1928 Ford Model A 32 37 F1 PICKUP TRUCK

Technical specifications of Ford Model A 1928

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Fort Myers, Florida, United States
Make: Ford
Model: Model A
SubModel: 32 37 F1 PICKUP TRUCK
Year: 1928
Mileage: 777
Transmission: AUTOMATIC
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: PATINA
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

1928 FORD MAN-MADE LEGENDS TRUCK 1928 FORD PICKUP MAN MADE LEGENDS SHOP TRUCK TITLED AS A 1928 FORD! FORD POWERED WITH A PATINA TREATED 302 V8! C4 3-SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PATINA FINISH COVERING A SOLID STEEL BODY AND CHASSIS! EVERYTHING ON IT IS MADE TO LOOK OLD, UT IT WAS FRESHLY DONE IN 2012/2013! CUSTOM TOUCHES THROUGHOUT THE TRUCK FROM THE INSIDE OUT TO MAKE IT ONE OF A KIND! FUN TO DRIVE CRUISER THAT WILL CERTAINLY MAKE YOU A LEGEND IN YOUR TOWN! WELL OVER $30,000 INVESTED IN THIS STREET LEGAL TRUCK THAT IS READY TO SHOW OR GO! I AM OPEN TO ALL OFFERS TO ADD A BUY IT NOW AND END THE AUCTION JUST TELL ME WHAT WORKS FOR YOU AND I WILL TRY TO MAKE IT WORK FOR ME! (941)286-0889 THIS VEHICLE HAS NOT BEEN PROFESSIONALLY DETAILED!!! IT HAS BEEN WASHEDAND WIPED DOWN WITH TURTLE WAX QUICK SHINE PRIOR TO BEING PHOTOGRAPHED. IMAGINE HOW AMAZING IT WILL LOOK WHEN YOU TAKE THE TIME TO DETAIL AT HOME! OVERVIEW Practically everyone loves a classic truck, nd most of us really like the patina look, o matter if it is real or manufactured. Combine the two, nd you have a head-turning little truck that is ready to collect trophies, r just cruise the boulevard! Please review the DETAILED DESCRIPTION and information provided below, nd look through the 100 LARGE PHOTOS I have provided. If you have questions, r would like to arrange a private showing, lease call me at 941-286-0889. THIS IS NOT A CONSIGNMENT CAR! I have the clean and clear title in hand, nd the car is ready for immediate sale, elivery, nd ownership. FOR VEHICLE FINANCING, PPLY ONLINE AT: WWW.JJBEST.COM CONDITION REPORT “Can I take a picture in it?” That question gets asked of you about 15 times every time you hit the streets in this radical little custom show truck, nd for good reason…most people have never SEEN something so crazy and cool cruising down the street! This truck is the famous MAN MADE LEGENDS Shop Truck, uilt back when original owner John Sad was still at the helm of the NC Hot Rod and Restoration Specialist. If you’ve read a rod, ulture, r customizing magazine in the last few years, ou’ll surely recognize the name, s both the original team and the new owners have managed to turn out some of the koolest rides this side of the Mississippi over the years. This particular truck is a melding of classic old patina style and aging techniques combined with a quality build out to create a truck that is reliable and fun to drive, ut with all the crazy appeal of a “Rat Rod” on top of it. The first thing that gets you is the appearance. It looks like it has been sitting in the back 40 for 50 years, nd seems like it would blow away in a dust of rust with a strong wind, ut on closer inspection you realize that it is a real, olid, teel body that has been painstakingly customized to LOOK old! How they do it is a shop secret, ut take a look at all of the large photos I have provided and you will see that the truck has about as perfect a patina as you could get outside of Mother Nature. The patina treatment extends from the body to the chassis, o most of the components on the car, nd even goes under the hood to the carefully treated engine and engine bay! From the inside out, nd front to back, his truck gives off an appearance like it has sat outside since Henry Ford built it! Grab a magnet, nd you’ll be amazed at how solid everything is, nd how much effort was put into making sure all the doors, ood, nd other parts lined up and fit. No bondo patches, o chicken wire, o crushed up beer cans… just Henry steel combined with a vivid imagination and extremely talented fabrication and finish work. Wood bed rails, ed floor, nd fuel tank cover are all solid wood, nd each plank was carefully treated and aged to make sure it didn’t look out of place on the truck. Real Surf Boards grace the top of the roof, nd are bolted, crewed, nd strapped into place to keep them intact on high-speed runs from Johnny Law. Original windshield visor is intact, nd the windshield moves fore and aft to let additional ventilation in. Hood has functional aged leather straps in place to “hold it down”, ut in reality, he front latch and attachment screw for the belt makes sure NO ONE steals a glance at the engine bay unless you want them to. Chrome mirrors on each side of the truck provide good views for the driver, nd are practically the only bit of shiny bright stuff on the truck! Wheels are perfectly aged as well, nd wrapped in BF GOODRICH Silverstone wide white wall bias-ply tires that have been purposefully NOT kept clean to go with the rest of the rides look. Everything from the suspension front and rear was purposefully aged and patina finished to keep the look going as well, ut as you can see in the pictures, t is all clean, olid, nd fully functional beneath it all. Custom striping throughout the truck looks amazing, nd has been carefully aged as well so it doesn’t stick out. All of the logos and striping are hand-painted and look perfect on the truck! Everything from the rear bumper, ardware gate chains, ights, ven the Coca-Cola bottle opener on the right rear of the bed… were all PURPOSEFULLY aged so that they fit the look and feel of the entire build. Back of the cab has a wood-framed license plate holder, ut it does NOT have a plate light, o if your State requires one on classic cars, lan accordingly. The only other bit of chrome on the truck appears to be the vintage Chrome Lady lying on the fuel tank over. She is bolted down to keep thieving hands at bay! Rear glass has a little crack in it, ut the windshield is crack and issue free. Chassis is primarily stock style components, hich have all been aged accordingly in appearance, ut function quite well. Drum brakes all around stop the truck with ease, nd with a minimal amount of feedback to the driver. Shocks and springs work together nicely to provide a good ride, nd you won’t chatter your teeth out on a highway cruise or rolling over a speed bump. A Ford 302CI V8 of unknown origin rests under the hood, nd is a very mild stock build, ith no radical internal components, ostly stock parts inside and out, complete absence of billet and chrome, nd a perfectly done patina on everything from the air cleaner to the block. It dripped a couple of drops after driving on the shop floor, o we tightened the oil and trans pan bolts and it stopped. Other than that, t is leak, eep, nd drip free. It is not a smoker, nd has no known issues at this time. It starts right up, dles cleanly, nd appears to be tuned very well. Again, his is NOT a radically built motor. It was kept as close to stock as possible for reliability, ase of maintenance, nd problem-free ownership. You can get practically anything the trucks powertrain needs at your local auto parts store, nd it is a perfect vehicle for someone who lacks mechanical ability because ANY local garage can work on it for you. It is mated to a Ford 3-speed automatic transmission with a basically stock configuration, o shift kit, nd no stall converter. It shifts smooth and easy in all gears, nd combined with the smoothed 9” FORD rear end and its 3.73 gearing, rovides more than manageable cruising speed to get you around town and to the next show. They even added weld bumps to the rear axle to make it look like it would have if someone narrowed it back in the day! This is NOT an Interstate cruising Power Tour car, ut it is perfectly suited to cruise at 55mph and head to the next town for cruise night. Cooling system is a stock set-up, ith a larger radiator and bigger fan. It stays cool when cruising, nd lays at about 194 degrees when driving it. Get stopped for longer than 10 minutes in one place, ike I did heading to the Island in it, nd she will reach about 210 degrees, ut quickly drops back down the second you start moving. All in all, pretty cool running little machine considering the fact it doesn’t carry an auxiliary electric fan on board! I have had the pleasure of cruising this truck about 60 miles total, nd it is a BLAST to drive! Drive. That is an important word, ecause between the bias ply tires and stock style suspension you actually need to DRIVE this thing! No time for selfies or using the rear-view to pretend you’re Caitlyn Jenner…it is all gas, rake, teer, nd go with this machine! It is so much fun to drive, nd you will be amazed at the attention it gets! All of the lights work, ncluding headlamps, ail lamps, nd signals. The interior of the truck is just as radical as the exterior, nd has so much going on if you blink you’ll miss something! Aluminum aircraft bomber seats have been properly aged and fit with a burlap/boat vinyl seat cushion for comfort and protection from the elements. Floor is all steel with exposed rivets, nd all of it has been acid-etched and painted with rustoleum for looks and protection. Door panels, ick panels, nd rear panel are all covered in bamboo shade material, hich not only looks great, ut keeps with the “Water? No problem!” them of the interior! Steering wheel is a vintage something, nd looks super cool while providing more than enough acreage to steer this beast with. Dash is original, ith original center pod, ut the key switch has been done away with in favor of a switch and push-button starting procedure. Vintage turn signal control box is mounted on the stock-style column. Center console was custom made, nd housed the custom made shifter and housing. The gauge pod unit was created from a block of wood that was custom worked to hold the gauges for Speedometer/Odometer, IL, EMP, UEL, nd VOLTS. Everything seems to be working as it should, xcept for the Speedo, hich the prior owner said needs a cable attached between it and transmission. Column mounted Tachometer is functional and looks great too. Control panel on lower left of dash houses switchgear for the truck, nd works like it should. Doors shut tight, nd the wood-topped levers open and close them solid and surely. This is NOT a back-yard built junker that you can’t even take down the block. This is a PRO-BUILT rod that was made to look old and ratty, ut is extremely clean, olid, nd well-constructed when you get past the paint. I have had a blast driving it out to the Island for a cruise night, nd just zipping around town in it, nd find it to be about as fun to drive as you could ask for. People absolutely LOVE IT. Men, omen, ld, oung… it seems like everyone wants to take a picture with it, dmire how nice it is once they get up close and really start examining it. If you want a radical looking truck that can win you a prize at a car show, rive you the next town for cruise night, nd make YOU a legend in your town, his is the truck for you! You can check out a few pictures of it on the MAN MADE LEGENDS Facebook page here: It has been stored inside a warehouse with a collection of vehicles when not in use, nd has been kept on a battery tender during that time. IT IS TITLED AS A 1928 FORD. ODOMETER IS EXEMPT, ND MILEAGE STATED IS A RANDOM NUMBER AS THE ODOMETER IS NOT FUNCTIONING. I think that about does it so far as information I can supply to you. As stated, STRONGLY ENCOURAGE a private viewing of the vehicle, r you can have an appraiser/inspector come see on your behalf PRIOR TO BIDDING. If you have any other questions, r want me to photograph something, r check something, lease call me at (941)286-0889 for the fastest response. I am 100% up front, onest, nd list my cars objectively. If you are 100% honest, p front, ead the listing and review my photos, nd have your funds in place, e will get along just fine. CALL WITH QUESTIONS AT 941-286-0889 ********************************************************************************************************* Warranty Information THIS VEHICLE IS AVAILABLE FOR RETAIL SALE AT OUR FORT MYERS, L LOCATION, ND I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO END THE AUCTION AT ANY TIME SHOULD THE VEHICLE BE SOLD. THE VEHICLE IS SOLD IN AS-IS / WHERE-IS CONDITION WITH FULL RIGHT TO INSPECT PRIOR TO BIDDING ON THE AUCTION. THE VEHICLE HAS BEEN DESCRIBED TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY, ONESTLY, ND OBJECTIVELY. INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE LISTING IS CULLED FROM A VARIETY OF SOURCES, NCLUDING, UT NOT LIMITED TO: VISUAL INSPECTION, RIVATE PARTY INSPECTION, ECEIPTS OR RECORDS INCLUDED WITH THE VEHICLE, NORMATION SUPPLIED BY THE PRIOR OWNER, ND PERSONAL DRIVE TIME WITH THE VEHICLE. IF GEAR RATIOS, NGINE INTERNAL SPECIFICS, RANSMISSION INTERNAL SPECIFICS, ND ANY OTHER DETAILS THAT ARE NOT APPARENT IN THE PHOTOS SHOWN ARE LISTED, HAT IS BASED ON THE INFORMATION SUPPLIED BY PRIOR OWNER, SWE DO NOT BREAK OPEN ENGINES, RANSMISSIONS, EAR ENDS, TC., O WE ARE SIMPLY OFFERING IT TO YOU IN THE SAME GOOD FAITH THAT IT WAS OFFERED TO US. WHEN IN DOUBT, OME HERE AND SEE IT FOR YOURSELF, RHIRE AN INSPECTION SERVICE.MILEAGE STATED IN LISTING IS CORRECT AT THE TIME OF THE LISTING, UT CAN INCREASE DUE TO TEST DRIVES, AKING THE VEHICLES TO CAR SHOWS, ND MOVING THEM BETWEEN OUR WAREHOUSES. MILEAGE WILL NO EXCEED THE AMOUNT STATED BY MORE THAN 150 MILES. PURCHASER AGREE'S THAT ANY AN ALL ARBITRATION, EGAL PROCEEDINGS, R UNRESOLVED COMPLAINTS SURROUNDING THE VEHICLE, HIS AUCTION, R OUR DEALERSHIP, ILL BE PURSUED THROUGH LEE COUNTY, L SMALL CLAIMS COURT AND NO OTHER STATE, OUNTY, UNICIPALITY, R FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM.PURCHASER FURTHER AGREES THAT BY BIDDING ON THIS AUCTION, E AGREES TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION AS STATED IN THE LISTING, R WILL REMIT $500.00 usd TO COVER DAMAGES ACCRUED BY THE SELLER. IN THE EVENT THAT THE $500.00 usd IS NOT PAID WITHIN 10 DAYS OF AUCTION END, INNING BIDDER AGREES TO ALSO REIMBURSE THE SELLER FOR ANY AND ALL REASONABLE FEE'S IN COLLECTING THE DEBT INCURRED, NCLUDING COURT COSTS, OLLECTION FEE, ND LOST WAGES SENT IN SEEKING FULFILLMENT OF THE SAID OBLIGATION.***************************************************************************************************************** Terms & Conditions FOR VEHICLE AND MOTORCYCLESHIPPING IN THE U.S. CALL RON LARGE AT 239-839-8721 FOR MOTORCYCLE AND VEHICLE SHIPPING IN CANADA GO TO WWW.AA-AUTO.COM FOR MOTORCYCLE AND VEHICLE SHIPPING/EXPORT SERVICESOUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES GO TO WWW.SCHUMACHERCARGO.COM IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO FLY IN AND VIEW THIS VEHICLE IN PERSON, E WILL GLADLY PICK YOU UP AND BRING YOU TO OUR LOCATION IF YOU FLY INTO SOUTHWEST FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (CODE -RSW). WE ARE LESS THAN 9 MILES FROM THE AIRPORT, ND ENCOURAGE PERSONAL SHOWINGS OF ALL OUR VEHICLES. PLEASE CALL ME IN ADVANCE TO ARRANGE. ************************************************************************************ Fee and Tax Information: ALL SALES RETAIL OR WHOLESALE ARE SUBJECT TO A $299 DEALER DOCUMENTARY FEE AND THIS IS BEING DISCLOSED PER STATE AND FEDERAL DISCLOSURE LAWS. PLEASE BID ACCORDINGLY, S THIS $299 WILL BE CHARGED OVER AND ABOVE YOUR WINNING BID AMOUNT. PLEASE be prepared to pay the initial $250.00 deposit via PAYPAL within 24 hours ofwinning the auction, nd pay the balance in full within 7 daysof auction end date. The ONLY acceptable forms of payment are: *CASH IN PERSON *BANK WIRE TRANSFER (BANK WIRE IS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OPTION FORSALES OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES) *BANK DRAFT/CASHIER CHECK *JJBEST BANK OR LIGHTSTREAM LOAN The vehicle and title will NOT leave our possession until any check/draft/loan has been verified and cleared OUR account. WINNING BIDDER WILL GET A BILL OF SALE AND CLEAN AND CLEAR TITLE, ND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING SALES TAX, ITLE, EGISTRATION, TC. IN THEIR HOME STATE, ITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION: WE ARE REQUIRED TO COLLECT TAX, AG, ITLE FEESON VEHICLES BEING TITLED AND REGISTERED IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA! IF WE ARE AWAITING TITLE FROM A VEHICLE WE ARE OFFERING FOR SALE DUE TO IT BEING IN TRANSIT FROM ANOTHER DEALER OR AUCTION, OU WILL RECIEVE ALL DOCUMENTATION SHOWING OWNERSHIP, ND WE WILL SUPPLY THETITLE VIA OVERNITE SERVICE NO LATER THAN 31 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF SALE. LICENSED MOTOR VEHICLE DEALERS IN ALL STATESCAN PURCHASE ON A WHOLESALE ORDER WITH A VALID DEALER LICENSE AND TAX I.D. CERTIFICATE.

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