1991 BMW 325i E30 With Sport Package Coupe 2dr 5spd 49k survivor refurbished

1991 BMW 3-Series Sport

Technical specifications of BMW 3-Series 1991

Price: -
Item location: Bosque Farms, New Mexico, United States
Make: BMW
Model: 3-Series
Type: Coupe
Trim: Sport
Year: 1991
Mileage: 49760
VIN: WBAAA2312MEC53525
Color: Green
Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
Interior color: Tan
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Options: Leather Seats, Sunroof
Vehicle Title: Clean
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Car description

The vehicle was for sale local and I suspended that sale until this auction is finished, if the car does not meet the reserve it will be reposted back on Hemmings for those interested. The reserve is firm and will not be reduced or discussed. I welcome any and all questions concerning the vehicle. Payment will be cash or ACH transfer, no checks, no trades. Paypal deposit of $500 if reserve is meet. Vehicle will not ship until funds are paid in full and clear.

You may notice in some photos the rare M3 Evo SRT Seats, they are not included in auction, they are however available to purchase if wanted. I prefer the Evo seats on my back and I like the additional support and safety they offer. This car has never EVER been tracked or raced and has always been driven by adults on city streets for transportation and/or enjoyment. The car has the comfort seats currently installed and will come also with a set of colormatchingrecaro e30 sport seats in good condition.

Carfax claim the milage is incorrect or not known, that is a result of New Mexico laws that any vehicle arriving from out of state with an Exempt milage title would be Labeled as unknown on title.

If you research the Carfax you will see exempt in Florida and Colorado and only labeled here. Here is the website to verify my story and I have the document if you need or want it emailed. I have a copy of the original title with exempt on the milage area, and the condition of the car and engine and pre NM carfax reports says everything.

Law that placed the incorrect entry on CarFax.


I can email the real carfax to buyer if requested, I ran out of space for pictures.

Good luck and thanks for looking.

This 1991 BMW 325i sold new in Colorado to a female driver in 1991, it then followed her to Florida in 1992 with retirement. It was garage kept and regularly maintained, but very infrequently driven for the next 17 years. It returned to Colorado in 2009, being passed down to the older child and the car was garaged again infrequently driven and with regular maintenance. It transferred a few years later to another child of the original owner who very earnestly began a serious freshening of the car. He replaced the sun roof motor and cables, replaced the stereo, (original is included with car), sourced out and had the Auto replaced with a 5spd, which included OEM parts to include Pedal assembly, flywheel, transmission, guibo, center support bearing, transmission mounts and drive shaft that included a new rear u-joint with a grease zirk on it, The shift linkage bushings, slave and master for the clutch and shifter pedals look like original factory installation at new and the work was high quality even retaining the still operational cruise control, which requires skill on a 5spd swap. The car then transferred to me 4 years ago in 2015, the fourth owner and first owner out of the family. The car with a formal build date of 9/90 is 29years old. It has just less than 50,000 total miles for its life and has been garaged and stored and driven by adult drivers and protected and maintained its entire life.

The condition is exceptional and when it came to me it was unmolested from OEM with no modifications from stock other than the auto/5spd swap, and stereo. I over the last 4 years have completed the mechanical refurb to bring all systems to like new condition as detailed below.

It is not without blemishes and for 30 year old original paint it shows exceptional but does have a few small scratches and a couple door dings. Overall though it looks better than many cars less than 5 years old and mechanically it is flawless, at this time, with no maintenance needed it could be a DD or weekend warrior.


Currently installed are the 2 Original leather comfort seats

Sale includes 2 vintage E30 BMW Recaro sport seats in matching interior beige. the drivers seat shows more age and wear (of coarse), and would benefit from a a recover.

Additional vintage/original/spare parts included with the collection

Original stereo

Original valence

Vintage original 325is BMW spring set which are a heavier front load than the non-sport models would allow a stock spring set and ride hight 1 inch higher than current.

Spare AC blower motor (new) original works fine and makes the typical original age sounds and you will be ready for the swap later.

Spare Power Antenna assembly again original works fine but shows its age and again you will be ready when its needed.

Vintage 325is trunk spoiler if you choose to go with iS sport look

Vintage 325is M-Tech 1 steering wheel again to go with iS look

2nd Is front lip still in black as a replacement if needed

OEM BMW car cover

OEM BMW sunshade

Original BMW books and glove compartment binder

Original plastic under engine pan cover which has been replaced with a metal skid plate to protect oil pan, easily exchanged back if wanted.

Original non modified ECU and 2nd with Turner Conforti Performance Chip ECU (installed) Improves the power band but retains rpm safety cutoff.

Original BMW e-brake cover and shift boot are included with car as well.

Original BMW floor mats

dash cover in black will stay with car.

2 cans r12 and gauges for service later of the AC

Refurbishment and Condition (Full Disclosure)

I took off where the previous owner left and continued the refurbishment. All the mechanical systems needed a going through to bring the car back to like new, or better than new, in some cases, condition.

This refurbishment included the Steering system, resealing the engine, motor mounts, fluids, intake and idle control valve service, brake system, suspension, Exhaust, AC system, fuel system, Drive line, address minor cosmetic issues, and completed the 5spd conversion with a refurbished 3.73 LSD. Tune up, Full cooling service and timing belt service was completed March 2019. Added new rubber mounted to Vintage 15inch Euro Weave BBS rims May 2019.

The glass is all original, the lights, markers and trim are all in original very good condition. The headliner, carpet and dash are pristine. The paint is all vintage original with small chips, a few small door dings and normal light scratches and swirling here and there. The clear coat is intact with no peeling. It has a larger scratch on the passengers door that has older touchup paint applied and other small rock chips that were touched up with a paint pen by previous owners. The car cleans, polishes and shows very well (see photos). I would call it a good 5 foot car before those blemishes become apparent and even then you have to look closely. No major or minor body damage is visible on any panels other than normal light wear on paint. I have done wash and wax but a real detailer could do magic on the paint more than me.

The original front valence showed the typical lower curb dings and I replaced it with a new BMW OEM valence, original valence is included(valence never had vin stickers new). The rear bumper plastic skin had a moderate crack, but had no damage to the under structure actual vin stickered bumper, so I re-skinned it with again BMW OEM part and painted the front valence and rear bumper with OEM paint. The upper car has had no alterations or paint from original that I can tell from previous and I have done none. The lower sides (rockers) show their age and there is a darkening on the lower 3 or 4 inches from road grime and it shows moderate rock chips right behind the from tires down low. The interior carpet is very clean and the seals and gaskets are all in very good still soft condition.

The is no rust anywhere on the lower or upper body and it shows very little surface rust on the suspension pieces. The undercarriage could use a good steam cleaning though and shows 30 years of driving and no visible damage. I power washed it but don't have the hot steam option and that would clear all the dark old tar and grease/oil and dirt from the white undercoating.

All glass is the BMW original with original decals and labels, no tint ever done, no cracks or any significant rock chips/cracks to glass. Does have very minor pitting in windshield but its very minor.

Thematching vin stickers,as shown in the pictures, are both bumpers (the main fiberglass structure has the sticker not the plastic skin), both doors, both rear quarter panels, trunk, hood, and right fender. Left front fender appears as a BMW-R and appears to have been replaced I have no history on the very old replacement. The paint does match perfectly and the pin striping is vintage with no breaks or changes so the fender is very old replacement, the hood, original valence, doors and front bumper seem not affected or replaced so it must have been old and very minor IMO. I see no sign anywhere in the engine bay or wheel wheel that it was more than a cosmetic exchange within a few years of new, and appears dealer done with very clean lines and detail. It also most likely is Pre Carfax or Pre-92. So of the original 10 vin stickers this car retains 9/10. Concerning the pin stripping, is hand painted and could be removed using a 3m eraser or the alcohol or xytol method if the new owner chooses.

Additional parts that could be included if requested.

I still have the original e30 power steering rack also, that if requested, I could bag up and include with car. It will need a complete overhaul and should be ok but will handle nothing like the upgraded rack that is installed, they are much looser and the lock is nearly 4 turns.

I will also offer up a set of 4 bottle cap rims, 14 inch, with dated in need of replacement tires, Rims are in very good condition, again if requested, but now the parts will require even more logistics to get everything to the buyer. If you buy the entire package and want all the parts shipping will most likely need to be pickup or contract a small independent single enclosed car hauler, which I have used in the past and have them pick up everything at once. much cheaper than using UPS for the pieces.

If I remember anything else it will be included, if it's original to the car or a spare I had on the shelf for it.

The Nuts and Bolts of my maintenance for the last 4 years

* I resealed the engine completely and than refurbished the steering and upgraded by replacing the loose/leaking original steering rack with a new OEM steering linkage and rag joint and a new e36 power steering rack (Z3), (3 turn lock) with new tie-rods, boots, front control arms and bushings and green poly motor mounts, Made her very responsive and tight and a blast to drive. The steering is crisp and precise. There is a little more engine vibration feel in steering wheel but since there green Ireland engineering its only slightly more than stock and the life of green poly is 3 times that of rubber motor mounts. Done in late 2015/2016

* New Bilstein H1 Shocks x4 with new stock BMW hats and bearings and new front axle hubs for front and rubber spring pad mounts for rear 2016

* New H&R stock ride Springs that lower car about 1inch from stock 2016

* New s/s DOT brake lines and Hawk performance pads x4 with new front rotors, new brake fluid and brake master cylinder 2016

* oil pan gasket replaced and added skid plate 2016

* oil filter housing resealed with BMW kit 2016

* Installed a modified ECU with Turner Conforti or Dinan Performance Chip ECU (installed), original ECU is unchanged and included in sale. I forgot the brand it was one of these I can't find the receipt but there both actually the same on the performance gain and retaining the RPM safety 2016

* Replaced old muffler with vintage 1994 stainless handmade G-power muffler from Germany, sounds great and should last the lifetime of this car being the heaviest gauge muffle in stainless I have ever seen for a e30. It is labeled on bottom and stamped on tips from original manufacturer. Very rare in the states and had it imported by a friend 2017

Replaced front valence with new OEM part 2016 due to small dent curb hits on lower side from prior owner. Original is included with car if desired for spare and could be restored if needed. Repainted lower lip and replaced the clips due to old and brittle. It now has minor rock chips on the lip and valence but nothing like the original did. See pictures.
Headlights are the original sealed beam and I have not replaced. Most likely not driven at night much in its life
New Napa battery 6/2018

* Re-skinned rear bumper for a crack that was present when I bought from previous owner, Fiberglass main bumper was unaffected (looked like a shopping cart hit or something just enough to crack the plastic) but the original skin came apart in pieces when dissembled, I actually still have the pieces in the corner of the shop, but its beyond any repair, its plastic and the original crack progressed/broke to three separate pieces with the disassembly forcing a replacement. 11/2018

* Completed the 5spd swap with a low milage 3.73 LSD Differential refurbished with new Timkin roller bearings, seals, new Moly clutches. dog ears and LSD gear oil and finished with magnetic drain plug. Donor car was a 1989iS with 110k and differential had no grind or visible leaks but rebuild was prudent due to low milage of this car and my desire to match the current mechanical age. 7/2019

* Restored the original r12 AC system with new green o-rings, flushed and replaced the mineral oil and installed a new dryer than vacuumed it out and refilled with r12 to original specs. Blows 40 degrees at vent on a 95 degree day and will start blowing cold within seconds of being turned on. R134 conversions really never work as good as the original, usually because original r12 is smaller coils and r134 needs larger coils and systems which simply don't fit the car. 3/2019

* New Gas tank to replace the original which had two jack dents from incorrect lifting in prior ownership. Included multiple new fuel and vent soft lines and new o-rings for sending unit and fuel pump, new fuel filter with swap. 7/2019

Oil change and filter March 2019 with the timing belt,
Regular oil changes with 20/50 synthetic every year and I average around 1000miles a year driving miles.

* New rubber on the current Euro Weave 15inch BBS rims 5/2019

* Wears 4 BMW wheel locks and key is in the tool tray in trunk.

* New leather shift boot and Brake cover 2018

New timing belt, Tensioner, spring, water pump, front cam seal, thermostat, radiator hoses, plugs, rotor and cap, and valves adjusted, new air intake boot and air filter, cleaned MAF, idle control valve and throttle body, flushed cooling system and flushed the brakes. Timing belt service wasn't due yet being done in 2017 but had a front cam seal leak resulting in light oil flowing back on exhaust causing a really bad smell and was forced to redo entire service with new parts to correct the leak March 2019 at 49072 miles.

Original dash had developed 2 light cracks in passenger side storage and was lucky to find a perfect condition replacement and swapped them and also swapped the vin plate to the new dash with replacement.. At the same time I serviced the linkage to the AC system.
I may have forgotten some little things, but this is a very comprehensive list for the last 4 years and what it needed to bring it back up to like new mechanical condition and a turn key.

* In all my work and in all the photos I have discovered No Rust anywhere, other than light surface corrosion on body fasteners and suspension parts!

Sale is AS IS/ Where IS, and I neither offer or imply a guarantee or warranty on thevehicle parts ormaintenance in any context, i am ahobbiest not abusiness. Being a classic 30 yr old car I simply can disclose everything I have done to maintain a fantastic example of the last year model of the E30 Coupe.

FYI I have had Hagerty and now currently StateWide classic insurance and both insured the car for quit a bit more than my reserve price. I can supply my current Agent who has done wonders for me with full coverage agreed value and $125 a year on a 3000 mile yearly limit. Great price and coverage.

Good Luck

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On Oct-08-19 at 16:42:23 PDT, seller added the following information:

I noticed on one of the pictures it showed my old RD steering wheel and unfortunately that has sold already. The car will include the Airbag Wheel installed and the 3 spoke IS Mtech wheel for exchange later if buyer wants. I am sorry for the confusion, all the Racing Dynamics parts have sold already and have moved on to new owners there are no parts left. I have 100's of pictures of the car over the last 4 years and chose the wrong one. The car will come stock configured with only original (as built OEM parts). Photos 1 to 10 show the car as it sits waiting to be shipped in the shop original stock OEM INSIDE AND OUT NO AFTERMARKET PARTS.
The package will contain all spare parts contained in the included photos in pictures
interior parts (photo on carpet)Exterior parts (photo outside on concrete)second set of seats (photo of sport recaro on carpet)15 inch Euro weaves with new rubber (On vehicle)second set of 14 inch bottle caps in need of new rubber (No photo included)
Not included in package but available to purchase are the EVO seats and sliders if interested just message me and thanks.

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