1977 AMC PACER Wagon Woody

1977 AMC Pacer

Technical specifications of AMC Pacer 1977

Price: -
Condition: Used
Item location: Wichita, Kansas, United States
Make: AMC
Model: Pacer
Year: 1977
Mileage: 80400
VIN: A7C687C202645
Engine size: 6 cyl
Power options: Air Conditioning
Vehicle Title: Clean
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Car description

Pacer for Sale.

Don't even know where to start on this. Have you ever had one of those times when you had way more "help" than you ever asked for? Well that's what I'm getting. Lots and lots of advice from people around me that I never asked.

This is a 1977 Pacer Wagon.Woody. Very similar to what John Denver drove in the movie "Oh, God!"I have family and friends alike that are telling me to leave italone. But I want to build one of those pickup trucks out of it. If you're reading the ad, you know what I'm talking about. A little cutting. A little welding. Maybe some SBC mill and some meats. I've seen them with BBC. Was thinking a built4.3L V-6 would really turn this on, especially as a pickup. But nooooooo....all I hear is how original it is and how it's a classic and how I'm too old to start another big project.

Worse yet, now it's turned cold around here. I've been driving it. Not every day, but some. But now it doesn't run as smooth as it did. Okay, I have never been good with these stupid little AMC carbs. I know there are some guys can really make them sing. Not me. I'd put an EFI unit out of a Jeep instead of tweaking this carb ever again. If you can do it, you're better than me.

So let me tell you a little bit about it.

258 inline 6 engine.Automatic (factory floor shifter, semi-gated, you might say). The engine runs pretty well and strong. I like the way it pulls and has really good takeoff, so I'd count that as in great shape. The A/C doesn't work, naturally,but it's there and the fan blows. Heater works, easy enough. I know AMC used more than one A/C unit, so I don't know which one that one is, but AMC experts will know.

All the lights and lenses are there -- very important. Aft side marker - little red thing - is cracked, but I don't like those things, anyway.The windows are all fine -- also important.

The basket weave seats are still in fair shape, which is a big surprise for upholstery this age. They feel pretty solid, to me but the cloth is imperfect, I have to admit.

The body isn't perfect.Yes, I'll say that for sure. But it's not bad, either. A wart here and there, but nothing terrible. The passenger door is creased, but i think it'll pound right out. The trim needs some attention it you want to go the woody route, again. Oh, and someone welded on a trailer hitch,which I hadn't decided to cut off or not because even a custom pickup ought to have a good hitch. But nothing is a showstopper if a guy wanted to bring it up to 100 points.

Some work is done. On all four corners, it got --

New tires.

New shocks.

New brakes.

New bearings.

New exhaust pipe and muffler.

It even got new tailgate struts.

Everyone asks if this car is totally original to which I always say yes, except where it's not. I am not the original owner, so I can't verify each and every part, but from what I can see, this thing is completely original or pretty darned close. But I'm not going to argue with an AMC expert that tells me they used a different bolt-head on Tuesdays or something. You know the kind. So proceed at your own risk if this matters to you.

My car buddies say it's original and don't want me to mess with it. In all truth, they're probably already sick of the attention it gets and don't want me to make things worse for them. In my head, it's in worthy shape, either way. It gets a lot of attention on the street. Wow. The youngsters, especially like it, for some reason.

Obviously, this is not a showroom mint or even excellent car. It's FORTY TWO YEARS OLD. So this is a good car. You could probably find 400 little things on it. At the same time, personally, I wouldn't be be afraid to drive it anywhere. But that's just me. Drive it home or it will certainly drive upon your trailer, either way. With some standard resto practices, it could be a very excellent car.

Further, I want to say that this will definitely sell. This auction won't be canceled at anytime. You know the type. This is because I've already made a deal with my detractors. They say it's some kind of national treasure I can't mess with.Okay, if it doesn't go for a decent price, a price that I can find another really good project for, then I'm going to take it out of their skin. Just that simple.

Every effort has been made to describe the car accurately and without exaggeration.Ask all your questions now. It's already been the center of discussion for months. Honestly, I wouldn't blame you if you stayed miles away. This thing could have an incredible future and that's what I'd like to give it. But if I can't, then I hope you can.

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