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1951 Chevrolet Other Pickups

Technical specifications of Chevrolet Other Pickups 1951

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Other Pickups
Type: reg cab
Trim: 3100
Year: 1951
Mileage: 10,000
VIN: 5JHP####
Color: Patina
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black and white
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

Up for sale is my 1951 shop truck. I started building this truck 5 years ago, ts been on the road for the past 4 years. Never ever had plans of selling it. I don't need to sell it however if the price is right, will. Its a complete frame off build. Its not a thrown together jalopy build or ratrod. I spent a good solid year of weekends and a lot of money to finish this truck. Truck is registered as a daily driver and I'v maybe put 10,000 miles on it. If you are looking at this truck, nd know the market and or what these have been selling for on ebay, lease don't bid if you are not serious and or will to pay for it. This truck has extreme sentimental value and I'd like it to go to a good home. I'll have a breakdown below on all that has been to the truck and also the minor things it could use.

BODY- pretty solid truck from the south, as been up north for maybe 14yrs. Patina is how I got it. I'v replaced some floor and built custom trans tunnel. I'v patched a few things here and there, oated everything with chassis saver. There is no rot on this truck, nlike a lot of the ones I see on here. Only rust through is a little bit of a cab corner, ou can't even see unless you're looking for it. doors are solid, hut ok with weather strip. even better without. I built a custom door lock for drivers side. GLASS is all brand new and great condition, inus vent windows, hey are cracked and I have stickers over them.

ENGINE/Exhuast- this isn't a junkyard find or used greasy engine outta some beater. I freshened up this 355 with new rings, od bearings, new isky cam 220/220 duration .465" lift, lat tappet, new edelbrock intake, arb, eads are off a 305 (not my choice at time) they create higher compression, hich this truck definitely has (so needs HO gas). has great low end torque. new oil pump, eals, iming cover, hain, ist goes on. Starts up 60 psi, ruise at 40ish, ot day at idle around 20 psi, hen back up to 40ish on cruise. starts up good, dles good, ever have a problem with it on a cold day. hot days, very once in a while it will get hot start, y honest and only neg thing to say. I believe to get anywhere from 15-19mpg. New Hei dist, sd wires, new high flow aluminum water pump, new alternator, new Champion aluminum radiator, lectric fan, eaders, " exhaust and flowmaster 50's. I used to have them dumped under bed, ow inspection wants them out of body, o I ran them up over axle and out back of bed.

SUSPENSION- Like a lot of these trucks, es I am using a late model GM frame. I don't need to get into a whole debate on any traditional enthusiasts out there. This isn't just plopped onto a crusty frame and drivetrain, r hacked together. Infact is a lot more work and not far cheaper to build them this way. It is static dropped, ot bagged (just about done with a bagged 49' more on that later). has 2" drop spindles, " blocks. Frame was stripped and coated with chassis saver. Which I will admit and to my fault I used their thinner "silver" stuff, t is showing wear. but has been driven in some serious snow and salt several times and my garage sweats, o with 4 years of that I can't blame it. I will be coating it over with some black high build from chassis saver. Has all new ball joints and tierods by moog, new shocks, new rotors, alipers, ads, ll new rear drum set up. Using 4x4 s10 rear end 3.42 gears. 2 piece driveshaft ( I will admit it vibrates at around 67 mph) above and below aren't bad. I want this changed out. But other than that drives pretty good on highway. Has power steering obviously. One other side note on frame. the late model gm cars and trucks had great geometry and ease of interchanging. Not to mention, hese frames are MUCH stronger than the stock frames. It has 4 practically new bias white walls and 14" rims. it does have aluminum wheel spacers up front and in back. I had it professionally aligned in summer of 2013, ot many miles on it since. I did wear out my front tires. Put new ones on. I would like to solve that one pesky problem. I think the camber could be changed. the shop is a highly reputable shop that does a lot of hotrods and straight axles, o I'v yet to speak with them on their thoughts. I have alignment printout. Had all new brake lines and fuel lines.

INTERIOR- I tried keeping the interior pretty stock looking, ust my taste. Has delete plate, riginal gauges (they light up, on't function) I have oil, emp, olt gauge down below on a console. I have a tach up on steering column, ice and subtle, ll interior lights work, ome light is brand new but quit working, ot sure if its the bulb, ever checked it, orn is on a toggle switch, t has working electric wipers (I'v needed many times, ery convenient, as new heater which wasn't cheap. works ok and is a must IMO. Has new EZ 21 circuit wiring harness, o no thrown together reused harness here. Cig lighter works, for the speedo I use a little tomtom on windshield. The 5 speed trans has an electric sender which doesn't work with a mechanical gauge. I can explain two options for that if it something you really have to have. Has a bench seat outta late GM truck, overed with serape blanket, ts nice cause it moves forward and back, nd folds up, hich is great since I keep the battery back there, oolbox, peaker etc. I never run the radio even on long drives, ust not my gig in a hotrod. It has new stock style speakers under dash, as new glove box butoriginal speaker cover and glove box cover. few dings. Steering wheel is stock, ut shortened a bit so its not right in your face. Door panels and headliner are just cardboard ones. I'd be willing to work with buyer on making custom panels and seat cover if you don't like the blanket. I can email pictures of my 49' builds interior so you can see how professional I can make the interiors. Which I did have planned to do on this truck, ust no time and this interior is ok for what I do, ust drive it. It has an edelbrock A/F guage installed, ice for tuning the carb.

SUMMARY- I'm sure there are lots I forgot. All lights and such work, ust got inspected. Turnsignals are Keystones I custom made, hey are a PA symbol. If you don't like them, 'd be happy to keep them and swap out some stock ones. Bed is bedwood from my barn which fell down. I'd prefer not to sell it with that wood and would gladly put some stained wood in there to replace that. The bed wood slides right out of the bed, hich makes for easy access to undercarriage. Has brand new Tanks ink fuel tank, ender (long story on how I still can't get fuel gauge to read, ould and should be easy fix). Has nice original cal custom finned valve covers, new finned air cleaner. Most everything was new on this truck 4 or so years ago, uring the build. few things here and there are newer if I replaced something etc. Some pics are a little older but not too much has changed on truck, t does have door logos on it that I added, rolly a year after truck was finished. Truck has a hitch, hich is nice to have. I tried to be as honest as possible and explain in someone detail, nlike most trucks selling on here with 1 paragraph. This truck isn't perfect but it is surely nicer than a lot on here, ven with 4 plus years on the road. I wouldn't be afraid to drive it to florida or texas.

CONTACT/PAYMENT you can email me at info@directioneast.com for more info or pics and videos. I have some on youtube. I also can show you pics of my current build, hich is a much better build and newer and will be more money. I'd be happy to email similar examples of trucks that have sold in the past 2 years on ebay. I follow the market very well and have many examples to prove that. I have tons of these AD trucks, ore lined up to build. So if you see anything you want changed or want built, hat is a possibility. SHIPPING is responsibility of buyer, could help load the truck and its possible to pick up at two locations, hich ever is closer. I travel from Pittsburgh to Titusville every week, 00 miles apart. I'd like deposit of 1,000 with 3 days of purchase. Full payment made within 10 days. Will not ship anywhere but lower 48 states. I'm currently driving the truck almost daily, o in the event I wreck it, e could end the auction. Truck is insured with grundy.

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little video, ainly of the 51'. Also I'm thinking most if not all vibration at 67mph is from rear fender wobbling as I don't have a brace on the bottom of it. Quite possibly, ot the DS as I assumed. There are a few cosmetic changes I'll do if it sells. I just took the truck to Pittsburgh and back 200+ miles.

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