mustang II tubular front end. This consists of tubular a-arms. coil springs. struts. rack and pinion. spindles. new rotors. and new calipers. And the spring mounts have been welded to the frame already. So all you have to do is bolt it in and go. I have the brake master cylinder assembly brake pedal. gas pedal. -Custom adjustable 4-link -Custom built floorboards that fit 18” wide tires. And the floorboard fit the turbo 400 transmission. -electronic steering column with tilt wheel. cruise control. windshield wiper controls. and ignition -Chevy 4. 3l motor with 10. 00 original miles. marine intake. new 800cfm holly carburetor. brand new Sanderson headers. couple distributors. couple starters. new water pump powder coated black. -Turbo 400 transmission -All brand new glass and all new interior windows trim pieces. -Body is in great shape and has NO Rust. Rear trunk has been custom flushed and instead of opening down it swings out to the right side. . couple sets of doors. couple sets of hoods. couple sets of grills. Custom rear fiber glass fenders. a set of metal front fenders and 1 extra front metal fender. The firewall is all flushed out and looks great. I have all the latches for the doors trunk they are all brand new. I have the shims for all of this as-well. -9” ford rear end already cut down for wide rims and tires. bad-ass set of axles all setup for the cut down. All mounts that are welded to the coil over spring on the rear end and the 4-link mounts are all welded on the rear end. and all welded on the frame. -I have a fuel cell that is brand new it already has been mounted to the rear in the trunk. This is why the trunk has been made to swing open. So when you are filling up at the gas station you don’t drip any gas on the interior of the car. And I also have a battery box that is bought for the car also. -Have a set of seats that will fit the car nicely. And it has a nice sporty shape to it and will hold you in place well. -And I also have the inner metal wheel wells that normally are gone. And these are hard to find and when you do find them they are expensive. If you have Any questions don't hesitate to give me a call at (586)-453-1777

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