1963 Cadillac Coupe Deville Convertible Driver As Is Movie car GoodFellas style

1963 Cadillac DeVille Convertible Series 62

Technical specifications of Cadillac DeVille 1963

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
Make: Cadillac
Model: DeVille
SubModel: Convertible Series 62
Type: Convertible
Trim: Coupe DeVille
Year: 1963
Mileage: 162,000
VIN: FW16474
Color: Aspen White w/ white top
Power options: Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Fuel: Gas
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: Tuna Boat RWD
Interior color: Red Leather
Options: AM/FM Radio, Convertible
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description

1963 Cadillac DeVille Convertible

probably one of the most desirable cars being restored and fixed upin the last few yrs, nd one of the best yr looking Caddys ever made..this is one car I really hate to sell. But if we do we do.MOVIE CAR: these cars are used alot in movies like GOODFELLASor A BRONX TALE and look great on the big screen. I recently watchedthe movie Jersey Boys, nd each of the 4 Seasons looked like theyeach had their own Caddy convertible same yr as this one.Its always been an car thats shown signs of class and wealthand still is today, f not more so.Dont want to wait till auction ends ??email me I can do a Buy It Nowprice for you if you want, ust have to work out a fairprice.BRIEF DESCRIPTION:17,600 built over 50 yrs ago. here is an un-restored survivor.How many are left on the streets ? less then 1000 maybe ? hard to say.From what Ive gathered online, spen white with Red Leather interioris actually a pretty rare combo. Whether it stays that way in its futureis hard to say. THIS IS NOT A RESTORED car, ut a fun car to hop in anddrive to the store or whatever.

Its an 63 Caddy that was originally sold back East, ut has spent about 70%of its life here in the SW AZ desert. It looks okay in the pics, ut the paintjob was a pretty cheap job done about 15 yrs ago and you can tell inperson. AZ sun has been pretty hard on the Leather interior. It couldbe a daily driver, hen we got it I drove it home at night on about a10 mile trip across town with no issues.

Its fun to cruise around in and attracts all sorts of attention, he interiorhas much sun damage as does the ragtop is in bad shape. The mechanicalpart of the convertible top wants to work, he motor runs, ut the systemis low on fluid and needs help going up and down.IF you put a little money into the interior and new top it would almostbe done for a nice nice driver. These cars are bringing in over $25krestored and this car doesnt need that much work.Also, he RF fender was replaced with another original white fenderabout 10 yrs ago, o if you look close, oull see the paint doesnt match verywell, ut its close. Its a FUN beautiful car as is in my eyes and has alotof potential for whatever your plans would be.

DONT BID UNLESS YOU HAVE THE FUNDS IN HAND, pparently some peoplewho use ebay arent smart enough to understand the rules.So if you have under 10 feedbacks, ll be emailing you if you bid tomake sure you are legit, f we do please reply or we will cancel your bid.Up for Auction: LOW FAIR RESERVE !!!These cars are getting harder to find esp in this conditionthat are still affordable to most buyers.

DRIVETRAIN: this car has its factory 390 big block V8 and the motorruns and drives nice. Transmission feels good too, lthough there is a smalltrans fluid leak. I top it off every few weeks. I believe some motor work wasdone about 10 yrs ago on the car, ut the car hasnt been driven much eitherin the last 20 yrs. It was pulled out of retirement a few months ago and maderoad worthy again. Gas tank cleaned out, ome brake work done too.The carb was replaced with an Edelbrock 4v carb and it runs great as is, utthe car still comes with the original Q-jet loose in the trunk with the factoryair cleaner too. PS feels good and normal too, ut one of the PS lines too hasa small leak.

INTERIOR: take a look at the pics, he interior of this car is pretty wellworn out and probably the first thing you would want to repair. It seemsvery complete and the chrome isnt too bad of shape. I think with help Ican get all 4 PW up and down, ut they will probably need some work theretoo. The power seat motors make noise when you hit the button but theseat doesnt move. Interior courtesy lights not working at the momenteither. Has a Very Rare AM/FM radio too, hich isnt working, o not sureif its just a bad speaker or what. LOTS of chrome inside these cars andeven for this cars condition, ts pretty nice looking .At least if you redo the interior backto RED, hat leaves you the opportunity to paint the outside of the carSILVER, ED, HITE or BLACK . (or yes, emi flat black, hich is prettyPopular these days). So the interiors needs alot of work, ut guess it dependson how you look at it. Floors seem very solid, hen you look at the picsfrom under the car, t did get some rust. So some metal work there will beneeded, ut still far less then most of these cars that are not restored.Seeing as this car has been in AZ for most of its life, t has less rust thenmost 50 yrs old cars, nd less rot.

EXTERIOR:the body and paint on this car in my opinion pretty nice butthe pics do make it look better if you ask me. Im also a little more pickythen some owners. Paint is an old cheap job and you can tell in person.From 20 ft away its okay. RF fender doesnt match, ut its close for now.Front windshield and side glass all in good shape. It needs a new convertibletop vinyl, nd it would be a good time to put a glass window in the backwhen you replace it in the future if the car sells. Bumpers and stainless trimin really nice shape for their age, inimal dents etc, ut the chrome finishis showing its age. Again, ooks good from about 20 ft. Spare tire and wheelis missing in the trunk, ut jack etc looks all intact. Front and rear lights allworking as do the blinkers too, aking it okay to drive at nite the way it is.

SUSPENSION:the suspension feels like a big tuna boat, ut really it stillrides like a Caddy and the tires are in decent shape too. No weird noises comingfrom the car while gliding down the road, ut Im sure its going to need somebushings replaced in the near future because its not restored and of its age.At least for now, ou can still hop in and drive it around town. Fix the PS leakand it will help too. Im going to degrease under the car this week.

Check out ALL the pics below ----->

it may take a full minute for them all to load ifyou have aslow connection, o be patient AND looks for the extra scrollbar on the right side.Az gets maybe 12" a yr of rain and Az very dry climate.more infoAFTER the pics etc. There are 100 large pics.

There you have it, robably The BEST represented Cadillacs on Ebay.Shows you all the good as well as any bad, ope you appreciate them.We put a lot of time and effort in marketing our cars and it shows.People wait months for a car this solid to come up for saleand even if you have to pay shipping to your area, t still beatspaying a body shop to hopefully fix a rusty car for weeks on end.Having as much as the original steel on a restored car these daysspeaks volumes. This is NOT OUR MOST RUST FREE CAR we havesold over the years, ut its still better then most out there for saleor bondo-ed up to look restored.I DONT KNOW WHATS UNDER THIS OLD PAINT JOB, nd it may havehad some repair work done yrs ago, ts just too hard to tell.I can tell you though, f you look down the sides of this car on bothSides, dont see tons of waves running down the body like some carsthere are a few bubbles starting near the rocker areas though.So expect some rust on the car during repaint and some repairs overthe yrs. Its still so clean, f the car doesnt sell, m okay with that toobecause Id love to keep it its that nice.Also, f you buy a car thats been "restored", ho knows what sortof surprises are hidden under new paint or thick undercoating.People are flipping cars all the time when most of the jobs arefast, or a quick buck and quality suffers.

Email us with ANY questions before you bid pleaseOur Impeccable FEEDBACK speaks for itself. We show you asmuch feasibly possible via pics.Dont let auctions withlittle to no pics try to fool you.If they cant take the time to take pics of areas under the car theyare selling, aybe its not the best car to buy long distance.With other auctions, nbsp;you really dont know what to expect until you take the car apart. While we go over our cars ALL OVERwith great pics to help making your decision easier.Along with ANY other questions you may have.Email me for a quote for shipping.ARIZONA TITLE IN HANDKeep in mind, his is not a restored car !!

CAR MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 14 daysof auctionsEND ! we can no longer store cars for anyone !!Unless other arrangements have been made before auction ends.Can help with shipping outside the USA too if you need help.But keep in mind, he car cant ship until you get your titlefrom us in hand.This car, oucan seeclearly whatto expect with no surprisesand our Feedback speaks for itself !EMAIL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE !!Car will obviously ship as an INOP.IF you need a shipping quote, ust email us with your city/stateand Ill find out our best quote for you !! No problem helping it to the docks if you are shipping overseas .If you have to wait for the title to ship your car, t still needs tobe paid for and shipped from our holding lot as mentioned inthe ad. When we get the title for it, e will fedex it to you.If there is a winner, lease email me when the auction endsand say Hi and we can take it from there.Bank Wires need to be prompt if you are out of the countrybecause they always seem to take longer then expected.I bank with B of A which makes things easy for many out ofstate for payment. direct depositor Cashier checksIf you wire the funds we must add a $50 fee that our bank charges us.must clear before car can move. Its a sign of the times, orry.IF RESERVES NOT MET, mail us anyway maybe we can workout a deal after it ends.

NO PAYPAL for $500 deposit only - rest direct bank deposit or wireMust be paid within 5 days of auction

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