1975 chevy nova 2 door v8 3 or 4 speed car ran when parked front hit in 1983

1975 Chevrolet Nova 2 door

Technical specifications of Chevrolet Nova 1975

Price: US $1,300.00
Item location: Gainesville, Georgia, United States
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Nova
Type: Coupe
Trim: 2 door
Year: 1975
Mileage: 68351
VIN: st751xx27w220363
Color: Gray
Engine size: v8
Number of cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

*****READ THIS ITEM DESCRIPTION IN DETAIL 3 TIMES. Your bid/buy is an acknowledgment that you have read and understood all information written.
SEE PRECISE ITEM LOCATION IN DESCRIPTION BELOW.TITLE LOST.Car has been sitting since 1983.Parked in this exact spot in 1983 when my cousin rear ended someone in a wreck.I cant remember exactly if it was towed to this spot in the woods or if it was driven. I kinda think it was driven. I was 7-8 years old when this happened. My father passed away recently so I can't ask him. My cousin is old and has dementia. Can't ask him. My dad bought the car from cousin. My dad always collected old cars and hid them way up a mountain in the woods. My cousin has flashbacks of the car sometimes and so I would not want him to know I sold this.The reason I am selling is that I need to make room on property for building a new house and shop as a 4 lane highway is coming through the middle of my current house and shop.
Also, the car is to the point of needing to be stored or fixed. Eventually it will rust away. I am more of a Ford Galaxie fan...not a chevy fan. I like old Chevy's but not as much as old Ford cars. I have too many other cars and trucks in the woods I would prefer to restore.
Car doors do not open for some reason. I do not know why. I will probably not mess with trying to open them.
Think about this: The price of the engine. The price of the transmission. The price of the rear axle. When you look at in this perspective, my price is very low. They don't make these anymore. Numbers matching. Regardless of this not being the ultimate Nova, you just dont see many 1975 models in the configuration. All it needs is the front clip and a restore job. You can find many less valuable 4 door versions to find a good front clip.If i have issues selling this car as a whole, my next step is to sell it in pieces. I can do that as I am familiar with doing so. I often strip apart heavy equipment and sell piece by piece. I am in the Heavy equipment business.
Please note:-If you bid/buy, you do not have to come get it immediately.-The car is up on a hill about an1/8 mile and there is only a tractor trail to get to it. The trail is steep. I have heavy equipment and tractors so it can be dragged down. I would prefer that when you come YOU HELP ME drag it down hill so you can be responsible for how you want it done....The tires will roll off rims (rotten tired) and you may not care or you may care....So it is best if you come help to make sure it does not get damaged.- If you choose to not help drag car down out of woods, Please do no hold me responsible for scratches or being drug through mud and other potential scenarios. Instances that you may not want to help would be: you live far off and you are sending a shipper to get car. Your bid/buy is indication that you read this and understand the risks of dragging an old car out of the woods. No refund for condition as a result of dragging car out of woods down a trail.-You need to keep in mind that I am in the Mountains of NORTH EAST GEORGIA. The soil is CLAY. It rains her often. ESPECIALLY lately. The ideal time to get the car would be a dry afternoon after the sun has dried the ground most of the day. If in emergency(such as unpredictable/unexpected rain and you or shipper has to get it in a time frame), It would be possible to drag car down in moist condition but expect car to be CAKED with CLAY.-The doors will not open. I don't know if it has been locked or the handles aren't working. I don't want to damage doors and latches so I would rather you do that. I do remember playing in car as a kid so the doors opened back then....I am not sure why this is happening. If I drag car out of woods I will most likely hook a chain to the front end and drag down with my back hoe not needing to get in it and steer it.
Car has a v8. I am no expert on CHEVY NOVAS. I have tried to research the ID TAG as seen on firewall above brake master cylinder.I can understand it is a 2 door NOVA made in WILLOW MICHIGAN. Otherwise, I cannot figure out engine. It looks to be a typical small block Chevy. 2 barrel.It has a manual transmission and I do not know if it is a 3 speed or 4 speed.I do remember my cousin LOVED this car.
Car will have obvious rust areas on lower portions. Cannot clearly identify exact areas of rust. Just assume it has rust in lower areas like ALL Chevy's that have been sitting this long.
The front end hit(wreck) seems to have only affect hood, bumper, grill, radiator support, and front half of fenders. Does not seem to be a kink in main part of car or where fenders meet the doors. My cousin was uninjured. I remember that.... Fender seems to be salvageable for sections to be welded to other fenders.
I cannot guarantee anything about this car. Engine could be seized from sitting etc..... Bid with all risks in mind.
You can wait up till 1 month to get the car. I am easy going so if it continues to rain for another month...I understand.
ABOUT SHIPPING: If you live far away and need shipping, try a free we,bs,ite called dubya dubya dubya u ship d0tc0m. It is free to sign up (using your e,m,a,i,l a,d,d,r,e,s,s,). Post the item to be shipped and let independent (and the big shippers as well) bid on shipping! You stipulate your terms such as; tarp it, covered trailer, not covered, how fast you want it delivered, how much you want to pay or just let them bid what they wanna charge etc... Use the shippers insurance or the website offers you a good deal on shipping insurance or even extra insurance (depends but most shipper have insurance for this). You pay the site once you agree to the bid you approve. The site holds the money in escrow until it is delivered to your approval. Then you release the money to the shipper on the site and then you can even give the shipper a review. I have had amazing success with U ship lately.
Please be aware of all scenarios when bidding and buying. Be an educated buyer that knows about how ebay works, and all possible pros and cons involving old cars that have been sitting. Please study all scenarios involving shipping or picking this car up. I prefer to sell to educated(not meaning college but educated in old cars and ebay) bidders who factor in all possible information. Your bid/buy is a contract and is not to be reversed.
Please understand that this car is being sold AS-IS, NO REFUND, NO GUARANTEE, NO WARRANTY. Once you bid/buy, it is yours.
The reason the pics are in dark weather is that is HAS RAINED NON STOP for a very long period of time. I work all day so I can only walk up in the woods after work and the time I had to do pics was the best time (not raining after work). I did not take pics in dark to hide anything. As you can see, the car is in typical shape for a car sitting in woods for 30 + years.
++++++I made a video of car. Find the video on YEW TOOB. That was a hint for the popular video site. Or I can e,m,a,i,l you a video. JUST CONTACT ME WITH YOUR INF0. OK, UPDATE, Type this in the SEARCH BAR on YEW TOOB SITE: CODETOSEECHEVYNOVA and you will find video.
******IF you are viewing, watching, or bidding on this car. Make sure to contact me with all forms of your info and location. Many people bid/buy and then cancel I would like for us to stay in touch so i can alert you that you still have a chance. Also, I may get frustrated with the ebay process and pull it off and you will want to stay in touch with me. Etc...
LAST, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have turned down people locally who have asked to buy this car. Many nosey people would deer hunt on our land and snoop around trying to see our old car stash. I do not want to sell to someone local. I want this sale to be to someone out of town. I want the sale to BE PRIVATE. I would actually prefer you come at DARK TO GET IT as no one local will see it leave my property. <<<This isn't a definite requirement but preferred. I also do not want my old cousin with dementia to hear stories of the old car in the woods being sold. This may sound strange but there are good reasons. Another reason is that because my father died recently, locals want to buy all of our stuff(WE HAVE LOTS OF OLD STUFF). I am not selling everything....only a few select items. I do not want locals showing up snooping around asking to buy things. I already have issues with people harassing my mother asking to buy out old antique cars. Does this make sense? Thanks.
The actual Z I P C O D E location of car is three oh 5 WON too. Town starts with a B.Location is next door town to: H elen GA, M u rphy NC, H i a wassee, Y oung H arris, Blue R idge, and more. It is on the NC, SC, TC, GA, quad state corner.2 hours from A tlanta, C hattanooga, G reenville, A asheville, K noxville, etc.....I made the listing location off(not too far) to remain private in this sale. Please be aware. You bid is an acknowledgment that you have read this item description and understood actual location.
++++To C0n tact me out side of this s!te, look at my ebay user name and add the at cymbal and the JEE MAYL D0T C0m. Did you understand that?Write me using the ebay "ask seller a question" tab to alert me that you wrote me outside of here. That way, if it goes to junk mayl I will know to look for your message. Ebay makes it hard to find the "ask seller a question" but it is there...just scroll down and look for it.
+++ I prefer to be paid via P-A,Y P-A.l immediately when you hit the BUY button. I can also be paid via C,A. SH a.pp. Or, if for some reason you have issues, I can take W/al M/art M0ney G,R.A.M. Just go you your local store and go to customer service and they charge a small fee to transfer m0ney.Please, ask all questions before bidding/buying. If you think you have to come look, schedule to come before you BID/buy on the site. Once you bid/buy, you will be in contract to pay.

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