1965 Chevrolet C10 Pickup Bagged Air Ride Chevy truck hot rat Rod, NEW Wood Bed

1965 Chevrolet C-10 NO RESERVE

Technical specifications of Chevrolet C-10 1965

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Salem, Oregon, United States
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C-10
Type: Standard Cab Pickup
Trim: SWB
Year: 1965
Mileage: 106,515
VIN: C1545Z133651
Color: Black
Transmission: Turbo 350
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Grey
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description


350/Fuelie Heads- OAK BED - BAGGED


Thanks for checking out my sweet little 1965 Chevrolet C10 Custom Cab. I love the look of this old truck, ice thing about it as time goes on, nd more Patina grows on it, r paint rubs off, t will be even better. This is to me it is a finished project, othing else to do but just drive and show it. I am a Ford guy in general, ut there is something about these little 1960-66 Chevy pickups. This is the first vehicle that I ever drove at the age of 13 out on my grandparents farm, nd have been a fan ever since. I honestly would love to keep this one for a little while longer, ut I have another one I am building this winter. I bought this truck last April, o around 7-8 months, nbsp;did a few things to it, iggest improvement is that we built a totally custom bed, new everything, ad to be custom done from scratch, ecause it is raised about 4" because the truck sits so low, e wanted it to look factory though, nlike some of the other stuff I have seen in the past. This is a real Oak bed, lats and all, tainless bolts, tc. When I bring it around to shows, eople never expect whats under the hood and especially that the bed is finished like it is. Please check out the photos. This is one nice little ride. Mechanically it is very sound. Give me a call if you want to discuss it more. Thanks, ason 503-910-2085

Condition: Itwas used like many trucks, ut not abused, ut has very nice patina. This is not a restored truck when it comes to the body by any means, ook at the paint, t is old, as been spot painted here and there, rimer spots, aint is worn off in areas, oles were the tie downs were on the side, hips, catches, little rust, ut very solid old truck, say it looks perfect just the way it is. The bottom corners of the cab are are solid, ut there are a few small pin holes starting. Look at the photos, ou will see a little rust starting in bottoms of the fenders, little bit on the drivers side inner door corner, ome by the scuff plate on the drivers side. The passenger side floor has a little rust in the corner, hich was covered up by a small piece of metal, ust screwed in, hen you look underneath the floors all look good, nd rockers look great. You can see over on the passenger side, ody support going to rocker it is rusted, verall easy to fix, ut why, ust keep this truck the way it is. The front and rear bumpers are in nice condition, rill is original Aluminum which is hard to find, any of these truck have steel grills, he side moldings are all there, hey have a few dings in it. Overall the body is in very solid, nd in great shape, esides some of the paint flaws. There are some small dings in it, ut nothing really major, ook at the pictures and you will get a very good idea of what it is or is not. Wouldlove tohaveyou come and look at it before you bid if you get the chance or send a friend in the area before you bid, f you like.

Mechanically it is in great shape. I was told the engine was a 1969 Camaro 350 4 bolt main, he Suffix code is either HC or HO, ard to tell if it is a C or O, ither way it could be a 327 or 350, o me doesn't matter I love both engines. If you notice it has Double Back/Fuelie heads - 20, hese as you already know are very desirable. The engine is in very good shape, unning electronic ignition, delbrock Performer, delbrock 625 cfm carb, eaders, tc. The Engine starts right up, nd sounds great, ery beefy sounding with the headers and dual exhaust. The engine isa strong runner for sure, nbsp;but just a nice cruiser, hough she has some get up and go. It does notsmoke or burn oil,exhaust is clean. It is backed by a Turbo 350, the transmission shifts nice, o issues. No transmission noise, ounds nice and tight. The exhaust is in good shape no holes, ounds great, ou may want to figure out how to route it at the rear behind the axle, saw one the other day were they put the pipes under axle, nd looked good, nd would help from some of the noise, ut for now, he exhaust exits out in front and pushes out the side. The brakes work very good, nd do notpull, ruck stops nice and straight, unning disc upfront and drums in the rear. The frame is in great shape, unning air bags, with compressor/tank. It has a manual compressor switch, ith 2 controls for front and rear bags. It does not raise up real fast in the front, akes a little bit, owers quick though, t will sit up fairly high when you want it to, ut I like it sitting low. The higher you have it the smoother the ride, bviously you if you have a truck like this you want it as low it can get when driving, he perfect look comes with that rough ride as well, eel like I was back in high school again, ack in the 80's when cruising this beast. When you have the front lowered all the way down it is on the ground, nd will not move, ou have to raise it up a little to drive. It drives drive very good, ice and smooth down the road. The brakes work good, oes not pull. The tires are very condition, ice tread on them, ou can see they have been ground to expose the larger white walls, t is running 235/60/15 upfront and 275/60/15 in the rear. The wheels are in really nice condition, o rust, hey look really good on this truck, taggered front to rear. Overall mechanically the truck seems to be in good shape, bviously will need a little tinkering here and there, ts an old hot rod, ut mechanically it is good. This truck originally had AC, o if you wanted to run an AC pump and condenser the rest is all there, f you wanted to add it to it.

Interior is in great shape.The seat is in beautiful condition, o rips or tears, ust redone recently. Overall the interior is pretty clean, his is something that I for sure would take my wife out on a date in, t is notdirty inside, ery clean, or a truck that has been driven and enjoyed. Steering wheel is in great shape, o cracks. The dash area is clean, ove the pinstripes across the top of the dash and glove box. It is a non smoker truck. Has red under dash lights, o when you are driving the interior has a red glow at your feet. The dash lights all work, auges work, ut the temp gauge something is wrong, ill not read correctly, ngine runs cool, ut gauge says different, ut a new temp sender in it, ut gauge is way off. Heater fan works good, efrost all works. Horn is not working in it. Key works in the door locks. Radio is a AM/FM/CD, ith door speakers. The original floor mat is in great condition, nside is very nice looking. All the exterior lights on thetruck are working, urn signals, ic. Plate lights, tc. All the glass is in good shape, o cracks, indows roll up and down nicely Overall a great looking interior.

This truck was not built to be a show truck, t was built to drive to shows, his kind of truck gathers more attention out in the parking lot then your restored classics. If you want to take it to shows, ou'll have a great time, 've enjoyed it this last summer. I have been selling classic cars here on eBay since 2003, 2 years now, ith around 600 classic cars sold over the internet. What I love about these old cars, s that I get to own some of my favorite cars one at a time, have turned this passion into a business, ut for me it is an awesome time to enjoy the cars themselves. It has been such a joy to do business with people all over the world. I have sold multiple cars to many buyers all over from Europe, ubai, ustralia, apan, razil, just to name a few. It has always been a pleasure, etting to know other car enthusiast all over the Continent, specially some that have become very good friends of mine because of our love for cars. I look forward to doing business here on ebay for many years to come, nd look forward to meeting some other like minded classic car nuts like myself. If you would like to call me and talk about the car, hat would be great, ould love to help you out, f you want to call and talk about cars, t would be my pleasure, am on the hunt for any Interesting classics, dd ball and unique vehicles. Please, ome out and personally take a look at it in person, r send a friend or inspector, r transporter, lways better if possible to see it with your own eyes, am close to major airport, nd easy to get to. These are classic vehicles, ith lots of history, lmost years old, o they are used, ot perfect, hey don't have warranties, r guarantees, hey are as is, here is, othing else is promised, can't possibly explain every little thing about a vehicle in writing, elieve me I've tried, ol, eeing in person is always best, try to give an good description, nd normally over 75 photos at least, o you can get a good gauge of what it is, nd isn't. Look forward to hearing from you, lease give me a call, 03-910-2085 - Jason


Sorry for the story book, ut trying my best to give you a good description, t the end of the day, his is a little Sweet Heart, ard to find in this condition, hope you give this3 Window a good home!!! If you are interested in a buy it now, et me know. Thanks, ason 503-910-2085

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A "BUY IT NOW" GIVE ME A CALL!! 503-910-2085 Thanks, ason

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A U C T I O N E N D S October 26th-Monday Night EAST COAST: 10:00 pm WEST COAST: 7:00 pm 7Day Auction, am looking for a Buyer!!! SCROLL DOWN - OVER 100 PHOTOSTerms are pretty Simple, f you can pay for it, ithin the time I allow, nd can follow the guidelines, hen please bid, f you can't then don't. It takes 2 to put on a good auction, ou the Buyer and Me the Seller. I have perfect feedback, ave sold over500 well loved Classic Cars on Ebay, nd have pretty much had great experiences with everyone. International Bidders, lease bid, ave sent many cars to Europe, ustralia, sia, nd all has been great. Please read the auction 2-3 times, nd look at all the pictures and study them. If you have more questions please call me or email, would be glad to help.

**USA shipping, have a great guy that helps us with shipping he can give you a quote anywhere in the USA, e is reliable and hauls all my cars and most of my customers.Nations Auto Transport, reat guy his name is Mike, hone 503-717-5100 or Cell 503-718-7838. If you can't get a hold of him for any reason let me know, pretty much know how much it cost to ship all over theUS.

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Terms of Sale: When auction ends, ou need to contact me ASAP within 24hrs of auction end, 1000 deposit within 24hrs prefer paypal. Balance due within 7 days of auction end.If you have questions about payment, ive me a call before you bid, f you need special arrangements, s long as I know ahead of time, o problem. I am easy to get along with. When you pay in full, willfax you a bill of sale, nd buyers guide, nd have you sign itfax it back,and I will send you the Oregon Title, nd Original Paperwork Ihave by FedEx to you and the bill of sale. If you come in person, bviously I would do all the paperwork with you, nd hand over title in hand when you pay. Most people I deal with have there car shipped, o just explaining all the details. Pretty Simple, ou pay, nd you get the title and thevehicle. Vehicle is sold as is, o warranty is expressed or implied.

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This plate does not come with it, his is a 1965 Oregon dealer plate out of my collection, f you took a swing around the block at your local Chevy dealer, hey would have put one of these one, ust like to show it with period plates.

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WEST COAST: 7:00 pm

7Day Auction looking for a Buyer!!!

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