1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Crown Superior Hearse

1971 Cadillac Fleetwood

Technical specifications of Cadillac Fleetwood 1971

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States
Make: Cadillac
Model: Fleetwood
Type: Hearse
Year: 1971
Mileage: 58600
VIN: 698901q219690
Color: Silver
Engine size: 472
Number of cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Options: Leather Seats
Vehicle Title: Clean
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Car description

1971 Cadillac Crown Superior Hearse

THIS IS A LENGTHY DESCRIPTON. I want anyone interested in this vehicle tofully understand why I own it, how it was used and all the details I know about it.

This hearse will turn heads!

It isn't like some 1980's or newer hearse where someone just says "oh, a hearse." They will stare as you drive by and want pictures with it.

The interior is AMAZING. Black leather is nice. Even the console is excellent. Interior looks like it could be used for a funeral, it's that clean. See photos, I added interior rear as requested. It's just as nice as the front. Even headliner is amazing. Rollers are all there and near perfect (I use them to load my casket). Locking mech is there.

You can repaint a vehicle, but to get the original interior in near mint condition is almost impossible.

My coffin, corpse figure and strobes do not come with the vehicle.

It's an awesome promotional vehicle. Just be aware, this vehicle is an antique and that's the charm. It is completely stock. I have done no modifications to it. It has a 472 V8 in it.

How I ended up getting this vehicle.

I was a partner in a commercial haunted house. I was also receiving contacts from people wanting to rent a hearse for their Halloween and other events. When I say rent, I don't mean chauffeur (although I have received and declined these jobs), I mean just from people wanting to use the hearse parked as a prop. For these events, I figured I could make $250-$300 a night when not promoting the haunt. And I do.

I decided to find a hearse to promote the haunted attraction as well as rent out for these events. When I found this 1971 Crown Superior Cadillac, I had to have it transported and then fix some issues because it didn't run when I bought it.What was fixed on this car is the following:

  • All belts replaced.

  • Alternator replaced.

  • Starter replaced.

  • Carburetor rebuilt.

  • Upper and lower radiator hoses replaced.

  • Thermostat replaced.

  • Fully flushed out the coolant (3 times) and replaced.

  • Spark Plugs replaced.

  • Gas filter replaced.

  • Oil changed.

  • Automatic transmission fluid replaced.

  • Wipers replaced.

  • Flat Tires replaced.

  • Various lights replaced including headlights.

  • Due to the amount of work I had to put into the vehicle, it wasn't ready that season. Next season OUR HAUNT CLOSED. I could still rent the vehicle for events. that is The Only Time it has ever been driven. I never used it as a personal vehicle.

    This vehicle has been driven very little by me over the years I have owned it. I have only driven it when I was paid to drop it off somewhere, get paid and then drive it back home. That's not a ton of driving because I would only rent the vehicle within 20 miles of home. This vehicle has probably been driven by me 24 times in the last five years. Very little mileage.

    I can not justify keeping this vehicle because I just don't drive it enough to continue to maintain it like it really should be maintained. It takes up most of my driveway. I continue to rent it, but It needs someone who will use it a lot more than I do to promote their event or just fix it up for shows.

    I'm going to include the car cover on the vehicle (Not Cheap).


    With Buy IT NOW I'm going to include:

    4 brand new tires for it (Expensive) I mean Brand New unmounted tires in the back (see photo). I was going to put them on, but didn't bother last year. If I don't sell it and rent it again this year instead, I'll put them on myself. + with buy it now I'mgoing to include the complete Cadillac Factory repair and maintenance manual set for the new owner of the vehicle.


    As is, you can use the vehicle pretty much immediately for this season for promotion or other reasons. Going into the future these are all the things that I have noticed about the vehicle that I would work on.

  • Mount the new tires.

  • It really needs the manifold gasket replaced. It louder than it should be.

  • The gas gauge decides when it wants to work, most the time it's fine. Never bothered me because I added gas every time I rented it. Probably has half a tank!

  • The Carburetor needs to be rebuilt or cleaned out again. This is due to the vehicle sitting too much. It starts up fine when warm, Cold needs a little carb gas.

  • Interior blower doesn't work.

  • Flashers work but need to be looked at, bulb or wiring flasher stick.

  • Could use an alignment.

  • Generator light on, Mechanic said it meant nothing, new alternator has been working.

  • Gas line working, but I'd plan on repairing it at the gas filter & carb (old vehicles). An hydraulic line shop can simply replace the ends when you get around to it.

  • Chrome molding (PS) needs a few rivets. Pieces are mounted there.

  • I'd repair the front fenders and repaint it again in the original Cadillac silver paint (this silver paint looks original to me).

  • One other thing. These old Cadillachearses have smog pumps on them. How effective they are is unknown to me but the pump is required to route the belts properly. If you are going to drive this hearse the way I have (very little for promo parking) I'd think about removing this pump and replacing it with a pulley mount instead. The Cadillac hearse club people are familiar with removing the pump to take it off the engine. I didn't bother but it can be an option.

  • Other things about the vehicle:

    All windows (including windshield) good. All door locks and windows seem to be fine. Original Window curtains are excellent and included (I removed for rental purposes due to special effects).

    Rust in fender wells (pretty common) and that is the only bad rust I see. It was there when I purchased the vehicle. I included photos. People keep asking about floor rust, I haven't noticed any problems with the floor at all.

    Original paint has cracking and some popping, pretty normal for 40 year old paint. Some surface rust. However, as I indicated, this looks like original paint to me. No junk paint or vinyl to remove here. What you see is what you get.

    Vehicle was never driven in winter (obviously) and was covered the rest of the time.

    As this is an antique vehicle, I suggest shipping it to your location (especially with the used tires mounted). That's how I moved it. I wouldn't drive any older hearse long distances no matter what the seller tries to say. That's asking for trouble. Even if a window gets damaged, it's a lot of money.

    A video will be uploaded of the vehicle running:https://youtu.be/VKKNemUNGRg

    I will only list this vehicle for sale one time. After that, I will mount up the new tires and rent it again this season. If someone wanted a hearse to use for this season, this really is the last week to purchase one to get a near full season out of it.

    I also have the car for sale locally and reserve the right to end the auction at any time in the event the vehicle is sold and unavailable.

    If you have any questions, feel free to send them. I've been answering a lot of them. Obviously, this vehicle is being sold as-is without warranty but I have taken a lengthy effort to describe it as accurately as possible (much more lengthy than most sellers).

    I'll be adding photos and information as I get around to it.

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