1994 Dodge Stealth RT/TT HardTop 6-Speed NO RESERVE Twin Turbo AWD CLEAN STOCK

1994 Dodge Stealth RT/TT Twin Turbo HardTop 6-Speed

Technical specifications of Dodge Stealth 1994

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Make: Dodge
Model: Stealth
SubModel: RT/TT Twin Turbo HardTop 6-Speed
Trim: RT/TT HardTop
Year: 1994
Mileage: 116,395
VIN: jb3an74k8ry016098
Color: Emerald Green Pearl
Power options: Power everything, Needs a new cruise control button, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Fuel: 93 Octane Liquid
Transmission: Getrag 6-Speed
Drive type: AWD
Interior color: Charcoal Leather
Safety options: I think it has 2x airbags? Who cares it is a tank, Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
Options: Extra Awesomeness, Cassette Player, 4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats, CD Player
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

Game of thrones is one of those few shows that can make you seriously hate a person that doesn't even exist. Almost as much as hating rainbow road in mario kart, r Pai in virtua fighter, r dare I even mention Cinder in killer instinct. I am oddly placed in between being officially old, omewhat cynical, oung, appy, nd officially finding my stance on mortality. Because no matter what religion you hold is the one truth that you will die here on earth first (unless space monkeys show up first with the fix for that). Anyways long story short I am clearing out my collection including the 2x most recent purchases that I never officially added into my collection. After discovering that I might have something wrong with my liver I've decided to play it smart and get rid of the toys. Just sold my turbo MR2 that was done with the mechanical repairs it needed, hich brings me to the last piece of the puzzle, he last toy I have to sell, his stealth RT/TT. Which I only recently purchased in hopes of fully restoring but haven't touched it since. Only looking to get something near what I've got into it which I'm not proud to admit since I was looking for a very specific year/color/model combination (green hardtop 6-speed twin turbos are not easy to find with a charcoal interior). If you're interesting in picking up where I left off read down.

This is a 1994 Dodge Stealth RT/TT Hardtop (no huge glass moonroof) meaning it is twin turbo, wheel steering, WD w/ viscous center limited slip, nd limited slip rear diff. Emerald green pearl with charcoal leather, nd being the lighter more rigid hardtop this car is 1 of 17 identically made. Since the Stealth was not offered in any other country but the 3000gt/GTO was made everywhere these are actually the rarer cars, hich is why I wanted one. I had to have a hardtop (which is super rare in the RT/TT or VR4 trim). Being a stealth it did not have the active aero weight, t does have the active exhaust (that still works) switching between single and dual exhaust, nd ECS (electronically controlled suspension) that switches between sport and touring. Being a 1994 which is the first year of the "2nd generation" HP and Torque was raised to 320hp 315tq and a Getrag 6-Speed transmisison replaces the older weaker 5-speed. These cars were technologically far ahead of their time when they came out, own to the purple digital climate control setup. This one is completely stock, t has never been modified as far as I can tell and I looked hard. No rust, o wrecks, o mileage fraud, he only crime it ever committed was being parked outside instead of in a garage during its long life in Florida. This thing is legitimately fast for its age, till surprises me every time I drive it. Below are the specifics.

Interior: Interior wise the only damage to note is the top left corner of the drivers seat which is common and easily repairable by any interior shop since it is simple charcoal leather and only one side corner panel would need to be replaced not the whole cover. The carpet is 10/10, he dash as well. Pretty much the whole interior is perfect, ven has the original floor mats in good shape. The radio works good, he climate control, /C and heat works (this is the first year of R134a so recharges are easy, ould use one), nd all of the other electronics work as they should. The ECS light on the dash doesn't come on if you hit the button, robably needs a new ECS module or the capacitors replaced which is also easy and cheap if you even want to retain the ECS (many remove it in exchange for coil-overs). With power everything and leather it feels exactly like what riding in the pinnacle halo car should have back in 1994. All the gauges and lights work, ll the speakers work, till has the Mitsubishi CD changer and factory amplifier. Comes with the original owners manual, over from the dealer it was sold at, nd all of the maintenance records that cover its entire life in Florida where it received tons of preventative maintenance from an older couple.

Exterior: Exterior wise the car did sit outside in Florida some of its life. Luckily they used a windshield shade so the interior was unharmed. But there is some clear coat fade on the hood and spoiler, ll of the other panels (including black roof) shine like new. Since the hood and spoiler both unbolt from the car easily you could have them painted if you really wanted to, ut the fade is not peeling so I don't see why they couldn't be simply restored with a good wetsand buff & polish/wax. That usually works for me I just don't have the desire anymore, ut I wouldn't have bought the car if I thought it needed a whole paint job which it isn't even close to. It has some dents on the trunk lid, nd a few dings around the car, ut none are noticeable further away than a few feet. All easily removed w/ paintless dent removal (PDR) which is exactly what I would have done for a couple hundred. The front bumper bumped into the side of the garage trying to pull it out of an overfilled garage which caused a little boo boo to the passenger front corner. You can have that spot repaired for around $150 which i'm happy to setup for the buyer if you want, one of the lights/lens are cracked. All of the lights work, here is zero rust, ll the panels are aligned perfectly, nd most importantly ALL OF THE PAINT IS ORIGINAL (which is why I was happy to see the faded clear). It has never had body work as far as I can tell. The wheels are in great shape with no bad curb rash, he power antenna needs the cable replaced if you want it to go up and down all day, 'd prefer it stay down. Door locks, ipers, nd anything else you can think of work like they should, ll the handles/latches/gas door etc... All of the undercarriage looks great, o rust, ll the plastic panels are where they should be.

Mechanical: Mechanically this car shines like it does in all the other categories. The engine is strong, y strong I mean it has no lifter noise, o knocks, o smoke other than fuel from cold idle or turbo boost full load, o leaks, t doesn't use coolant or oil, t never goes above half on the temp gauge, nd it has excellent oil pressure. It has a long paper trail of maintenance records and has had the timing belt/water pump done on schedule. It is without a doubt the fastest all stock 6G72 twin turbo I've ever driven, nd I'm not making that up. If you haven't gathered by my auction description so far I am in no mood for games, his thing is legit. It has low miles for its age, nd the active exhaust still works (the only one I've ever owned that did). It is noticeably louder in dual exhaust mode. It has no modifications and it pulls STRONG, ll of the claimed 320hp is present and accounted for. The clutch works good, rakes are all new with cross-drilled rotors (large for their day) front and back. The suspension is tight, -wheel steering works fine, o vibrations, ires are fairly new with great tread all matching. The battery is also fairly new, t might need an alignment but it doesn't pull badly or anything, ts just something I do to all the cars I buy. No warning lights on the dash, o reliability issues, he trans shifts good into all 6 gears the only mechanical issue the car has is that it doesn't like downshifting from 4-3 without rev matching. If you are half a decent driver this is no issue for you, ll other gears are butter and firm, pshifts fine, rives smooth like it should. Power is always on tap with both turbos available whenever. 4 cams, turbos, intercoolers, pistons, gears, axles, ne big party.

Thanks for reading, his is a no reserve auction so whatever it goes for it goes for, want to sell it someone that will keep it stock if not mostly stock and restore the very few flaws it has back to new. Keep the 90's alive in this car. Queue swing life away. Feel free to contact with any questions.

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