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1965 Dodge Dart

Technical specifications of Dodge Dart 1965

Price: US $16,500.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Mandan, North Dakota, United States
Make: Dodge
Model: Dart
Year: 1965
Mileage: 99999
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

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This is a 1965 Dodge Dart GT with a v8 and 4 speed.There are two things that I thinkare really cool about this car. One its really unique,I mean when's the last time you saw one. Second, this was somebodies dream Muscle car back in 1965. I mean picture it, its 1965,you scrimped and saved from paper routes and bagginggroceries enough to earn you a down payment on a new car, you wouldn't have bought aPlymouth Fury, Satellite,Coronet, or a Polara, I mean in 1965 those were old man cars, andeven if you could haveafforded the payments on a max wedge car you couldn't have afforded the insurance, which if you wanted a muscle carbasically boiled it down to a Barracuda or a Dart,The barracudas are cool but they do have that hatchback look which you aren't a fan of.So you settle on a Dart. Your sitting at the salesmans desk with your pops, he's talking 6cylinder automatic, your thinking, geez a 6 cylinder !, but he's cosigning the loan so your fingers are somewhat tied, when the saleman says, " you know we just got this Dart in, nice red color, why don't wegolookit over, and gives you a wink.There you see it, in the back lot,still dirty from the auto transport,gleaming in Bright red, bucket seats, your thinking toyourself, hmmm,and its a manual transmission, v8, and its a GT, this is getting better and better, youtried to hide your excitement knowing your popsis going to axe it in the butt, when the salesmen tosses you the keys and says " Hey kid take it for a test drive while your pops and I godo the paperwork".Your mouth hanging open as they walk back inside the dealership. You haveno idea how that just happened, but you are the proud owner of a genuine muscle car. A 1965 Dart GT with a V8, 4 speed, bucket seats, in Bright red, you can just picture those brand new Cragars you saw in Hot Rod on it,and as you head home that day, as you peal out of the Dodge dealer your grinning ear to ear. That's what this is, this was somebodies dream Muscle car back in 1965. Some highschool kids dream. Maybe it was yours. Maybe it will be yours.

So maybe your not a Dart kinda guy, I understand where your coming from, but thiscar sneaks up on you. I remember when I first saw it, I thought, hmmm that's different. Then I started walking around it and I started noticing the little details, like how nice the trim is, the super nice bodywork, and I'm thinking, this is kinda cool, andin the back of my head I thinking too badits gonna be a automatic with aslant 6, but its not ! Its a v8 4 speed car! And on top of all of that it even has bucket seats ! ImeanWow ! Then you fire it up and drive it down the street andcompared to my 70 Roadrunner feels like a little Ferrari. I mean it handles amazing. That v8 in that small car feels like a rocket ship. That's really all it takesand your grinning ear to ear.

This is a super nice car, everything from the body, to the trim, to the interior, engine compartment looks super nice. It runs and drives like new. I'm asking $16,500 for the car. If you were looking at a 1970 Charger or 1972 Challenger for $16,500 it would need a total restoration and then once you restored it, every car show you went to would be hundreds just like it. This car is very unique and a Bargain. Don't miss out of this car.

If you happen to be one of the lucky few to own a 1968 Hemi Charger, 1969 Six Pack Superbee, Challenger TA, 440 6 barrel Roadrunner, etc, good for you that's awesome. Unfortunately the downfall with those cars is they are worth more then peoples houses. Which means driving them, really isn't even a possibility, and lets face it half the fun in owning a muscle car is driving them. This could be your other car, sure keep your Hemi car and take it to shows, but when your local cruise night comes around, leave that Hemi in the garage and drive this. You'll have a blast !

I know a lot of truckers, if you need help with transportation ask me.

I expect a $1000 deposit within 24 hours after the auction ends. I expect the balance paid within 48 hours after the auction ends. Call me about payment options. I would like the car picked up within 30 days after the auction ends.

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