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1973 Datsun Z-Series

Technical specifications of Datsun Z-Series 1973

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Lannon, Wisconsin, United States
Make: Datsun
Model: Z-Series
Type: Coupe
Trim: 2 Door Coupe
Year: 1973
Mileage: 66,500
VIN: HLS30-156975
Color: Yellow
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Rear Wheel Drive
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

This premium example basically one owner Datsun 240Z is available for your consideration. Enjoy the thorough information below. Such comprehensive information/photos/video footage is provided for prospective buyers to be confident that this 240Z is for them. Purchase this vehicle with the utmost confidence. I have sold other vehicles via Ebay and have 100% positive feedback. My son and I are true Datsun/Nissan enthusiasts that have owned, orked on, estored, nd enjoyed numerous 240Z/260Z/280Z's as well as 280ZX's, 00ZX's and so on. Note the photo of my son's garage as he currently owns a 260Z vintage race car, 6k mile 280Z, nd a 350Z. We know these cars well and of course greatly enjoy them!


This is a premium 240Z example and is NON-RESTORED! This Z was with its original owner up until 2015 and has traveled only 66,000 miles! This Z was purchased new at Russ Darrow at 802 E. Washington Ave, adison, I 53701. These classic Z's are finally getting the collector status they deserve and examples as clean as this are the ones to buy. The Datsun or classic car enthusiast looking for an absolutely beautiful 240Z in ORIGINAL SPECIFICATION will find this example should meet their expectations. This Z has received one excellent quality repaint in its original factory color of what Datsun names "Yellow" (color code 112) which is more of a lime yellow. This is arguably one of the more exciting colors for the 240Z and it contrasts nicely against the original, on-restored "Z" hubcaps. This 240Z of course retains its original numbers matching 2.4L engine (#167936), riginal four speed manual transmission, nd original R180 differential. One of the benefits of being a mid-west vehicle, he interior is in excellent condition with a NO-CRACK-DASH. The body on this Z is solid. The crucial areas (battery tray, rame rails behind the front wheels, ockers, atch jamb, tc.) are beautifully solid. Four new tires were put on in the last couple weeks along with other significant maintenance recently being professionally performed.

This Z is ready to go and be enjoyed by its next caretaker. This is a get in and drive honest vehicle. Please view the 260 photos, minute video, nd detailed description to see how special this 240Z is.


A 7 minute long high definition video is provided to better show the condition of this Datsun 240Z. The video footage was taken in October of 2015. To view the video please click play below or copy and paste the link.

There are a few different sections to the video:

1.) Exterior shots: Notice the quality of reflections in the finish and overall how great the Z looks.

2.) Interior shot: Notice how easily the doors are opened and closed and how great the condition of the interior is.

3.) Driving shots: Notice the Z has excellent oil pressure, he gauges work, nd it shifts great. The Z drives excellently.


260+ high resolution images of this 1973 Datsun 240Z are hosted via PhotoBucket. The photos were taken in October of 2015. All of the pictures can be seen by either clicking the slide show below, licking any of the sample images below, r copying and pasting the web address:

Images include exterior condition, lose ups, nterior, ngine bay, nderbody, nd etc. Please look through all of the images. To view an even higher resolution version of an image on Photo Bucket, lick "Download" under "Media Options" on the right hand side of the screen.


As stated, his 240Z is a premium example. The exterior cosmetics are impressive. It is in the condition as should be expected of a lower mileage well taken care of 66,000 mile 240Z.

The Datsun 112 "Yellow" finish is a striking color. It fits the Z's sporty nature well and causes the car to command attention. This color was not available on later model Z cars, nly the 240Z. The 112 "Yellow" is original to this car and this Z has received one exterior repaint. The refinishing was professionally done and is a very high quality job. The exterior was stripped to bare steel prior to refinishing which was confirmed by the shop that did the work and also with putting a paint depth tool (milgauge) over the body. The exterior panels were all refinished at the same time. The color, int, moothness, nd quality of reflections match on all of the panels. It is a base-clearcoat finish. It has been color sanded/wet sanded throughout resulting in an extremely smooth and reflective surface, bsent of texture. The underside of the front valance, ear valence, nd the rockers all match in smoothness and quality of finish whereas those areas tend to be areas where many refinishers cut corners and leave not as nice. The finish itself has only a couple hundred miles on it so absent are significant chips on the front end or behind the wheels and other wear from use. Please note I am not advertising this finish as being 100% Concours perfect but please do know this finish is excellent and is likely better than how these cars looked leaving the Datsun dealership. Even the Datsun/classic car enthusiast with the most detailed of eyes should find this finish to meet their expectations. It truly is nice and glossy and smooth. Note the detail of the reflection in the photo of the Z car book near the fender, ote the quality of reflections in the video walk-around and also when the car is driving. The finish is of the quality and is proper for this 240Z to be considered a premium example and is proper for the price this 240Z will command.

The body on this 240Z is impressive. It has not been involved in any accidents or fender benders. The doors open and close just about as easy as I have ever experienced on a Z (see the opening and closing of the doors in the video). The body is beautifully straight. You can kneel down, ook down the side of the car, nd it is straight and smooth. The body gaps throughout are great and where they should be. Absent are notable dings or dents (other than the front valance has a slight bend to it on the passenger side of it). This Z has been very well taken care of. The body is impressively solid. From the dealer when new it received rust proofing/undercoating (Ziebart). The battery tray area is beautifully solid! The frame rails behind the front tires are excellent. The wheel well lips are steel. The rockers are excellent! The driver side floor pan had a couple of the very typical areas that were rusting like by the body plugs that collect grit and moisture. Those areas have been cut out with patches professionally welded in, rinded smooth, poxied over, ainted, ndercoated to match the texture underneath, nd the topside to match received similar sound deadening material as original. The progression of these repairs is shown in the photo album. The work was performed with keeping the goal of being as least intrusive and as close to factory looking as possible. The rest of the floor and underbody is awesome and is pictured. The majority of it has the undercoating protecting it. The suspension arms and other components have their original finish that of course shows some typical aging. The frame rails in the engine bay are beautifully straight. They are absent of battery acid or brake fluid causing the paint to lift off. They are still protected by the dealer applied undercoating. The door jambs and underside of the doors are excellent. The hatch jamb is excellent. Again, his Z has a super solid body and is to be as expected for a well taken care of 66,000 mile car.

The engine bay is largely untouched with its original finishes, arts, nd performed when-new undercoating still intact. The paint on the underside of the hood, ender wells, irewall, nd etc. is the factory applied paint. The body stamping VIN of "HLS30-156975" of course matches the VIN on the dash and passenger fender VIN plate. The Ziebart applied rustproofing did an excellent job keeping the metal un-oxidized. It is great to have it there for protection but if someone really wanted, he black undercoating can be removed by wiping it with a solvent. The rest of the engine bay looks appropriate and untampered with. It is refreshing to see all the stock clamps, wist clamps, ecals, nd other Datsun/Nissan parts present. A car is only original once!

The rest of the exterior collectively is impressive. All of the glass, ncluding the windshield, s the original Nissan glass and is absent of significant markings. All the emblems are present, re original, nd present well. The lenses throughout are absent of cracks, ogging, r other issues and look great. The trim around the windows, oors, nd throughout is great. The front and rear bumpers, op and bottom sides of them, re impressive for original condition showing only minor wear for the age and mileage. The rubber strips on them overall are great and definitely presentable. No ugly after-market mirrors installed on this Z! The stock, ingle, river side mirror is in nice condition. The weather stripping and other exterior rubber is great, ark black, verall is supple, nd it is not dry checking like would be found on vehicles stored outside or from down south. The hubcaps are the original "Z" hubcaps in their factory condition (not repainted or restored) and overall are very presentable. The rear tail light panel is the proper gray color and looks excellent.

This 240Z looks as good as it does in the photos. It is a stunning vehicle in excellent condition.


The interior is a good place to be on this 240Z. It is non-restored, ell preserved, nd also in impressive condition. It is smoker-free so absent are cigarette burns, ar, nd the associated bad smell. Because this Z has spent its existence in Wisconsin, tored indoors, nd has been well taken care of, he plastics are in great condition. The dash is absolutely beautiful. No, here is not one of those dash caps on here. What you see is the actual dash and it is 100% crack free. The dash is excellent. It does not show warping, eeling apart, r any significant marks. The steel vent panel behind the dash still looks great with its original black paint and non-oxidized. The glove box lid also is great and not badly warped like I have seen on others. The gauge faces are great and absent of significant wear. The center console also is excellent and is absent of dry checking. The shift boot is great and without rips. The factory shift knob is present and in nice condition. The steering wheel is in impressive condition. The red "wood" is beautiful and has a nice smooth feel to it. It is of course un-restored and in the factory condition. The horn pad and black painted areas of the wheel are great as well. The door panels are original and in very nice condition. There are no speaker holes cut. The "chrome" strip is present with a few nicks. The panels overall are tight and not loose. The rest of the "diamond" vinyl throughout is great and not droopy. The plastics in the rear hatch compartment overall are very nice with a few marks here and there from normal use. The headliner is original and is starting to pull away a little. It is by no means bad and not drooping significantly. The seats covers are of course original and absolutely impressive. The surfaces are absent of significant marks and absent of noticeable bolster wear. The seat cushions are still firm and are comfortable. The seat belts are the original ones and still have their plastic hanging clips unbroken! The carpet is the original factory installed loop pile style carpet and in very nice condition. The vent and heater control panels, witches, nd "chrome" all look great and without cracks. The original radio is present and looks great!

This 240Z's interior is extremely presentable as it is and is in impressive condition considering these are the original factory installed materials when new in 1973!


Finding an un-modified 240Z is not getting any easier as time goes on. This 240Z is completely un-modified and is in its original specification. The engine and transmission are original to the car and have never been removed. This 240Z is well sorted mechanically and drives like it should for a lower mileage well taken care of 240Z. Recent maintenance has been performed on this Z. Datsun enthusiasts know that these cars are incredibly reliable and well-engineered compared to other sports cars of the same era. This is a get in, rive, nd enjoy vehicle that is not in need of significant maintenance.

The engine is the original and unmodified 2.4L SOHC inline 6 cylinder. The block shows the proper "L24" stamping and the number of "167936" matches on the block and the VIN tag on the passenger fender in the engine bay. Those numbers are shown in the photos. The head is the proper E88 aluminum head which has never been off the car. It still retains its original camshaft. The intake is the original factory installed intake. Many people change out the carburetors but this 240Z still retains its proper "flat top" SU carbs, reshly rebuilt and floats adjusted in 2015. The engine on this 240Z is in excellent condition. It starts easily when cold. The choke works. It also starts even easier when warm. Sometimes the "flat top" SU carbs get a bad rap but these have exhibited absolutely no drivability issues and are performing excellently. The fuel tank has been restored, new fuel filters installed, any new hoses, nd other fuel system maintenance performed in 2015. The engine does not puff smoke out the back upon start up or acceleration. It sets into a nice and smooth idle right away and maintains its own RPM. When driving the engine performs exactly as it should. It has proper power through the RPM range without stuttering, puttering or backfiring. It maintains a proper temperature with no cooling issues exhibited (temp gauge shown in video). Absent are any kind of significant leaks or oil consumption. It has excellent oil pressure (shown in the video). It is so difficult to find 240Z's that have not been messed with. This engine still has so many of the original Nissan braided hoses and in great condition. The airbox is unmodified and has its original finish. The exhaust is stock, uite quiet, nd in very nice condition.

The rest of the drivetrain on this Z is great. The transmission is the proper factory installed four speed. It shifts excellently without grinding at all, r any stickiness in any gear. The gear lube in it was changed in 2015. The shifter lever performs well. The clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder were replaced in 2015. The clutch is great and without issues. There are no whining or other odd noises from the driveshaft, ifferential, r other drivetrain parts. The car drives down the road as it should and performs well.

The brakes also received some maintenance in 2015. The brake master cylinder was replaced as were the wheel cylinders. The brake system functions appropriately. The suspension overall feels good. I have driven other Z cars that have felt extremely worn out and tired. This suspension feels good and does not exhibit any signs of need for instant required maintenance. The dampening feels appropriate, s comfortable, ut not Buick like floaty. The ride height looks right. The car drives over bumps and cracks without shimmying left and right. The steering feels great and direct. Brand new tires were installed on 10/2/2015 and still have their nubbies on them.

The electrical system is great on this car and is absent of gremlins. A new battery was installed in 2015 (an original battery mount kit is still needing to be acquired and installed). The headlights work well. The turn signals and brake lights are functioning. The wipers work. The speedometer and odometer function appropriately. The tachometer works great. The rest of the gauges (not sure about the clock) function appropriately. Present is the original Datsun ignition key. The lock cylinders work. The windows go up and down very easily with recently cleaned and greased tracks. The hood release and hatch release work well and easily. The engine bay inspection light still works. The heater blows warm air and fan works.

The 240Z is good to go the way it is. Just get in, rive, nd enjoy the ride.


The Datsun 240Z was a huge hit when it was first released for a reason. It is a beautifully styled, ell-engineered, nd great performing machine! In the context of the early 1970's, ot many sports cars could match what the 240Z offered, specially for its price point. The 2.4L engine is rated for 151 horsepower when for comparison a Triumph TR6 2.5 6 cylinder has 100. The suspension has coil springs and tube shocks at each end with an independent rear suspension while many of the competition of the era still had solid rear axles. While the 240Z is of course not a rocket by today's standards it still offers a sporting driving experience, specially compared to some of its competition from the era, nd is a car that communicates feedback clearly to its driver. Because these are such great vehicles there is an insanely strong community of support for them. Motorsport Auto, lack Dragon, nd other suppliers have just about any new part you could need. Other suppliers out there have refurbished or excellent used parts. There are also numerous forums (ex:, and regional clubs for support. Parts are about as inexpensive as it gets for classic vehicles.

This is a premium survivor 240Z that will only be going up in value. It is so difficult to find 240Zs in as original condition and specification as this example. This 1973 240Z has traveled only 66,000 miles and has been extremely well taken care of. The cosmetics of the exterior and interior are impressive and good to go as is. The mechanical aspects on this 240Z are extremely well sorted as well with recent maintenance having been performed and this Z being ready to be driven and enjoyed as it is. These 240Zs are finally increasing in value and getting the appreciation they deserve by the collector community. This is a great time to acquire a classic Z and this one of the best non-restored examples on the market available for you.

This 240Z has a clear Wisconsin title ready to be signed over for its next caretaker. I am a true classic car and Datsun enthusiast that lives by the code of "doing what's right". I have owned other premium exotics like Porsche 930 & 911's, otus Esprits, errari 308's, nd have an appreciation for detail and quality. This 240Z truly is an impressive condition vehicle. Serious buyers are welcome to contact me with questions or to arrange to see this 240Z in person. Preferred calls are between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm central time.


This vehicle is located in Lannon, I 53046. The nearest large airport is Mitchell International in Milwaukee, I (MKE) which is about 35 minutes away.

This is a serious and actual auction so please treat it as such. The car will be sold through Ebay, nd only Ebay, ith proper procedures and reduced risk for both buyer and seller. Putting in an offer is committing to a contract to purchase this vehicle and the following terms. We have attempted to describe this vehicle very fairly but it is the buyer's responsibility to determine their opinion of the vehicle's condition prior to submitting a bid. It is recommended possible buyers inspect the vehicle in person prior to putting in an offer but extensive details and pictures have been provided as we understand in person inspection is not always possible. If a professional pre-purchase inspection is wanted, t must be completed prior to committing to buying through putting in or accepting an offer. The auction winner must deposit a non-refundable $2000 down payment within 48 hours of auction close via Paypal. Remaining funds must be received no later than two weeks from auction end. Negative feedback will be given to non-paying buyers and a case via Ebay will be opened. Vehicle must be picked up from Lannon, I no later than two weeks from auction end. $15 per day fee for extended storage. Vehicle will not leave nor title mailed until all funds have been received/verified. Wire transfer is the preferred method of payment for the remaining funds. Bank check or cashier's check also accepted. Once auction is over, he vehicle will be kept in appropriate generalcare by the owner. Buyer is responsible for insurance once auction has ended. No warranty is expressed or implied. Vehicle is sold as is. Transportation of the vehicle is the buyer's responsibility. If special circumstances are needed for anything, ncluding time, lease contact me. Thank you for reading through this whole vehicle description and honoring the procedures that make this a great buying and selling experience!

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