1987 AMC Eagle Limited STATION WAGON w/only 44,388 miles original

1987 AMC Other Limited

Technical specifications of AMC Other 1987

Price: -
Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States
Make: AMC
Model: Other
Type: Wagon
Trim: Limited
Year: 1987
Mileage: 44,388
VIN: 2CCCK3873HB701267
Color: Burgundy
Engine size: 6 cylinder
Number of cylinders: 6
Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Drive type: AWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Car description


Private sale.

If you think you've seen this car listed before, you'd be right.

We had accepted an offer and closed the auction... only to wind up getting stiffed.

This car is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

(3 hours directly north of Montana)

PLEASE do not ask where the car is located.... It is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

(Unfortunately, eBay has no provision for people with multiple residences/homes).

Will sell anywhere in the USA or Worldwide


(Domestic build & Antique status)

Title can be transferred anywhere.


My wife has become pretty great at arranging delivery. She has established excellent shipping contacts, and will be happy to help you. With the exception of the bank transfer for payment, you'll hardly have to lift a finger. Plus, whatever your shipping quote is, she can maybe get a better deal.

1987 AMC Eagle


Private sale of a very low mileage 1987 AMC Eagle STATION WAGON.

Very nice condition,

incredibly low mileage.

Only 44,388 miles

Vehicle history:

This car has a truly interesting history. It was bought by a husband and wife that were both doctors. They both worked at the same hospital. In fact, they bought 2 of these cars; exact same year, make, model. What may the reasoning for that be, you might ask. And, it'd be the exact same question I asked. You see, this couple were so sold on these cars that they bought 2 the same day, from the same dealership. One was meant to drive them to work everyday and for normal everyday driving. Another would be kept for pleasure. That one would be for trips, evenings out, and more special occasions. It would also remain parked throughout the winter.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the car that you see here.

So, fast forward......

Eventually, the husband and wife doctors decided to move back to their native Ireland.

This car was sold to an elderly gentleman who was a retired air-force jet aircraft mechanic. He cherished his little Eagle wagon like nothing you've ever seen. I bought it from him the month he turned 90.

I love the story behind this car. It's really unique. The car itself is just stunning. For anyone that collects AMC's, this would be the one to get. We're getting rid of all the cars I collected. The Eagle was parked in behind everything else, and I nearly forgot about this little gem. I think it's going to make some AMC enthusiast giddy with joy.

Additional general information:

I've travelled long distances, only for people to try fool me with old cars that have 5-digit odometers.

The car has a 6 digit odometer. That's super nice. Interestingly, the 6th spot is blank, until the car turns 99,999. It doesn't read 099,999. I've tried to photograph this. Please refer to the pictures. At the point that it turns 99,999... The 6th digit wheel turns over from the blank spot AND.... a 1 appears. That's when it would read 100,000. The mileage on this car is absolutely correct at 68,819 Kilometers. This translates to exactly 44,388 miles.

Another important thing to note is that I never cleaned this car. Nothing has been waxed, nothing has been slathered in Armour All or any other goop to make it super-slick for pictures. Unlike a lot of ads on eBay motors, I'm not a used-car salesman. Personally, I wanted to preserve the "as found" integrity of this car. Because it's so nice, it seemed a shame to deviate from it's "found" state. Asides from a quick water-only rinse that it got just this morning.... How you see the car is exactly as I had originally found it.

Car has original paint. I believe that anyone would be truly hard pressed to find a wagon in this kind of condition. It's really remarkable. There are cars like this for 5, 6, and 7,000 but, no amount of money spent would replicate the factory original condition that this one is in. Don't buy something less when this one's going unreserved.

Only thing on the car that is not original is the hubcaps. 2 had slight curb rash. A considerable amount of time and effort was put into finding 4 brand new NOS (NEW, old stock) hubcaps.

Here is some super interesting information about these amazing little cars that I cut/pasted right from Wikipedia:

The AMC Eagles were the only four-wheel-drive passenger cars produced in the U.S. at the time.[1]They were affordable cars offering a comfortable ride and handling on pavement together with superior traction inlightoff road use through AMC's innovative engineering and packaging.[2]Although the definition is not precise, the AMC Eagle is today known as one of the firstcrossovervehicles.[3]All models featured "passenger-car comfort, plus 4wd security for all-weather security."[2]Fuel-thirsty vehicles built for rugged off-road were on the market. Comparable sedans and compact station wagons models were not available from other manufacturers, especially at the Eagle's price point, and AMC "predicted that consumers would embrace a vehicle with the comfort of an automobile, but the ride height and foul-weather capabilities of a four-wheel-drive utility vehicle."[4]
The AMC Eagle was the first production car to use the complete "Ferguson Formula" (FF) full-time all-wheel-drive system from Britain'sFerguson Research.[17]Other four-wheel-drive automobile-type vehicles - theSubaru DL/GL(1972 for theJapanese domestic marketand two years later in the U.S.[18][19]), and much later theToyota Tercel SR5 Wagon(1983) - only had part-time four-wheel-drive systems that could not be engaged on dry pavement.[20]The Eagle was also years ahead of Subaru's simplistic, part-time front-drive/4WD system, due to Roy Lunn's creativity and Jeep's experience producing 4WD vehicles.[6]Another feature was the Eagle's independent front suspension, accomplished by mounting the front differential to the engine block withuniversal jointsandhalf shaftsto drive the front wheels.

As the first mass-produced American passenger car with four-wheel-drive of any type, automotive industry analysts were taken by surprise at the fact that AMC, a company most had deemed past its ability to produce competitive vehicles, turned the best of what they had into a revolutionary, novel, and all-around competent vehicle.[13]In doing so, the small American manufacturer was seen as having cleverly pioneered a new market segment - one that would grow wildly over the next 25 years and beyond, as evinced byFour Wheelermagazine's conclusion in 1980 that the new AMC Eagle was, indeed,"The beginning of a new generation of cars."[21]Even as the automaker was struggling financially,"AMC's reputation for developing vehicles on the cheap is only exceeded by its legacy of midwifing the SUV", including the Eagle to be the precursor to one of the most popular vehicle types on the market.[22]Indeed, the Eagle's basic concept - that of a station wagon with AWD, raised ground clearance, full range of power options and automatic transmissions, as well as rough-road capability - has inspired vehicles like the SubaruOutbackandForesterlines, theAudi Allroad, theVolkswagen Passat Alltrack, the Volvo XC range, and many others.[6][13]Similarly, motoring journalistMarty Padgettdescribed AMC's car-based 1980 Eagle, combining all-weather capability with better gas mileage, as "the first crossover," that was succeeded by whole generations of Subaru vehicles and other models.[23]

In a road test of a 2009 crossover vehicle, the AMC Eagle"combined two disparate personalities — rugged childlike playfulness and staunch paternal responsibility — in a way that few thought possible in 1980. And for all the Eagle's lowly heritage, it has set a lasting standard for utility and a friendly, innovative spirit that has eluded most of the compact crossovers on the market today."[24]An article in a series about innovations and icons, the BBC wrote"the Eagle was, in essence, the kind of segment-busting product that engineers and marketers spend entire careers trying to create."[25]

Oh, by the way......

The last appraisal we have for the car was done in 2013.

At that time.... it was valued at $9500.

      • Ofnoteworthy mention is that was a "market value" assessment;
          • (not a pumped-up insurance evaluation).
      • In the 5 years since it's last appraisal, this car has hardly left the garage.

So I guess, that brings us here...

We are letting the car go withNORESERVE.

Please understand, that's a big decision. Only thing I ask is that you, as the buyer, please be considerate of our request for a simple and easy transaction.


I'd say that, in our experience, most (maybe 75%) American destinations fall between the 15-hundred to 2-thousand dollar range. To play safe, please budget for at least that amount. We are running an unreserved auction so, the savings should help offset any shipping/delivery costs. Please also note that, as mentioned, my wife has become pretty adept at making all the arrangements so you get your car as quickly as can be.

Titling and/or registrationEverything is perfectly transferrable and will be signed over and taken care of for you immediately following the sale. It is free to travel without restriction and titling is universal. The only extra cost is a $120-150 customs brokerage fee. My wife has everything ready to go for the car, and will only need your information filled in, once the sale is completed, to finalize the ownership.

I'm happy to answer any inquiries, so feel free to write. I welcome and encourage anyone's questions. We welcome 3rd party inspections, and encourage them. As well, we invite anyone wishing to see in person and will happily accommodate. If you'd like to speak over the phone, please let me know and we'll arrange a call. Good communication is pivotal to a happy transaction. If you prefer to email me directly, write tobravohomes@rocketmail.com

Procedure is very important to us...

and we have a perfect little system that has proven very simple and effective in making everyone happy.

It goes as follows:

  • Immediately following the sale, I will ask for your buyer's information.
  • My wife will fill in all the paperwork and title transfer.
  • Completed paperwork will be scanned and sent to you.
  • Once received, you validate the information as being correct, and confirm.
  • Then, my wife sends the banking transfer information. You'll have 48 hours to go to your bank and make a transfer.(We understand oftentimes it takes more than 48 hours for transfer to go through, and that's alright).
  • After payment is received, she gets to work arranging transportation/delivery.

Simple as that.

Now, just so that everyone is aware, we are not willing to deviate from our little system. We deviated twice, and been defrauded twice. If, for any reason, this does not work for you, we'll assume that something isn't "right" anyway.

Check our feedback.


Each and every one is for a 30-60 year old car or truck.

Good luck fellow enthusiasts and happy bidding!

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